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A {Bloggers Life} Connect & Grow in a Modern Social World

Hey Delights!

As a blogger there are so many different things that I constantly find myself working on. One of them is staying up on all of the ever changing ways that I can improve my site to better connect with and provide content of value for you, my dear readers. So I try to read up on blogging, social media and the like as much as I can. And one of the sources that I always reach for is Modern Social Magazine.

I have been a reader of Modern Social Magazine since I first highlighted it back in 2015. And there has never been a time that I have read an issue and not found myself being exposed to something new, whether it be a new perspective, conferences to consider attending or a new blogger/entrepreneur that I love. There is always something of value to be found.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
Desk: Z Gallerie (similar versions below) | Get Chic Done Tray | Brass Globe Desk Lamp (last seen here & also comes in silver) | Gold Tipped Light Bulb | Similar Monogram Mug | Tablet Stand | Gold/Acrylic Stapler | Similar Gold Skull Bank  | Similar File Folders - here & here

{Life} How A Planner & Stickers Are Changing My Life

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

I have really been working on purging and organizing my life and while I probably buy 2 or more planners most years, I rarely ended up using them which was really frustrating. At the beginning of 2017 I purchased a larger full year planner but a month or so ago, I found the matching smaller version below that goes from July 2017 - Dec 2018 that is way easier for me to carry around.

{Luxaholic} The Easiest DIY Gallery Art Ever

Hey Fabs!

I have finally moved into high gear on completing my studio (last look here) & of course any creative space needs inspiration and gallery walls can be super inspiring. I had been trying out different pieces that I already collected over the years but hadn't settled in on a look yet, so needless to say, I was stoked when I happened upon these me & my BIG Ideas gallery art pads.
me and my big ideas diy gallery art pads.jpg
These pads are so awesome, especially for a person like me who likes to switch displays out pretty often. They include 18 sheets of art prints in 4 sizes, from 4x6 to 11x14 for frankly the price you would pay for one print.

{Luxaholic} A Bold & Brassy Desk Lamp #DecorateMyFlat

Hey Fabs!

I am back with another #DecorateMyFlat update and this time, I am talking about the big, bold brassy lamp that I chose for my desk. The last time I wrote about my desk, I was still waiting for it to arrive and when it did, I was kinda surprised at how big it seemed in my space. But I guess that's how a lot of furniture feels. In in the large open space of the store, it didn't seem so big but it is a pretty substantial piece, and while it took a moment to get use to, I LOVE IT!

The theme of the space is white & gold, and since the desk is a really bright white, I want really bright and equally substantial beautiful gold pieces to place on and around it and I found this fabulous Metal Globe Desk Lamp at Target and knew that it would be perfect. There is also this floor lamp version that I might just have to snag also.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
It has a nice tall profile and you can swivel it so that you can have the light wherever you need it.

{Luxaholic} #DecorateMyFlat Update

Hey Lovelies!

Since our move in December we have been slowly putting our new apartment together and I wanted to share my latest Luxaholic updates with you.

As noted above, things have been progressing slowly, partially because we ordered things like this AWESOME white Jett Desk from Z Gallerie for my studio that have been taking FOREVER to arrive...sigh but also because I don't want to rush things and want to only buy things that I really love and that we will have for years to come.

So, while in some ways I wish I could snap my fingers and the apartment would be completely done, I am still enjoying the hunt for the perfect pieces and learning to be a little more patient in the process.

You can find more pictures of what we have ordered (like the chair and wallpaper pictured below) or finalized, etc here on Luxaholic (which you can also always access above).

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Goody (@curvatude) on

Hopefully my next update will be of me smiling at my darn desk LOL 

Stay tuned...


{Luxaholic} Shopping H&M Home

While the H&M+ options are not doing much for me currently, I did purchase a couple of tops from their regular range and a few things from their AWESOME home decor collection to get a feel for the quality.

New York City is my heart home, so these pillow cases were a must have. And of course these gold skull tea light candle holders are perfect for my "Where My Magic Happens" space.

 I will definitely be adding more of the h&m home decor to my abode.

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p.s. i am participating in #31WriteNow

{Fab Five} Things I am Smiling About!

This Fab Five is all about things that are making me a really happy girl right now!

1. Joe is on that entrepreneur journey and home every day, so I now have a full time photographer which explains all of the outfit posts as of late. AND having a chef at home who is recipe creating and menu planning is such a BONUS because I get meals like the one below and like this and this!


{Luxaholic} Where My Magic Happens: Desk Accessories

I have been collecting a lot of cute stuff for my new work space and I can't wait to bring it all together.

Since I now share a much smaller space with another person, setting up my own spaces
 is definitely something that I am not used to and a bit challenging but I am just 
going to work creatively to make it do the dang thang.

So, I have decided to get a small desk. And my color theme is the same as the 
one that has been running thru  a lot of my current fashion accessories, white and gold.

And since I am not just calling it a work area a desk, but by the title of this post, 
I want to make it as uniquely me and fun and as inspiring as possible.

To start the magic off, I purchased this fantastic gold skull bank (smaller similar one).

It will be my constant reminder to be badass in how I make my coins
& smart in how I use and save them!

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