Days 8 & 9: #Rock10For30 {Fashion} Challenge | Birthday Suit + Orange Lace

Yesterday was day 8 of this challenge and besides the gym clothes that I wore in the morning, I spent the majority of the day in bed getting some much needed rest. I did say that my b-day would be laid back, didn't I? LOL

Anyway, I will make up for the day spent in my birthday suit at the end of this challenge.

It's like bonus, not bonus. Work with me.

Today it was a balmy 50ish degrees most of the day (#sideeye) and I finally wore this deliciously orange lace skirt, which is pretty awesome.

Skirt | Jacket | Satchel | Spiked Flats | Necklace (last seen here) | Rings: Coach

Side note: I am lucky to have any pics where I am not looking crazy, like this because my kid and I laughed so much during this shoot. Her mama needed some laughs. I am so grateful for her.

While I love this skirt, I found as I mentioned before during one of my dressing room posts featuring eloquii 1.0, the lining is slightly longer than the actual skirt. I assume the pieces are made this way to account for hips & butt but on me, it just tends to hang, so I will have to put a couple of stitches along the seams to connect the lining to the skirt.

Check out the rules of engagement for this challenge here!

Day 7: #Rock10For30 {Fashion} Challenge | Monday & All Blues!

Day 7! Yay me! I have successfully completed week 1 and it has been pretty doable. My only issue has been this crazy weather, which hasn't really been playing fair and working with a girl but I am just making it do what it do.

Denizen Jeans | cobalt cold shoulder top (available in black here
Jacket: JCPenny | Bag: JustFab (available in a cute pink/black/white) Shoeties | Link Belt c/o AnnaFesta

{Life} Appreciating and Celebrating the Gift

Today is my 45th birthday and while I normally would have been running all over town celebrating the entire month, as I have indicated before, this year has been so different for me.

So, today will be a much quieter, more introspective birthday but my gratitude for having made it to this day and for life in general, is just as big as ever, if not more so.

To all of  you who sent wishes, thank you. You will never know how much it means to me.



Day 6: #Rock10For30 {Fashion} Challenge | Sunday Simplicity

Sunday was all about being laid back and simple so I threw on my City Chic black thin strap dress and because it was supposed to be in the 70's but didn't really feel like it when I finally went outside around 6pm, I threw my Dorothy Perkins shrug (last seen here).

Dress: City Chic | Shrug: Dorothy Perkins | 
Bag: JustFab (available in a cute pink/black/white combo)| Flats: Payless

The sun felt so good...

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