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{Beauty} Products For The Well Groomed Guy #StyleHunters4Ulta

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Hey Fabs!

As I mentioned in my gifts for gold lovers post, I like when brands put together gift guides and this Ulta Beauty Well Groomed Guy gift guide is a good one, full of lots of others for the the guys on your list who like to keep themselves well groomed like the two products I chose to share below.

A lot of the guys I know think that we women fuss way too much with our hair and makeup, etc and they like to keep things simple.  And while some would think keeping it simple would mean just good old soap, water and a toothbrush, there are a few other simple ways for a guy to keep himself well groomed.

{Body Positive} The Power of Your Words

When I started on my journey of self-love, one of the first things I decided on was that I would change the words I used to speak to myself. You see, my lovelies, words are powerful and when wielded in the wrong manner they can cause irreversible harm, but when they are used with honesty, purpose and thoughtfulness the results can be absolutely beautiful.

Now, if I make a heartfelt promise to use my words in a more nurturing and loving manner towards myself― why would I then use those same words to tear another woman down. You see, my responsibility as the good human being I aim to be is not only to myself, but to other women as well. How do I uplift myself and then tear another woman's self-esteem down? How can I fight a problem I perpetuate?


{Five Five} Fall Dresses for the Curvy and Petite

Hi Ladies!

Fall is easily my favorite fashion season. The variety of colors, adorable styles and ability to go bare-legged makes dressing so much fun! I picked the dress below to represent fabulous fall dresses, because it incorporates all the things I love: a bright color, a-line shape and a leg-lengthening above the knee hem. All are perfect for most body types. As you peruse the options below, don't forget that any off-the-rack dress is just the starting point. A tailor can make your dress truly special.

{Lifestyle} Fresh n' Lean Meal Delivery Service Review + Giveaway #Foodie

Hey Fabs!

As I have mentioned before, I am all for ways to make my crazy life easier, so I was geeked to try Fresh n' Lean meal delivery service. I love that so many of these businesses are popping up. They are a godsend, especially this time of the year.

I mean most of us have so much going on on a regular basis, so when you add to that all that the holidays bring, who has time to cook every night?  So it's nice to be able to just pop a meal in the microwave and enjoy it.

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