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{What I Wore} Floral Pop + Ripped Jeans

Hey Fabs!

I so love this jacket (similar). It is a perfect fun pop of color. I have worn it with a very neutral dress and now with these dark wash ripped jeans and it popped off both.


{What He Wore} Big & Tall Vested Casual

Hey Fabs!

I love the look of a guy in a vest because even when it is totally casual, it still has that put together vibe to it. And Sean is a huge fan of vests, so expect to see them showing up a lot here.

Once again I rummaged through Sean's closet and put together this super relaxed & cool vest look.

Shirt: Arrow | Vest: Thrifted | Jeans: Giorgio Fiorelli | Shoes: Clarks Belt: Swiss 


{What I Wore} Nothing But A Blue Dress Thang Baby

Hey Fabs!

This Eloquii dress was a #PlusSizePick way back in February when Rumor Wilson rocked it. And although I did not end up buying it, I loved it every time that I saw someone working it, so when it showed up at Rent The Runway, I had to queue it and give it a whirl.

And what a whirl inspiring dress it is, It is so friggin AWESOME! It is incredibly well made of a really substantial scuba material and the color is so beautiful in person.

Dress: Eloquii via Rent The Runway Unlimited | Shoes: Old (seen here) | Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane


{Five Fab} Ways to Get Your Body Positive Groove Back

Remember how Stella flew to Jamaica to get her groove back after being burned out at home and her personal life. Well, this little list here will do the same for you, minus the Taye Diggs (sorry ladies). 

Once in a while some event, nasty words or unwanted "advise" about our weight or bodies kicks us off our body positive groove. Sometimes it's even our own thoughts or past habits that resurface-- trust me it happens to all of us. 

The thing is we have to figure out the best way to overcome those obstacles and not allow them to send us down a spiral of negativity.

So today I'm sharing with you 5 of the most effective ways I've learned to kick negativity out the door and get my body positive groove back.

1. Surround yourself with positive words

There is nothing I enjoy more than reading affirmative or inspirational quotes. You can find so much strength in words and that's what makes them so powerful. Which is also why people always say to be careful how you use them, how you choose to wield your power. Do you use them to tear others down or to uplift them? But that, my lovelies, will be a whole other discussion. Right now we're focusing on inspiring yourself out of a rut.

So here are a few inspiring quotes & images from the amazing Anastasia Amour. You can save them to your computer, use them as your phone's wallpaper or my favorite option print them and hang them or place them on your desk-- anywhere they'll be visible for daily inspiration.

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