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{Events} TheFitExpo Chicago 2016 Details & A Hookup!

Hey Fabs!

I attended TheFitExpo Chicago during it's inaugural run last year not really knowing what to expect but it turned out to be a really good time.

I got to work out with & be totally inspired by "Mr. Taebo" himself, Billy Blanks. I mean seriously this is just a short clip but he WORKED us in this class and I loved every minute of it.

I also got to see the most pumped displays of fitness & physical strength and shop some cool brands, so of course I will be there this year to do it all over again! And because I think you will love it, if you are in the Chicago-land area, I got a little something for you...check it out below!

For The Love of {Music} Spring 2016 Playlist

Seriously Mother Nature aint even here for us. Like "WTF", Spring has been sooo slow to come & even when we have gotten a couple of beautiful days, we get put back in check with a few cold, "I Can't Fee My Face" ones or rainy ones.


It has been somewhat of a bummer but I put together this playlist of some of the songs that have been my salv(ation) and balm while I wait for Spring to get a "Grip" and finally get here, so we can.."Get Loose".

There are a lot of shake your money maker tunes on this playlist, so it has doubled as my main "Watch Me Do" workout push music in recent weeks. But there are also a few chill songs which is what Spring should be all about.

Get into it!

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{Beauty} NYX Wants All My Money!

Hey Fabs!

I just got an email featuring these NYX Butter Glosses & I literally had a physical reaction because they look so beautiful & now I am obsessed & NEED every color!

NYX is definitely one of my go to brands. They are so affordable that you get to play with so many different colors and formulations. Below are some of the colors from the brand that I already have (oh and I posted this great soft matte brown girl perfect neutral I just got on my snapchat yesterday) and now I am about to add some of these gorgeous colors to my collection.

Are you loving these glosses? 

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{Travel} Eat...Slay...No Sleep #JetSetCurves in New York

Hey fabs!

I have just returned from being in New York for 5 days and as always, it was a beautiful thing to be back in my crazy heart home.


{See more of my travel pics here> #JetSetCurves}

This time, I invited my girl SinnamonS to come along since it was her birthday weekend, which honestly was a huge thing for me because other than Joe or my kid, I usually travel alone. I have written about it before, an it's not that I don't like hanging with my peeps, it's just when I go away, I just don't like to be on other people's schedule.


But I bucked it up and tried to be a good friend and invited her and we definitely put in a lot of miles..whew...anyone who has been to NYC knows that the concrete jungle will beat you down and like anything that you are obsessed with, you will love every minute of it.

While there, we got in three shows on and off Broadway. First we had a double hitter day of theater and saw Chicago in the afternoon and as a birthday surprise for Sinn, I got us tickets to a night time performance of Eclipsed. The next day we saw this awesome one woman show called Mabel Madness.

Mini reviews of all three to come but I just wanted to check in and give a short update of what a girl has been getting into.

Also, it's my birthday month and while I am probably not going back to my events every day days, I will be celebrating it the entire month and being in NYC definitely jumped off the excitement of it for me.

I even got some new hair while I was there LOL. It's been a minute since I have gone the protective style route with my hair but I should have done so months ago, but better late than never & I am rocking it!

It's a wig!

Anyway, these April showers and winter temps on the other hand are a total Spring buzzkill but I am going to throw on my cutest mix of Spring & winter {insert side eye} drag and make the most of it like I did when it went from the 70's to the 30's while we were in NYC.


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