{Fashion} Challenge: #Rock10For30 Day 2 Look - Maxi Dress + Floral & Striped Flats

Day 2 and we are still deep in winter/spring but I wore the maxi dress (w/a pair of leggings under it for a bit of warmth) and the white blazer.

I love my new flats! The combination of the stripes and flowers is fabu!

#Rock10For30 Day 1 Look, The 10 Pieces and The Rules


Day 1 of my Spring challenge & mother nature is being her trickster self & there is ice & snow on the ground.

Sighh...heavy sighhhhh...

Anyway, I am gonna work what I have to work with.

The 10 Pieces:

Seeing the pieces hanging on this garment rack, this challenge almost feels undoable LOL, I mean it doesn't look like much here but of course, that is part of the fun. :0)

{Rock}'n & Remixin' 10 Items for 30 Days Challenge #Rock10For30

After putting myself to the test with this challenge in Sept of 2010, I knew immediately that I wanted to do it again and hopefully do it better.

There were definitely some lessons learned.  Like for example, you need to have some kind of idea of the events that you have planned for the 30 days because lets say you have something really physical like horseback riding scheduled, which I did, you really need to plan for that.


Anyway, I was motivated to take on the original 10 for 30 Challenge after reading this NY Times article about the web challenge called Six Items or Less, which basically had people commit to wearing only 6 clothing items that they already owned for 30 days.

While I knew that 6 items was not doable for me, 10 items seemed workable. The challenge is pretty straight forward, you take 10 items and rock and remix them for 30 days.

I decided to do this again because as challenging as it was at times, it was also kinda cool to get creative and make those 10 pieces work. And I have a lot of clothes....let me say that again, A LOT of clothes, especially a bunch of new ones and amazingly only 1 piece that I selected for the challenge is new.

The challenge starts TOMORROW April 15th and runs thru May 15th.  I am posting this much later than I wanted to, so as much as I seriously would love to have some company in this madness fun. ;), I realize it's a bit late.

BUT I am planning to do it again, most likely in July and will have it posted in advance. Until then, I hope you will come back and check out how I rock my 10 items for the next 30 days.

Coming tomorrow: Day 1 Look + a breakdown of my 10 items and the rules of the challenge.


{OOTD} Simply Stripes

This dress is just so easy to wear and the stripes, well I don't think I need to say much, other than they are perfect.  The first time I wore this dress, we were in the heart of Chiberia, so I layered it over leggings but this time, since we had a 60 degree day, it was just the dress and a pair of flats.

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