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{Hair Chronicles} It's Time For A Pop of Color

It's been a long time since I have colored my hair. Mainly because I had been rocking my wigs for the last couple of years and of course I could do those in any color.

I am not a big hair girl and usually only really care about what color it is. But being natural now requires that I put a little bit more effort into it and for the most part, I am enjoying the diversity of it.

And so lately in addition to rocking it frohawked, afro'd and straight, I have been itching to go back to my old ways of changing up my hair color seasonally and now I just need to decide what color I am going to rock.

What Color Should My Hair Be

The first picture is from August when I first started wearing my hair out again. You can get a feel for it better here. It is majority black at this point because I have had it cut to clean up my ends.

The picture top right is the color that I normally go for. I have only had my hair colored by a professional once and normally do it myself. And this is the kinda golden brown color I try to achieve.

Joe likes my hair black. I think it kinda washes me out and just doesn't do for my complexion what a lighter, more vibrant color does.

And the bottom right red was a one time thing for me but I liked it. I might go that route again mainly because I can achieve this type of look with a rinse or semi-permanent product and hopefully do so with minimal damage to my hair unlike if I was going to go lighter.


Which color do you think I should go with?

{Fab Five} Tips To Survive The Holiday Season #NaBloPoMo

Don't you feel it? All the pre-holiday air? It's invigorating and nostalgic and just wonderful, right?

But as we all know, the wonderfulness of the most wonderful time of the year can turn into exhaustion in a heartbeat.

So I have put together a list of 5 things that I feel are going to be essential to maintaining your joy and sanity this holiday season.

#1 - Sleep

Yeah it sounds simple enough, right? But we all know that getting enough sleep can be challenging during the most chill of times but add to that the holly, jolly, folly of the holiday season and we all tend to skimp on it.

So, I am challenging YOU & me to make sure that we get those z's in. And this includes sneaking in those short naps, which can be seriously nirvana.  I think our bodies and our minds and the folks around us will thank us for it.

{Fab Five} Must Have Books For Your Library #NaBloPoMo

I am a major book lover and this time of year is definitely a perfect time to throw on a cozy sweater and cuddle up on the couch reading. And while I don't get to do this nearly as much as I want to, here are five books that I think are definitely worth being on your must read list.

Five Must Have Books For Your Library

Although I have postponed my Paris trip because we are planning to move in the Spring and hopefully purchasing a home and I am saving towards that, this book, The Paris Journal: Book One is still very high on my reading list.

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