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{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 14

Happy Weekend Delights!

I am alternately super excited and kinda bummed that we are basically already into November already. Of course I am excited because it's one of my favorite months but man is it going fast. As I write this, we are already one week down and these days are getting darker sooner, thanks day light savings time fall back. And I just want it to go a little slower. Because there is so much that I want to do these next 2 months of 2017.

I was working on my vision board and woahh...I mentioned in episode 16 of the CurvaCast how amped up I currently am and well...let's just say that I am going big or going bigger from here on out.
Faux Fur Vest Blue Velvet Booties
Details to similar pieces to rock this vibe on my Liketoknow.it page

Shop: So you guys have probably noticed that the brands are dropping mega sales already this year and some of the deals are 💃. So I am sharing 4 of the many pieces currently on sale, that are must haves for the upcoming holiday season. I have also linked to lots more on my Shop page.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Vegan Ramen at Mensho Tokyo SF

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

Located in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco, Mensho Tokyo SF is a small joint that opened in February of 2016 and is the first US location of the well known Tokyo brand. And it was major hyped on almost every site that I searched for vegan in San Francisco, so I did something I normally would NEVER do to check it out.

My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese Mushroom Burger Featuring The Beyond Burger #CurvesGoneVegan

One of the things that I love about food is that you can always be as creative as your palette desires. And while my list of foods I love runs long and deep, three in particular hold a really special place in my foodie's heart, cheese, mushrooms and burgers.  And being vegan has not stopped me from having all of the above in almost any kind of a way that I have wanted.
{Insert Praise Dance 💃}

One of my goals for the year is to cook more so I started off the new year with my take on Vegan Hoppin' John and then I was sick for 2 weeks, so the last place that I was even thinking of being was the kitchen.

But now I am back at it and I wanted to do something fun with the Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger, which is the first plant based burger sold in the meat section of select Whole Foods stores.  The company's purpose for creating The Beyond Burger was to show that you can eat plant based and still get that familiar meat texture and taste without the health, environmental, and animal welfare baggage basically. It is sold in the meat section to essentially meet meat eaters where they shop and let them know that there is a plant based protein option for their meat free days.

It was love at first bite for me when I tried the burger a few months back, so I have been adding them to my regular store runs and I am planning to mix up the fixings I put on them often.  And every since I had The Cinnamon Snail's Beastmode Burger Deluxe last year in New York City, I knew that I wanted to do my own version of a burger with mac and cheese on it.  So I decided to combine my love of mushrooms, mac and cheese and burgers and Ohhh Emmm Geeeee!!!!😋


My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Welcoming In The New Year With Hoppin' John #CurvesGoneVegan

Hoppin' John is a southern dish that when eaten on the first day of a brand new year is said to bring a prosperous year filled with luck and goodness.  Traditionally it is made with meat, usually bacon, or salt pork, etc but of course I am vegan so no meat for moi but trust me, that does not mean that I won't get all the hoppin' flavors.

{Five Fab} Vegan Foodie Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

He Fabs!

My love for instagram is well documented and every day I find more accounts that feed my various obsessions. And since I always have food on my mind, in particular vegan food I have a lot of accounts that I stalk. Here are five of the ones that I think are fab. Oh and there is also lots of good food under my #CurvesGoneVegan hastag.

{Check out my previous instagram Fab Five post HERE}
First up is the insanely delicious page from Tilda aka FlourishingHealth, Everything on her page looks so delicious and lively. She is only 18 but her passion for vegan food is obvious. She posts lots of sweet goodies which is totally my thang. 


{Lifestyle} The Purple Carrot #Vegan Meal Delivery Service #CurvesGoneVegan

Hey Lovelies!

I drafted this post MONTHS ago & I was so excited to see The Purple Carrot on the Today Show yesterday, so I am posting this so folks can get a review from a regular girls point of view ohh & 50% off your first box! On to my review...

As I shared in my My Vegan Foodie Life Preview post, I really want to make cooking at home more of a regular part of my life but with the days flying by the way that they do, it is not always the easiest thing to do.

So, when I came across The Purple Carrot, which is a plant based, whole food meal delivery service, it felt like my cooking more at home prayers were answered and I immediately signed up to check them out.

The Purple Carrot Vegan Meal Delivery Review


{Lifestyle} My Vegan Foodie Life Preview #CurvesGoneVegan

Hey Lovelies!

I have been really working to keep my vegan foodie life as varied and delicious as possible, so I have of course ordered books, LOTS of books including Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen, The Oh She Glows Cookbook and I pre-ordered the forthcoming Health Happy Vegan Kitchen Cookbook from one of my favorite sites, Healthy Happy Life,

But another thing that I have done because I really am serious about cooking more at home but time is usually an issue, is check out this really fab service that sends you all the raw, pre-measured ingredients you need to make plant based meals and snacks at home and I can not wait to share with you the first two meals that I made.

Stay tuned!


{Lifestyle} Vegan Shamrock Shake Smoothie #CurvesGoneVegan

As noted in my the Robert Irvine Personal Blender has changed my smoothie life post, I am seriously geeked to try as many new kinds of smoothie combos that I can think of or find that others have made.

So with St. Patrick's Day fast approaching and all things green showing up everywhere, I thought this would be the perfect time to whip up a symbolic treat.

Enter the vegan shamrock shake smoothie!


{Lifestyle} For The Love Of Smoothies #CurvesGoneVegan

I love smoothies and was seriously feeling pretty bummed that they were not a regular part of my everyday life. And being vegan now, I am really working to eat more real whole, plant based foods, so smoothies are a perfect option for doing so.

And the reason why I hadn't been making smoothies wasn't because we didn't have ingredients to make them at home because we always have fruits and greens and various nut milks in the fridge. The reason was that I just hate having to pull out the blender and even more so I HATE having to take it apart and clean it after I have used it.

Yeah, I know...first world problems.

So I to rectify this situation I purchased the Robert Irvine Personal Blender from HSN and it has changed my smoothie life!

For one, it is so small that I don't mind leaving it sitting on the counter, which is a huge thing of mine, as I hate a cluttered counter top. It is also so crazy easy to use and clean up. And it comes with 3 bottles, so if I want, I can prep my smoothies in the fridge beforehand or make additional ones for Joe or myself. And you basically make your smoothie in it and can pop a lid on it and go. So EASY!
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