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Instagram Live Recap + A Rose Gold Pop Solo Karaoke Microphone {Giveaway}

Hey Delights!

As mentioned here, I hosted an Instagram live featuring 5 fabulous last minute gift ideas that you can order online and pick up in store. Did you see it?! I really had so much fun going live for the first time and definitely plan to do it more often.
"I did my best" Flannel Pajamas | Let It Snow Mug | Chair | Pillow (has cute gold polka dots on the back)
As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

Here are the five gift ideas:

{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 14

Happy Weekend Delights!

I am alternately super excited and kinda bummed that we are basically already into November already. Of course I am excited because it's one of my favorite months but man is it going fast. As I write this, we are already one week down and these days are getting darker sooner, thanks day light savings time fall back. And I just want it to go a little slower. Because there is so much that I want to do these next 2 months of 2017.

I was working on my vision board and woahh...I mentioned in episode 16 of the CurvaCast how amped up I currently am and well...let's just say that I am going big or going bigger from here on out.
Faux Fur Vest Blue Velvet Booties
Details to similar pieces to rock this vibe on my Liketoknow.it page

Shop: So you guys have probably noticed that the brands are dropping mega sales already this year and some of the deals are 💃. So I am sharing 4 of the many pieces currently on sale, that are must haves for the upcoming holiday season. I have also linked to lots more on my Shop page.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

{Five Fab} Fall Forecast: Must Have Bags For $40 & Under

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

As much as I have been on a mission to max this Summer out, I am so excited for Fall and all the rich colors and fabrics and layers. And I have always been somewhat of a bag-a-holic and I always like to add a few new, on trend bags each new season, especially in Fall and Winter.

And if you have been following me any amount of time, you know I like to get the most out of my dollars so finding stylish pieces at great prices is like sport for me. And as someone who eats vegan, I have become more and more interested in adding more vegan beauty and fashion to my life.

So here are 5 Fall perfect vegan leather bags that would be perfect additions to your closet this season. 

Guitar Strap Tote (comes in 2 colors) | Racing Stripe Clutch | Twiggy Clutch (comes in 3 colors)  
I chose these particular bags for a variety of reasons, mainly I loved their colors and how they would work with all the great colors of fall . But also each of them would serve a particular use/function for me.

{Travel} The Epic 100+ Item Carryon Bag #JetSetCurves

I saw this video of Rachel Grant packing over 100 items, actually over 130 items, into a Biaggi ZipSak 22" MicroFold Carry On Duffle and I immediately went to google it, because if I can fit even half that amount of items into a bag that small, I NEED IT in my life!

I have written before how I usually use a combination of the rolling and layering/flat lay methods when packing and in this video, the rolling method was used with an additional step that I have never used, rubber bands and zip lock bags to "compress" the clothes.

{Lifestyle} A New, Convenient Way To Thrive At The Market

Hey Lovelies!

As mentioned in my The Purple Carrot meal delivery service post months back, when it comes to food & shopping, convenience rules in my world and I love being able to use services that make my life easier.

So when I came across Thrive Market, which is being billed as the online Whole Foods, without the whole paycheck prices, my interest was definitely stoked.

Partly because of the convenience factor of being able to order groceries online and also because they are a socially conscious online marketplace that offers natural and organic products BELOW retail prices,

But the biggest reason why is how they have built giving back into their business model. For every membership that is purchased, a membership will be given to a low income family. And they have also recently petitioned the USDA to allow food stamp recipients to be able to use their benefits online.

And that thrills me because I have experienced neighborhoods first hand, right here in big ol' Chicago that are complete and total food deserts.  I will never forget rushing my kid to her grandmother's house before work once and having to wait until 9am for Walgreens to open, only to find that the location did not have the formula that I needed. It was so frustrating.

So I feel having access to quality products that can be delivered to your home no matter where you live, is HUGE.

Healthier Food and Living Products From Thrive Market

And with over 3,000 products from 400+ brands that sell are top of the line, non-GMO, organic, vegan, raw, Paleo, gluten-free, and non-toxic items I think there is something for everyone.


{Fashion} Pick of The Day: Stylish $12 Sunglasses

Hey Fabs!

If you have followed me for any amount of time, then you know I am a girl who LOVES her some sunglasses.  And because my love runs as deep as it does & I am a bargain hunting queen, I am always on the hunt for cool, cheap pairs.

Now don't get me wrong, I used to love some of the more expensive brands back in the day but all it took was one day when I stepped on my first and only pair of $250 glasses that I vowed to never subject myself to that kind of purchase pain ever again.

Top: Ashley Stewart | Similar Shorts here & more here | New Look Glitter Flats via ASOS  Similar Mirrored Sunglasses: Steve Madden found at discount store
 Watch: Fitbit Surge (at a major discount!)


{Five Fab} Floral Fashion Picks $25 & Under!

Hey Lovelies!

I recently purchased this pretty floral wristlet from Avenue for $10 and it pretty much set me off on the hunt for more bargain floral pieces to add to my wardrobe, and since I know I am not the only one who swoons over a good deal, I am sharing some of my finds with you here.


{Fab Five} Summer to Fall Sole Society Shoe Picks Under $35

I am so in Fall transition mode, so everything that I buy has to fit into that category of things.

Sole Society is having a wicked sale with some items that are up to 70% off and since I have put myself on a budget for the next few months but still want to add some new things to my Fall wardrobe, I am on the hunt for MAJOR deals, like for reals...

So, here are 5 pairs of Fall perfect but still Summer cool to rock, super on sale shoes that you must snag from Sole Society. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and I just think they are perfect for this time of year and the months to come.

This round toe pump comes in three colors and goes up to size 12 and the animal haircalf is so HAUTE.

The braided ankle strap is a gorgeous upgrade to the classic pointed toe heel. It comes in four colors and with a three inch heel, is very walk-able.

I love the contrasting straps and suede and animal print on this block heel sandal. They come in three colors and I would so throw on a pair of tights or even socks when it gets a little cool and rock these beauties.

And of course I had to have a couple of pairs of flats in the mix. These suede flats with the stitching at the toe come in three colors and I love how the stitching adds that subtle "little something".

Last but not least, are the asymmetrical strap flats with the contrast piping. It comes in three styles, two neutrals and a funky blue and white print.

And currently at under $35 each, these are steals!!

What say you?


{Featured} Shoppers Delight: Groupon Coupons Have Arrived!

This post is sponsored by Groupon and I will be compensated for writing it but don't get it twisted, 
the content and opinions expressed here are all my own ;). More on my sponsored posts policies here.

Fall is fast approaching and there is so much awesome fashion to be had!! And while an unlimited bank account would be FAB, it's not my reality, so I am always on the lookout for deals & coupons so that I can stretch my dollars to the max.

Needless to say I was geeked when I found out that Groupon now has a HUGE section devoted to coupons and promotions for the stores we all love & SHOP!

There are currently over 33,000 coupons and promo deals on the site, so there is literally something for everyone.

The coupons are searchable by category or store and can be filtered by whether they are online or in-store.

This I really LOVE because I am the queen of checking for deals while in line or at the register and being able to separate them will only make that easier (and make the cashiers less annoyed as they wait HAHA!).

So say I am out and just so happen to be near Nordstrom and decide why not check out what's in store (wink, wink), I can open my Groupon app and search for Nordstrom coupons and instantly know what deals are available.

Sweet, right? 

Have you used Groupon coupons yet? 


Happy National Lipstick Day: The Best $3.95 You Will Spend!

Happy National Lipstick Day! 
Don't you just  love all these random "national holidays"! ;)

UPDATE: Now the date has been moved to Oct 17! for restock...Nooooo...

Anyway, it's the perfect time to share this.

A few weeks back I was on the hunt to switch up my lippie game and I came across BH Cosmetics and was instantly intrigued by their Creme Luxe Lipstick in the Vixen shade.

Historically purples are not my thang but the goal was to mix things up a bit, so I thought it's $3.95, if I hate it, I hate it. No BIG lost. I also ordered this false eyelash applicator because learning how to apply those darn things are HIGH on my list.

Fast forward............

The package arrives and as is the life of most packages in my life, I sit it down and almost forget about it but during an organizing (aka can't find something I need) moment, I open it and think...cute color.

So, I finally wore it yesterday and it was LOVE at first swipe. Little did I know, that besides giving me a major good mood boost, this lippie stays on for HOURS! And SUPER BONUS: it did not dry out my lips!


Seriously. I honestly was shocked. I mean for the price, I just did not expect that at all. 

So, of course I went to order several more shades and a few backups of Vixen ASAP and I almost cried when I saw that it was on back order until SEPTEMBER! Damn you ladies!

Anyway, I did order Coral Escape, Pop Cultured, Te Amo and Red Truffle and I can't wait to get them.

Don't snooze on this crazy affordable, long lasting gorgeous lippie!


{rock} i had to have these!

their cool tropical breeze pulled me in...and the sale price didn't hurt either!


{shopping} bright neon lights...

as much as i have been loving a lot of the trendy neon items, i am not the girl to spend a boatload on trends.

and with my new monthly shopping budget being capped at 200 bucks, i am really vigilant (and wicked proud) about how i spend it.

so, when i came across these fun neon bag from shoedazzle, i knew i had to have one, especially since i had a credit, meaning i didn't have to tap my february budget to purchase.


i snagged the neon green. i hope it's as fab in person as it is online.

{life} spending my $200 budget...

as i wrote about in my resolutions post, i have put myself on a monthly $200 fashion/beauty budget.

and already something very interesting is happening. i am finding that since i know i only have so much to work with, that my whole shopping thought process is changing.

normally when i shop, it's usually all about if i love something. a very emotional thing.

now with the budget strings attached, in addition to loving something, i am also asking myself some new questions.

how will it fit into my life right now?

will i get a lot of good use out of it?

do i already own similar items?

how many ways will i rock it with what i already own?

and the answer has to be right otherwise i am passing it up, even if it's something i think is crazy cute AND pretty affordable, like this necklace

if it doesn't fit the new criteria, no can buy...i am shocking myself...LOL

anyway, to start off, i purchased these little booties

they have a msrp of $120 but i got them for $20.12 + free shipping.


can't wait to rock them.

{life} resolvin...

i just finished eating this yummy breakfast i made for my honey and i this morning.

it was so good.

i was just reading my last post on resolutions and it made me smile.

i am still in the place that i wrote of back then.

probably even more so.

and after the past few days i wanted to rant out about the new years resolution backlash that i am seeing and hearing because i find it so annoying.

some people go on and on about resolutions being empty and how people won't stick to them...blah...blah...blah...

to those folks i say, what..evs...

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