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{Chatting Curvatude} Emmicia, Eloquii + Extended Style

Last week Eloquii set off a plus size frenzy when they dropped their latest extended sizes lookbook featuring Emmicia Bracey. I personally was so excited when I opened my Eloquii email and saw her beautiful, smiling face that I had to get to know a little more about her.
Emmicia is 28 years old, 5'8'' tall and a size 28 & she was recruited to model for Eloquii via her friend, Ashley Falcon who happens to be a stylist for the brand. Anyway, I chatted with Emmicia last week and here is a bit of our conversation.

Jaye: Before this shoot, had you done any modeling before?

Emmicia: No! This was actually my first time doing any type of modeling.

Ok And how did it go for you?

Emmicia:  It was great. I have a camera roll fulll of selfies on my phone so it was definitely nice to have someone else taking the pictures. I will say, I have even more respect for people who do it professionally now! And bloggers! Its not easy being aware of how you're standing or posing. But it was so much fun and felt so empowering.

Jaye: Awesome. And yes, folks think that fashion blogging is easy but it is definitely work. Were you a fan of the brand before the shoot?

Emmicia:  Yes! I remember when Eloquii started the first time and was so sad when the site closed. However, I'm so happy it came back under its own terms. What that team has managed to do in such a short time is amazing.

Jaye: Yes, it truly is. I appreciated it in it's first incarnation but now that Jodi and her team have been able to remove the shackles as it were, they have created one of the most awesome, fashion forward brands.

Emmicia: Totally agree.

Jaye: How would you describe your style?

Emmicia: I think its so hard for me to really define my style. I love new and trend heavy pieces, but not necessarily one specific way. Some days I feel like throwing on a body con dress and feeling like Kim Kardashian, other days I'm feeling more boho, and some days I'm like yep, this athleisure wear is bomb and I need to work this into my wardrobe immediately. The one word I would use is trendy.

Jaye: I am the same way. I like to think of it as mood based eclectic LOL.

Emmicia: Yes! 100%. I can't put myself in a box. I need options LOL.

Jaye: EXACTLY! And thankfully we have so many more of them nowadays.

Speaking of which, there has been & continues to be a lot of conversation about size diversity in plus size fashion. I am hopeful because we are seeing a lot of signs that brands are starting to get with it, (like with your shoot).

What's your take on it?

Emmicia: I love it. It's time. It's not like we're asking for larger models to replace ALL models. We're just asking for representation at all levels. In my opinion its no different than seeing models of different racial or ethnic backgrounds.

People need to know that they are visible and sometimes it just takes seeming someone that looks like you. I saw so many comments after the Eloquii lookbook was released that said "finally someone who isn't an hourglass, now I can see how this looks on me" and that's when it clicked that there are so many opportunities brands are missing by not showcasing their designs on a broader spectrum of models.

Jaye: I could not agree more. There are so many things that divide us, fashion should not be one of them. We all should be able to express ourselves with clothing and have options that make us feel good about what we are wearing. I am hoping that other brands are taking note of all the comments that women are leaving. It is way past time.

Emmicia: Right. I have been plus size for a very long time. I remember being in middle school and high school and there being so few options at that time. Even for 14/16/18. People weren't making trend heavy clothing. You basically had Lane Bryant as the mast head and a few department stores as options.

I'm so happy the internet has allowed retailers to expand and grow their plus size departments when they see and hear our needs. It has also allowed so many brands to pop up online and bring more fashionable choices directly to the consumer.

We're living in a great time. I'm so happy we have so many options, but I'm happy we haven't settled and are still asking for things we desire.

Jaye: I agree and I am so glad that we are not a quiet bunch LOL. We are vocal and demanding and the brands that don't listen truly are missing out because we LOVE fashion and I know I personally drop lots of money on the brands that I love.

Speaking of which, what are your go to brands?

Emmicia: Right now I'm really into Eloquii, Simply Be, and ASOS Curve. ASOS Curve goes to a 24 but its an extremely generous 24, I think the measurements make it more of a 28.

Jaye: Gotta love that ASOS Curve. I remember when they first dropped and they had some issues (that I wrote about) but they have gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected a brand would do in plus size. The sheer quantity of available options is definitely impressive.

What's on your Fall must have list?

Emmicia: A leather dress, Chelsea boots, and a long line fur vest. I'm also dying for an a-line suede skirt and turtleneck. Trying to figure out how to style that last combo for my body type LOL, but I will make it work!

Jaye:  LOL. I am sure you will and I just purchased this faux leather dress and LOVE it!

Emmicia: Yes! That's the one I saw on your blog and am dying for!

Jaye:  I think a cropped turtleneck would make that a-line skirt/turtleneck look work on your shape.

Emmicia: Oohhhh good point Jaye. You're very handy.

Jaye: LOL.. ;)

So when's the blog coming?

Emmicia: Soon! like super soon. I've been working on a few things and with the release of the lookbook its really kicked me into gear.

Jaye: Cool, I am looking forward to it.  And finally, my favorite fun interview ending question, if you were a piece of fruit what would you be and why?

Emmicia: A pineapple. Sweet but acidic LOL

Jaye: LOL cute :)

Isn't she adorable? Thanks Emmicia for chatting with me. And while we still have a way to go for more brands to offer sizes above 24, the ones that are, are doing it and doing it well and expanding their options constantly. Ohhh and for my size 12 girls, did you know that Eloquii has also started making some of their pieces in a size 12? Check them out here! I am loving this great fashion for all time we are experiencing!

In a future post I am going to put together a list of the brands that I am digging on who offer extended plus sizes but in the meantime, I will leave you with a favorite, eShakti.

It's no secret that eShakti offer lots of styles but I don't know if it's as well known that their sizing goes up to a 6x (36W), which is a really big deal. And of course I love that you also have the option to customize many of their pieces at the most affordable prices.

They are definitely a go to no matter what size you rock. And this faux leather banded waist skirt is one of their current pieces that also comes in extended sizes and is a MUST HAVE!

What say you? What did you think of this post?
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