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{My Style} Graphic Black Girl Magic!

I ordered this Black Girls Are Magic tee months back and like a lot of things, it arrived and it kinda got lost in the fray. Originally it was released in limited edition but it is currently available again, so I thought this was the perfect time to rock it.

The shirt was created by one of my favorite twitter peeps who goes by the name Auntie Peebz "in celebration of the beauty, intelligence and power of Black women everywhere". I love it!

Fashion to Figure Graphic Skirt | Red Band Belt Lane Bryant | Silver Wrap Strap Heels (last seen here
Jewelry and rosette purse are pieces that I have had for years

I tucked the t-shirt into my belt and wore it over a peplum top. I am wearing the belt backwards because it has a silver closure and it broke the line of the red when worn the "correct way".

The Black Girls Are Magic shirt also comes in a hoodie and in white.

You can somewhat see the closure mentioned above in this pic...

This FTF skirt is pretty great. I am kinda peeved at myself for not buying the matching crop top.

And this yellow trench coat!! What can I say? AWEsome!

Shout out to my rugrat for these pics. We shot this shirt in two different looks and moved to three different locations working to get the light etc. right. As a blogger you have a vision so...

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