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{Life} January To Do List

OMG Delights!

January has arrived with a bang and although I am currently sick and the weather has been so over the top cold, I am excited for this fresh 365 and doing the damn thing.

As mentioned in my December To Do list, we went on our epic road trip to from Chicago to Mississippi to Minnesota and back again over Christmas with the wee ones. I really wanted to make it a memorable time for them, so I added a lot of fun but simple touches around the flat. I ordered a simple Scandinavian style table and chairs and added cute pops of red, lights and the cardboard deer I have had for a couple of years now (last seen here).
Table (also similar and more options here) | Chair Set
And while there were definitely some oh my gawd what were we thinking moments and I got sick, I would totally do it all over again.  During a moment of chill at one of the various hotels we stayed at, I rocked this cute plaid pajama set, which I snagged for under $11!! I also have it in the heather grey stripes and I ordered it in another color but missed the in store pick up deadline because we were on the road.
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A {Bloggers Life} Connect & Grow in a Modern Social World

Hey Delights!

As a blogger there are so many different things that I constantly find myself working on. One of them is staying up on all of the ever changing ways that I can improve my site to better connect with and provide content of value for you, my dear readers. So I try to read up on blogging, social media and the like as much as I can. And one of the sources that I always reach for is Modern Social Magazine.

I have been a reader of Modern Social Magazine since I first highlighted it back in 2015. And there has never been a time that I have read an issue and not found myself being exposed to something new, whether it be a new perspective, conferences to consider attending or a new blogger/entrepreneur that I love. There is always something of value to be found.

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Desk: Z Gallerie (similar versions below) | Get Chic Done Tray | Brass Globe Desk Lamp (last seen here & also comes in silver) | Gold Tipped Light Bulb | Similar Monogram Mug | Tablet Stand | Gold/Acrylic Stapler | Similar Gold Skull Bank  | Similar File Folders - here & here

{Luxaholic} And So It Has Begun

Hey Delights!

On Tuesday I started pulling out my holiday decor and it made me so excited for the holidays. And this is way early for me. I normally don't get started until December but I seriously just want to max out all these last few weeks of the year. And as I did last year, I am once again going with the "winter wonderland" vibe, filled with white & gold and lots and lots of lights. What can I say? It's my jam and it makes me really happy 😊.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
Chair | Shoe Cabinet (painted white, top covered in marble print adhesive film & now has these acrylic knobs on it) | Similar Small Flocked Christmas Tree | Similar Faux Fur Rug
Similar Metal Sea Urchin | Faux Snowballs (strung with fishing line)

{What I Wore} Lush Lounging

Dress Barn gifted me these pieces but don't get it twisted, the opinions are all mine😍.

Hey Delights!

The fabs at Dress Barn sent me this amazing velour hoodie and velour pants from their dbSunday line and I put them on this morning because it is so cold in my apartment due to the crazy temps in Chicago and they are soooo πŸ’ƒ.

If you saw me un-box them last night on my Snapchat or Instagram stories (currently still up), then you know that I was instantly excited by how pretty and soft they are when I first saw & touched them.

I am wearing the "mood plum" color but it also comes in black and a gorgeous navy.  And they are seriously so lush and warm and so perfect for these colder days that I had to take a break from lounging to share it with you guys 😊.  They come in both plus & straight sizes and would definitely make a great holiday gift.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchase
Plus size Plum Velour Hoodie Velour pants

Cheers to warmer & cozier days!

Let's Connect!


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{Luxaholic} Afternoon Tea & Bouquets #CurvyGirlsTea

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Hey Delights!

I recently hosted an afternoon tea for some of my Chicago blogger boos that was co-sponsored by Contessa of Plus Navigator and we had a really lovely time. There was lots of conversation and laughs and I wanted to share some of it with you.

The theme I created was centered around tea and bouquets, two of my favorite things. So I set up a bouquet bar and an ice tea bar along with hot tea & sweets and eats served at the table. Here is the bouquet bar. It was so lovely to have the big picture windows with the trees in full bloom framing it.
Lightbox (last seen here) | Gold Foil Sheets (last seen here) | Flowers: Trader Joe's | Bucket {was red and I painted it gold with this Rustoleum spray paint, which I am obsessed with and also used it to change the color of the 3 tier trays on the table (below)} | Vases: Dollar Tree (amazing at $1 each & I loved being able to order them in bulk online and picking them up already boxed to go).

{Luxaholic} Simple Luxe Update: 5 Minute DIY Vase #DecorateMyFlat

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Hey Delights!

I love having fresh flowers in my home and I also love changing out my decor very often, so I am always looking for easy, simple ways to do so.  I recently purchased some hydrangeas and wanted to display them in a low profile vase but only had one on hand that I covered in black faux leather forever ago. So because I am currently and have been obsessed with white and gold for a few years now, I decided to recover the vase in those colors.

Awhile back I purchased these Gold Foil Sheets (I like these also) because I knew that I would get a lot of use out of them and this was one of them. And because there are several patterns, I can switch it out whenever I want but for now, I am loving this one and just replaced the hydrangeas with baby roses.
Check out this quick and easy DIY!

{Five Fab} Things I Am Looking Forward to In February

Sooo..I somehow manged to delete this and another post from this date, so this is a complete recreation from memory and mama is getting old, so my memory is not always so great...bwaa...Thankfully I hadn't read them on bloglovin, so I was able to get the entire text for the other one there but for this one, I only got the part before "the jump" but I do have the events in my calendar already & pictures to aid the rewrite process...anyway...use this a reminder to backup your site daily!

Happy February Delights!

I have a love/hate relationship with February. I hate that the Winter weather here in Chicago is usually at it's most brutal in February and how it can really wear me down. But there is also so much to love. Of course it's Black History Month and there is that little holiday, Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day sometimes gets such a bad rap. But I think it is a wonderful, love filled, colorful break from the darkness of Winter & a reminder that it won't last forever. And this year I am rethinking my Valentine's Day fashion and red, as much as I love it, is nowhere in the picture. Stay tuned.

How sweet is this Valentine's Day setup that Joe surprised me with for a previous Valentine's celebration? It still makes me smile...like HARD cheesin'. It was so thoughtful and so perfectly me.
This year's Black History Month feels more important than ever to me & I will be taking in as many events and activities related to it as possible. Here are a few of the events that I am planning to check out:

Pearl Cleage's Blues For An Alabama Sky at the Court Theatre


{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 12

Happy Friday Delights!  

Welcome to the first volume of the Five Fab For the Weekend for 2017! I am working on editing my first interview for the CurvaCast and I am excited to share it with you.

So much going on in the world but this is a happy place today so let's get into the Five Fab!

Shop:  While it may not feel like it but Spring will be here before and Eloquii is having a buy 3 get 50% off sale so I did a little shopping this morning to pick up a few Spring things. I love this cold shoulder wrap dress. It also comes in green and I almost got that color but I own several green dresses but not one coral dress in this tone, so I went with this color.

UPDATE: I ordered this dress and it was just as beautiful in person as on the picture but the straps were so ridiculously long that there was no way to wear it (check out the reviews on the site). I thought about altering it but I decided against it and returned it. And that really sucks because it is a beautiful piece but there was obviously some manufacturing issue with the straps.

{What I Wore} Teddy Bear Faux Fur Coat & Blooms

Hey Delights! 

One of the things that I promised myself during the 12 Days of January was that I would do something small but special for myself every weekend. So now that I am on my way back to wellness and up and at it again, Sunday I went and picked up some flowers. Nothing expensive. I got them at Trader Joe's for like $10. But they are beautiful and they make me smile, which is all that matters.

And because as I mentioned here, I wanted to lighten up my energy, I pulled out my teddy bear coat. I love this coat so much. It's totally like rocking a cozy blanket 😘
Coat: (old) Old Navy ( I LOVE this similar bomber jacket!) | Corset Waist Coated Jeans (so seriously sexy seen here) | Leopard Booties: (old) Target (similar) | Fitbit Surge | Scarf: (old) Michael Kors (similar) | Backpack: (old) New Look (seen here) Similar | Marc Jacobs Sun glasses: Beige - Black - Black/WhiteMore similar Items on liketoknow.it

My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese Mushroom Burger Featuring The Beyond Burger #CurvesGoneVegan

One of the things that I love about food is that you can always be as creative as your palette desires. And while my list of foods I love runs long and deep, three in particular hold a really special place in my foodie's heart, cheese, mushrooms and burgers.  And being vegan has not stopped me from having all of the above in almost any kind of a way that I have wanted.
{Insert Praise Dance πŸ’ƒ}

One of my goals for the year is to cook more so I started off the new year with my take on Vegan Hoppin' John and then I was sick for 2 weeks, so the last place that I was even thinking of being was the kitchen.

But now I am back at it and I wanted to do something fun with the Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger, which is the first plant based burger sold in the meat section of select Whole Foods stores.  The company's purpose for creating The Beyond Burger was to show that you can eat plant based and still get that familiar meat texture and taste without the health, environmental, and animal welfare baggage basically. It is sold in the meat section to essentially meet meat eaters where they shop and let them know that there is a plant based protein option for their meat free days.

It was love at first bite for me when I tried the burger a few months back, so I have been adding them to my regular store runs and I am planning to mix up the fixings I put on them often.  And every since I had The Cinnamon Snail's Beastmode Burger Deluxe last year in New York City, I knew that I wanted to do my own version of a burger with mac and cheese on it.  So I decided to combine my love of mushrooms, mac and cheese and burgers and Ohhh Emmm Geeeee!!!!πŸ˜‹


{Luxaholic} PopPost | Vol. 3 - Oh Joy! For Target Spring Things!

I know that we have only just really started to get into Winter and while we have had a couple of magical winter days here in Chicago, we have also already had some serious eye roll days. So dreams of Spring have definitely already begun. Soooo...during a recent Target run, I came across these super cute pieces from the Oh Joy! For Target Spring collection and I could fell myself instantly thaw.

As per usual, the Oh Joy! collection is all about bright colors and whimsy & I love and seriously NEED as much of both of those as I can get right now!

See more of the Oh Joy! For Target Spring collection here & check out the previous Pop Posts.

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The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 3 #12DaysofJanuary

Hello Delights and welcome to Day 3 of The 12 Days of January!

Yesterday on Day 2 of the The 12 Days of January we talked about using the 3 things system to get things done and up your productivity without it feeling burdensome.

I use a simple chalkboard as a visual reminder of the 3 things that are my priorities for each day. And I also snap a picture of it on my phone & sometimes save it as my phone's wallpaper to keep it front & center in my mind because I seriously reach for my phone more than anything else.

And yes I am one of those girls who is always in the Target's $ & more section so I am always picking up cute chalkboards among lots of other things 😁.

Today's 12 Days of January post should lead you to something you enjoy. I am coughing my brains out and nursing a cold because I slacked off on my daily coconut cider vinegar regimen but the Day 3 action that I am going to take should be just the thing to lift my ailing physical spirit.

Keep in mind that although the action is presented to you today, you should NOT put stress or pressure on yourself to do it today if it does not fit into your day.

The goal is to simply plant the seed so that you are doing more of these things on a regular basis.

Similar chalkboards: herehere, here and here |  Lamp | Similar Gold Skull Bank 

Now let's get into Day 3 of the 12 Days of January and plan something we love!

My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Welcoming In The New Year With Hoppin' John #CurvesGoneVegan

Hoppin' John is a southern dish that when eaten on the first day of a brand new year is said to bring a prosperous year filled with luck and goodness.  Traditionally it is made with meat, usually bacon, or salt pork, etc but of course I am vegan so no meat for moi but trust me, that does not mean that I won't get all the hoppin' flavors.

{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 11 - The Last Minute Christmas Shopping Edition!

I can not believe how fast this month has gone by and Christmas is just 2 days away.  Yesterday I tried to hit the stores but even before I made it off the train I realized that I just didn't want to spend my day dealing with the crowds.  So I took myself to lunch, surprised Joe with some lunch at work and then went home and did my shopping online.

I love utilizing the buy online and pick up in store option.  Especially at this time of the year because nothing takes the fa la la out of the holidays like frantic shoppers & crowded stores.

Trust me.😩

So for this week's Five Fab for the Weekend shop section I have put together a list of a few of my favorite stores that offer buy online and pick up in store options. πŸ™Œ

Shop:   Macy's | Target | Gap | Nordstrom | Bed Bath & Beyond | Crate & Barrel | KmartThe Container Store (additional 15% off order online/pick up orders)

Oh and let's not forget Amazon Prime Now. I use this A LOT and placed an order last night that should be delivered to my door any minute now. I love that you get to set the delivery window and for the holiday you can order & they are delivering up until MIDNIGHT Christmas Eve.

If you follow me on snapchat, you know I have been in Macy's quite a bit using their buy online/pick up in store option and that is because the deals are RIDONCULOUS! Like crazy good.

Wear: I picked up these super cute Khombu duck boots from Macy's a couple of weeks ago for a great deal and they are even cheaper now & you will get a WOW Pass to use on your next order when you use buy online/pick.
Get links to similar items in this look here.

{Luxaholic} Christmas Entryway

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Last year I went with a mainly red themed Christmas entryway but this year I had something completely different in mind.  I wanted to feel like I was in a winter wonderland of sorts when I walk in and I think that I achieved that.

I purchased a bunch of faux snowballs and strung them together, added lights, a faux shearling rug and my mini tree and I love the effect. It is especially lovely at night.

{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 8

I was planning to post a Five Fab For the Weekend last week but it just did not happen with Thanksgiving and travel and all of that. Speaking of travel, I was a little peeved that the cute escape weekender bag I ordered never came because apparently they oversold it and it was no longer in stock but now it's back in stock but boo on them because it would have been perfect for my trip.

Anyway, I can't believe it is already December and I hope that you have fun plans on tap to max it out because we know that it will go fast! Anyway let's get this Five Fab For the Weekend started!

Shop: The FTF x Essie & Kelly Holiday Capsule Collection just dropped TODAY and I am here for it's affordable holiday glam. Nothing in the collection is over $70 & you can use code AFFBOGO50 for 50%  off your second item until 12/4. This pleated faux leather skirt is just one of the pieces from the collection that are MUST HAVES! Check out my other picks here.


{Travel} Thanksgiving Escape #JetSetCurves

I seriously can not believe that it is already Thanksgiving week! Joe and I decided to head back to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving weekend with the grand wee one. And once again we are taking the bus, which of course for a wham bam, get it done now kind of a girl like me, that is definitely not my first choice.

But the last time we did it, it was actually kinda nice because my family used to take road trips every year and I hadn't been on one in forever.  So it felt kinda nostalgic although I have to admit while at moments I felt cramped, I enjoyed the scenery along Route 66. And the 544 mile journey also definitely made me spend more time off the grid and more time sleeping than I normally get while traveling.

I keep saying that I am going to get my license back and do more road trips but driving hasn't been on my list of enjoyable things for a very long time.

But we will see how this goes LOL. You can follow along on "the adventure" via my snapchat and my travel hashtag, #JetSetCurves on Twitter & Instagram.

Anyway, I snagged this cute escape weekender bag for my travels.

And because we will be traveling on Thanksgiving, we ordered dinner for the night before from Whole Foods. This will be our first time trying their Vegan Holiday Dinner. Btw they have a special where if you order holiday meals, entrees, etc online (for pick up in store) through November 22nd you get $10 off your next in store purchase of $75. Nice perk.

What say you? Are you traveling this Thanksgiving?

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{What I Wore} Merry Thickmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

I DIY'd my first Ugly Christmas Sweater a couple of years ago using this Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit and I am still loving how kitschy it turned out and have decided that this year instead of trying to top it, I am just going to make rocking it at my family's celebration my annual tradition.

Shoe Cabinet (which I have recently painted white (seen here more deets to come)
Chair | Rug | Cardboard Stag (I love this one
 Fireplace Entertainment Center (with enclosed cabinets, which I wish I would have gotten)

{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 7

I can not believe that Thanksgiving is next week! These last few months have been flying by and I know these last weeks of 2016 will do the same, so I am hoping to live life to the fullest and just enjoy as much as I can.

The Chicago Christmas tree lighting is tonight, so I am going to go and check that out (you can follow along on my snapchat).  It's also supposed to feel kinda wintry this weekend, with a little snow to top it off, so I am picking up some new gloves because I think I may have taken mine to storage and I am not even about that going to search for them life right now. I am saving that for when I have to go and get all of my Christmas decor which will be after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend and here's the Fab Five For the Weekend!

Shop: I am pulling out my booties of course now that Fall is here and these Michael Antonio booties are FIRE! I love all the colors that they come in, especially the grey and burgundy.  And the price at just under $30 is crazy.

Wear:  As mentioned above, mama nature is planning to drop some cold temperatures on us, so I will definitely be pulling out some of my favorite cold weather coats like this beauty. I remember stalking this coat for months & I am still just as much in love with it as I was when I purchased it two years ago.

{Luxaholic} Morning Calm

I realized as I was sitting here this morning how much I needed the quiet reflection time that I took this sunny, Sunday Morning. And I emphasize the word TOOK because it was a choice that I had to almost demand myself to make after being bombarded with all the madness stemming from the election.

It has definitely been some kind of a week.  Very emotional & trying. But today is World Kindness Day and we need to extend to ourselves and others what it symbolizes more than ever. So, as I sipped my tea, noshed on one of Joe's homemade muffins, read magazines on my tablet, I tuned out and said a prayer of gratitude in spite of it all.

{links to my bed & similar items above or here

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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