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{What I Wore} Rompin' in Retro Florals + Video Review

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 

Hey Delights!

I have always in my heart of hearts considered myself a 60's hippie chick, so this retro floral romper appealed to me instantly. I purchased this back in April the day the Victoria Beckham for Target collection dropped, so of course I paid full price, and I am a little peeved that it along with other pieces of the collection are majorly marked down and it is currently on clearance for $9.

Yep. Nine. Dollars.

{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 6

Hey fabs. What a week it has been. As I sit here writing this, I am still somewhat in a state of shock at how the presidential election turned out but I have been trying to do everything that I can to keep myself positive & productive. How about you?
Here's this week's Fab Five..

Shop:  After having seen it numerous times when I opened my Starbucks app & in need of something frivolous to smile about, I snagged this super cute Starbucks Siren Gold Crown Double Wall Traveler.  It has apparently been selling out & getting restocked and I am stoked I was able to snag one because white and gold are my colors!!

Wear: The weather has still been pretty mild here, so I have been pretty laid back fashion wise. But I am getting major stoked for, is all the fun & sparkle of holiday dressing.  I don't do a lot of formal events normally during the season but that does not stop me from wanted to get my sparkle on.

Last year I rocked this gorgeous green sequin Badgley Mischka dress and I am very excited that there are a ton of  fabulous sequin plus size options this year.


{Challenges} Giving #Vlogtober A Go!: Day 1

Hey Fabs!

Happy October! 

One of the things that always challenges me to the point where I just never do it, is video blogging. Or more accurately, editing vlogs. I will record a video and that's no big deal but then when it comes time to edit it, I just lose all my mojo for it.

Maybe it's because I am not using the best software but it just takes me such a long time {insert sad violin playing}. Bwaaaa..

I have managed to put out a few that I actually got through and liked as evidenced on my youtube page but there are so many other things that I would love to share via video and just don't.

Soooo...I thought why not join in on this Vlogtober challenge, which is simply a challenge to post a video blog every day of October. I figure at a minimum I will get in the habit of just getting behind the video camera more.

And since I love the spontaneity of Periscope (follow me!!), I will most likely be using it all month to live broadcast and then post the videos to my youtube channel.

So to begin...day 1 of Vlogtober oh and going forward the videos will be in landscape..womp!

Upon request, I have added links to some of the items in this video!


{Fun} I LOVE This: Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke

Hey Lovelies!

Just stopping in to share something that made me laugh, smile and SANG!

I have obviously been sleeping on James Corden and The Late Late Show but I am now awake. This carpool karaoke video featuring Jennifer Hudson and James sanging is AWESOME!



{Video} Review: Warby Parker Home Try-On Glasses Program

So, I received my selections from the Warby Parker Home Try-On Glasses Program and I thought unboxing them they would be the perfect way to drop my first vlog of the year.

I was really hoping to find a pair (or two) that are stylish so that I can upgrade my prescription glasses game, especially my sunnies.


{Featured} Creating Your Own "Having It All" #HauteHavens

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nissan® via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nissan®.

Hello lovelies! I am really excited to share this with you.

Are you familiar with Glam's Haute Havens video series? I love it and think that you will too. The current series of videos is produced in partnership with Nissan Altima and it highlights fab African American women entrepreneurs, creatives, and other well known style movers and shakers who embody the “Have it All” spirit.

The main thing I love about it is that we get to venture into their spaces and see how they live and create environments that are both inviting and inspiring.

So today I am sharing with you the Haute Haven of Lifestyle maven Latham Thomas of Mama Glow.

I love that Latham is all about creating a life that encompasses wellness, spiritual growth and radical self care and her home definitely speaks to that.

{Fab Five} Laughing Thru Tears...

These past few winter months have been so emotionally & physically brutal on me. Besides the weather, there was being sick for weeks at a time, my granddaddy passing and the anniversary of losing my brownie.  Things have definitely been challenging to say the least.

So I have been very much in need of laughter and smiling and thankfully the internet gawds have shined a little light on my darkness and brought these nuggets into my world.

I seriously teared up but in a good way with this one...its so sweet. I love this song. Some days I listen to it on repeat just to keep my spirits up. I love what he says at the end...

This Stylelite post lead me to the Miserable Men instagram account that has pictures of men out shopping with women.


Hump Day {Fun}

I will be honest, I really didn't know who Stephen Merchant was when Jimmy Fallon was interviewing him the other night but he was funny and had a cute English accent, so I continued to watch it. 

But he is now my obsession!

Jimmy does a lot of fun features and the lip sync sing off is one of the best and
this one was AWESOME!

Stephen broke out with Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Boom! Shake The Room
and I practically jumped up out of the bed!!

Jimmy did a couple of cool songs but his guests definitely owned this one.

To wrap it up with a BANG, Joseph Gordon Levitt did Nicki Minaj's Super Bass
and shook his rump in true Minaj style and it was spot on and so WICKED!

The whole segment was so fun and it is a MUST SEE!

Happy Hump day!


{Fab Five} Link Love: Pin Up Girl, Fashion, Confidence & More

This Fab Five is all about links from some of my fav blogger girls,
a sweet new app and a song that's getting me thru!

Zadry of Curves a la Mode uses the most fab iconic pin up girl Hilda to share 7 Life Lessons we all should live by and I LOVE IT!


{Fun} This Just Made My Day! Awesome Cinderella Remade into Cinderonce'

I just saw this video on Mashable and it is friggin AWESOME!

Todrick Hall, a former American Idol finalist tells
the story of Cinderella entirely through Beyonce songs!

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p.s. i am participating in #31WriteNow

{Video} Review: My Second RocksBox {Jewelry} Box

In my effort to be a better blogger, I am trying to get things posted to the blog sooner. I go to a lot of events and have a lot of products, etc that I want to share with you ladies but time is a tricky thing in my world sometimes, well most of the time and a lot of times I just never get around to doing it.

But I am working on it.

SOoooo...I just got my latest RocksBox in the mail yesterday and waited to open it so that I could share doing so with you on this video!

Here is a better look at the pieces.


{Music} What I am Currently Thumpin'!

I caught a bit of The Voice finale the other night and my girl Cher 
was on singing her latest single Woman's World and I was all in!

It is my new JAM!

Check that wild hair!

I love that at 67 years old she still seems to not give 2 damns about what people think! 

All the women in the world 
Stand up come together now 
This is a woman's world 
Everybody in the club 
Stand up come together now 
This is a woman's world 
 Tell the truth 
This is a woman's world 
Tell the truth 
This is a woman's world

Tell (and own) the TRUTH ladies!!


{Fab Five} Immersing Myself in {Life}...

After Monday, I am not really up to being social or even talking period, so I have just been keeping a low profile and trying to immerse myself in things that are happy and make me smile and/or laugh...

Here are few...

Is Prince not EVERYTHING on this cover? Sorry Jenny Lo...


{OOTD} Leopard Tee, Denim & Gold Kicks

Here is a lil ensemble I wore the other day while out and about running errands.

tee | jeggings: jessica simpson via tjmaxx | shoes | bracelet


{fun} Favorite Holiday Movies

One of the best things about this time of year is the holiday movies,
from the classics to the corniest.

I have been living and breathing the hallmark channel & lifetime movies 
and playing some of my DVD's over and over...

They just really put me in the holiday spirit!

Here are a few of many of my favorite holiday movies.

The Perfect Holiday.
A great cast, music and more.


{fab five} loving now...movies, food & more

i am up early this sunday...gonna hit up Randolph Market then make my way back home to be domestic...lots of organizing, digging out some of my winter things...

last weekend i was so glad to just chill a bit and squeeze in a little movie time, so i
turned to netflix instant watch and ended up watching two very different yet
both very enjoyable movies...

first i watched exit strategy...it's about a guy who ends up moving in 
with his girlfriend after getting evicted and it is laugh out loud 
funny and at times just plain insane...perfect for a good release...


{fun} Windy City Live "Flatter That Full Figure" Recap

Major shout out to the folks at eloquii by The Limited for asking me to model for them on Windy City Live Flatter That Full Figure segment.

I had a blast!

Aleah of Aleah Connect, the stylist for the segment wanted me in pants, so we took a trip to the eloquii shop in shop here at the Water Tower and tried on lots of pieces but chose these fab print pants, matching jacket and gorgeous fuchsia cutout blouse.

I really love the print on the pants and jacket and I actually wore them last night to an event with a polka dot top!

Anyway, we had a 6:20am call time. I arrived at the Windy City Live studio and the fun began.  Once we got into hair & makeup, the morning just flew by.

I was very pleased that they selected so much color and patterns and styles to feature. It really gave a variety of options that can beincorporated into a full figured woman's wardrobe. Aleah also gave a lot of tips on fit and fabric and other things to look for when dressing a curvy body (and there are more on her website here).

I didn't get to take a lot of pics, mainly just some blurry ones with my phone, which can be found on my facebook page.

They wanted me in big hair...I think they achieved their objective and lots of colorful makeup.


{fun} Windy City Live "Flatter That Full Figure"

In case you missed it, here is the video from yesterday's Windy City Live "Flatter That Full Figure" segment that a bunch of us local girls modeled for.

It was such a fun experience. I will recap everything soon!

{Fab Five} link love...

One of my favorite bloggers, Vahni has been documenting her experience with The Whole30 program and I am thisss close to doing it myself.

Jen shows how she has maximized her small space with an ikea wardrobe and I am glad that she did because I have been looking at these pieces. I need extra storage and I think they will go well with my desk and it is always good to see how they work in real settings.


{life} FFFWeek Curves at Sea...

last week i went back to my heart home, nyc to take in some of the FFFWeek events.

as always, just being in nyc changes everything about me and revitalizes me.

first up was the curves at sea white cruise, so of course i wore white...

photo credit: sarah aka doublexl of queen sized flava

i love this dress and i am so glad that i found it at the very last moment. 
i mean...THE very last moment...the night before i left.

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