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My Vegan {Foodie} Life: Vegan Ramen at Mensho Tokyo SF

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

Located in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco, Mensho Tokyo SF is a small joint that opened in February of 2016 and is the first US location of the well known Tokyo brand. And it was major hyped on almost every site that I searched for vegan in San Francisco, so I did something I normally would NEVER do to check it out.

The CurvaCast Episode 13: #JetSetCurves Travel To Asia Interview Featuring Contessa Gibson

Hello Delights!

I am stoked to be back with a brand new episode of the CurvaCast. This episode features an interview with one of my all time favorite women, Contessa Gibson.

Contessa went on an amazing journey to Asia that I followed along on Instagram via her hastag #AsiaWithTess and I knew that I wanted to feature it on the blog and as y first interview on the CurvaCast.

So we met up a few weeks ago and just had a major gab session and she shared so much good travel advice.
Listen in as she shares tips and her experience including why she would buy her wedding dress from Asia, how she navigated the language barrier, a shady moment related to getting the required visa, possible ways to stretch your US dollars, how she dealt with the 20 hour flight time, how a health emergency was handled, what it was like to be a rare black person in certain areas and soooo much more.

{Travel} Thanksgiving Escape #JetSetCurves

I seriously can not believe that it is already Thanksgiving week! Joe and I decided to head back to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving weekend with the grand wee one. And once again we are taking the bus, which of course for a wham bam, get it done now kind of a girl like me, that is definitely not my first choice.

But the last time we did it, it was actually kinda nice because my family used to take road trips every year and I hadn't been on one in forever.  So it felt kinda nostalgic although I have to admit while at moments I felt cramped, I enjoyed the scenery along Route 66. And the 544 mile journey also definitely made me spend more time off the grid and more time sleeping than I normally get while traveling.

I keep saying that I am going to get my license back and do more road trips but driving hasn't been on my list of enjoyable things for a very long time.

But we will see how this goes LOL. You can follow along on "the adventure" via my snapchat and my travel hashtag, #JetSetCurves on Twitter & Instagram.

Anyway, I snagged this cute escape weekender bag for my travels.

And because we will be traveling on Thanksgiving, we ordered dinner for the night before from Whole Foods. This will be our first time trying their Vegan Holiday Dinner. Btw they have a special where if you order holiday meals, entrees, etc online (for pick up in store) through November 22nd you get $10 off your next in store purchase of $75. Nice perk.

What say you? Are you traveling this Thanksgiving?

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{Travel} Airbnb Oasis in The Big Easy #JetSetCurves

After being completely blown away by Beyonce's performance at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, instead of kicking myself for not buying tickets to see her when she brought her Formation Tour to Chicago, I went online and to see where else she was playing.

And of all the dates that were coming up, I knew the one I wanted to go to was the New Orleans stop. Partly because I hadn't been there since December of 2014 & felt I was way overdue for a trip. But also because I knew being in NOLA with it's old world vibe & the history embedded in its' streets would revitalize me.

And isn't that why we travel? To come home feeling renewed and inspired? And I definitely was not disappointed. Besides Bey doing what she does giving me a little more sass in my ass, I stayed at the most wonderful & unexpected Airbnb property.
Now I will start this off by saying that this property is not for everyone. The bathroom is shared by this and one of the other three room options at this property, although I never once had to wait to use it.

{Living} The Facade Of Safety: Staying Safe At Home & While Traveling

Hey fabs. I started this post a couple of days after the Kim Kardashian West robbery in Paris and I wanted to share a few things that I have been thinking about.  In particular I want to talk a bit about the "facade of safety". The facade of safety is something I think we all have especially in places that
are familiar to us, as apparently the private hotel that Kim was staying at was to her.

Granted because of her celebrity status there are lots of other security elements that Kim needs to address but I wanted to share a few things that I think are important for anyone, especially we women to be aware of.

I think we all need to remember that hotels, even private ones are not 100% safe and that we should be really vigilant about making sure that we take every precaution available to us. When I stay in hotels I always do a walk thru upon entering and I use the security bolt or latch even if I am just in the room for a few minutes. It’s just always been a simple thing that I think you should do.

You should also take precaution when opening the door for hotel "staff". Use the peephole, pay attention to what they are wearing and if you didn't call for them or wasn't expecting them, it is more than ok to talk to them via a closed, locked door.


{Travel} The Epic 100+ Item Carryon Bag #JetSetCurves

I saw this video of Rachel Grant packing over 100 items, actually over 130 items, into a Biaggi ZipSak 22" MicroFold Carry On Duffle and I immediately went to google it, because if I can fit even half that amount of items into a bag that small, I NEED IT in my life!

I have written before how I usually use a combination of the rolling and layering/flat lay methods when packing and in this video, the rolling method was used with an additional step that I have never used, rubber bands and zip lock bags to "compress" the clothes.

{Travel} Eat...Slay...No Sleep #JetSetCurves in New York

Hey fabs!

I have just returned from being in New York for 5 days and as always, it was a beautiful thing to be back in my crazy heart home.


{See more of my travel pics here> #JetSetCurves}

This time, I invited my girl SinnamonS to come along since it was her birthday weekend, which honestly was a huge thing for me because other than Joe or my kid, I usually travel alone. I have written about it before, an it's not that I don't like hanging with my peeps, it's just when I go away, I just don't like to be on other people's schedule.


But I bucked it up and tried to be a good friend and invited her and we definitely put in a lot of miles..whew...anyone who has been to NYC knows that the concrete jungle will beat you down and like anything that you are obsessed with, you will love every minute of it.

While there, we got in three shows on and off Broadway. First we had a double hitter day of theater and saw Chicago in the afternoon and as a birthday surprise for Sinn, I got us tickets to a night time performance of Eclipsed. The next day we saw this awesome one woman show called Mabel Madness.

Mini reviews of all three to come but I just wanted to check in and give a short update of what a girl has been getting into.

Also, it's my birthday month and while I am probably not going back to my events every day days, I will be celebrating it the entire month and being in NYC definitely jumped off the excitement of it for me.

I even got some new hair while I was there LOL. It's been a minute since I have gone the protective style route with my hair but I should have done so months ago, but better late than never & I am rocking it!

It's a wig!

Anyway, these April showers and winter temps on the other hand are a total Spring buzzkill but I am going to throw on my cutest mix of Spring & winter {insert side eye} drag and make the most of it like I did when it went from the 70's to the 30's while we were in NYC.


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{#JetSetCurves} Miami: Our Stay @ Hotel Gaythering

I am that girl who seeks out the newest & sometimes smallest hotels when I travel, so the Hotel Gaythering with just 25 rooms and it's quirky decor is my kind of a place.

But unfortunately along with that cuteness comes the fact that the Hotel Gaythering is apparently also a popular Friday & Saturday night hot spot.

And you know how people always say that there's a first time for everything? Well Hotel Gaythering is the first time in my 45+ years of life that I have called the police to come to a hotel.

Yes, you read that correctly. But we will get back to that.


My {Travel} Uniform | Stylish Sanity Savers #JetSetCurves

Hey Lovelies!

I love traveling but there are of course some things about it that are highly annoying, so I try to do certain things that will make getting to my destination more bearable.

One such thing is definitely wearing some version of my travel uniform which consists of pieces that are comfortable, simple and easy. So when I get to spend time with my friends at TSA {insert smirk} I can get my shoes, jackets, etc off in a flash and hopefully get through without being felt up and having my brand new things confiscated {insert major #sideeye}. And I always need something to cover my head because only the good Lord knows what's been on the seats. And of course my sanity savers, my headphones.

POL Oversized Cardigan: ideel | Frends Headphones
Mirrored Sunglasses (similar here, here and a cute heart shaped pair here)


{Travel} JetCurves in New York City #NYFW

I went back to my heart home NYC for a few days during NYFW mainly because I LOVE NYC in September but also to partake in a little fun.

This is a pic of the skyline over central park that I have to snap every time 
I stay at this particular place. I set my alarm so that I wont miss it.

{Life} Sometimes You Just Need To Unplug

For the first time in forever, I went away on a lil holiday and did not take my laptop and I must say, although there was work that I needed to get done, I am glad I didn't.

I also didn't set up my normal post archives reposting or gasp...didn't ask Joe to take a single photo of me and only have a couple that I took of myself, like this blurry one..oh and I finally wore this gorgeous blue faux leather tank that I have had for months.

Oh and this one at the hotel gym...yes, I tried to get in a little #CurvesDefined

And a couple that I took of us, all with my cell phone.

We went to Detroit to check out The Monster Tour and Eminem and Rhianna did not disappoint. It was a fabulous night and we danced and danced and sang and rapped and just had the best time. Here is a video snippet of Em performing one of my favs.

And while we had a lil hotel drama upon arrival, our weekend was AWEsome and the perfect reminder that sometimes, you truly need to just disconnect for a bit and do more being.

Photography has always been a love of mine and I love snapping food, nature and architecture and this trip was no exception, I hope to post pics from this trip on my Everyday City Scenes blog here (a couple are already up).

I can't believe that August is gonneee...These days are flying by!


Love...Need..Want | Oversized Travel Satchel

Ok, let's keep it real for a moment. None of us ever really need a new bag, right?

But sometimes you come across one that just calls out your name and there is simply no ignoring it.

This gorgeous oversized travel satchel showed up in my email a few days ago & I was immediately lovestruck. It comes in three colors but this oxblood is the one that I really love, need, WANT!!

What say you? 

Do you love, need, want this travel satchel?

{Life} New Year, New Things #3 - Seek Adventures

The other day I finally made it to the post office to get my mail and there were all these people sitting around in the passport section and I was reminded of how much I, for one, need to get a passport, and two, how much I want to go on lots of adventures to put some stamps in said passport when I get it.

My Get Up & Dance {Travel} Playlist

My trip to California was productive and restful and today I am heading back home to the Chicago!

Since my travel time is almost 6 hours, a girl definitely needs some entertainment. And I can't think of anything better than music to keep your spirits up, well other than chocolate, so I put together this playlist to get me thru...

These are all songs that make me want to get up and dance and will also help you survive anything that traveling with your fellow humans might throw your way.

Wheels Up!

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{Travel} Going Back To Cali, Cali, Cali: Long Weekend

Hey Lovelies,

I am currently in California for a long weekend for business and to hopefully get a little chill time in too.

I posted previously about what I packed for my last adventure to NYC (I am so in need of another visit and thankfully that will happen soon!).

For this trip, I went with a similar minimalist packing style and because the weather was supposed to be in the 90's (lort hep), I am keeping things simple and loose.

I picked up this fab new Olympia suitcase at TJMaxx because I wanted to make my life easier by having spinner wheels.

This simple silver is my style but if you love colors, you might dig this fun floral
and it also comes in lots of 3 piece sets like this one

It is so light and and even full of my stuff, it floats like a dream.


Anyway, I had a quiet breakfast out by the hotel pool and then got to work.

I hope you are having an awesome weekend!


{Travel} My Stay @ The Hotel Felix Chicago

As you may know, (uh how could you not? I have only mentioned it 100+ times on twitter) it is my birthday month and one of the things that I had to have although my life would not permit a getaway, getaway, was a little staycation.

The deal of all hotel deals, a $20.13 Earth Day room rate fell into my hands one morning while perusing my twitter timeline. I of course snapped it up and added this little jaunt to the calendar.

Unlike my last little staycation, this stay was relatively uneventful (until the morning...deets below).

The Hotel Felix is a boutique hotel that opened in 2009. It is located at Clark and Huron, near the north end of what I consider central downtown Chicago, in the River North area.


{Travel} My Stay @ The Ivy Boutique Hotel

One of my resolutions this year is to pamper myself monthly with things like massages, mini getaways, etc.

So for Valentine's Day, I wanted to treat myself to a staycation at a small hotel that was still convenient to anything that I wanted or needed in the city but that was removed enough to feel like being away.

In my quest for this nirvana of accommodations, I chose the Ivy Boutique Hotel.

The reviews I had read beforehand were all pretty positive and the hotel is very new and the pictures of the amenities were definitely appealing and the rate was doable.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Albert and checked in pretty non-eventfully. The only thing that garnered a brow twitch was that in addition the to room charge, if you used a debit card, they would also authorize an additional $250 on my card for up to 10 days.

I thought, ok it's annoying but no big deal. That was until today when I found out that in addition to the $400 that they originally authorized on my card, they had also authorized the actual room charge of $150.16 plus $13.59 for bar charges that I had not actually incurred when I checked out.



{fab five} Cool Instagramers

The Good: Instagram his finally created online profiles (you can find mine here).

The Bad: In a power play against Twitter, they no longer allow pics to automatically show up on twitter.


{travel} Weekend Trip Packing

I took a trip to NYC this weekend and making this trip several times a year has really shaped how I pack.

For one, getting around NYC can be exhausting at times, with the multitude of trains & buses I sometimes have to take to get where I am going and of course the thousands of people who come along for the ride O_o.

I remember when I moved to NYC almost a decade ago. I had just paroled myself from corporate and convinced Joe that we should just do it and we arrived in the dead of summer and it was a serious rude awakening. We had all of these humongo suitcases and were schlepping them on trains, off trains, up ramps, down ramps, up stairs, down stairs..it was a nightmare.

So, as the years have gone by, I have changed the way that I pack and the last two trips especially have been minimalist to the max.

Here's what I packed this time.

{life} is a delicious big apple...

I am sitting in a cafe, sipping a chai & very slowly devouring some Laudree macarons writing this post from NYC.

It's heaven.

Being in NYC always seems to simultaneously wear me out and rejuvenate me.

I will write more soon but i wanted to take a moment to check in and i hope your weekend is fueling you as much as mine has me!

p.s i am using the blogger app for this post. It's shockingly kinda limited in comparison to other blogging apps i have used...more on that later
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