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{Life} January To Do List

OMG Delights!

January has arrived with a bang and although I am currently sick and the weather has been so over the top cold, I am excited for this fresh 365 and doing the damn thing.

As mentioned in my December To Do list, we went on our epic road trip to from Chicago to Mississippi to Minnesota and back again over Christmas with the wee ones. I really wanted to make it a memorable time for them, so I added a lot of fun but simple touches around the flat. I ordered a simple Scandinavian style table and chairs and added cute pops of red, lights and the cardboard deer I have had for a couple of years now (last seen here).
Table (also similar and more options here) | Chair Set
And while there were definitely some oh my gawd what were we thinking moments and I got sick, I would totally do it all over again.  During a moment of chill at one of the various hotels we stayed at, I rocked this cute plaid pajama set, which I snagged for under $11!! I also have it in the heather grey stripes and I ordered it in another color but missed the in store pick up deadline because we were on the road.
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{Life} December To Do List

Hey Delights!

When I started writing this post, we were halfway into December and the month was moving so fast. This past weekend I joined my blogger boos for the the Eloquii/Halfstack Magazine event (I recapped it a little here) It was also Joe's birthday, so Saturday was a long day...a fun one but a long one nonetheless.

Also the other night we were invited to check out the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier and I totally felt like a little kid again. I was so excited to be there. It really felt magical and put me in such a great mood. It's like being outside enjoying everything that you love about Winter and Christmas without freezing in the cold weather.
Oversized Eyelet Sweater (c/o - use code curvatude20 for 20% off $59+) | Jeans: old/ASOS Curve | Nikes (c/o last seen here)
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{Life} Where I Stand - November 2017 Recap

Hey Delights!

December has arrived with a bang and although it feels like it is already moving way too fast, I am super excited. We picked our tree up last weekend and I am in the process of getting it all decorated. But even as it sits bare and fragrant as I am writing this post, it still just makes me smile.
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p.s I love these Sateen Jeans c/o - another look wearing them.  And I have stocked up on this t-shirt. It is super affordable (currently on sale 2/$12) and of course you can never have too many, so I have it in plain colors and the animal print. I also ordered a navy one and this strip version today to pick up in store later. And the compliments seriously never stop with these studded boots

Anyway, I am writing this recap later than I originally planned but I am not stressed by that. My goal is simply to keep moving forward and get the things done and not fret and regret.

So, to recap November's goals...

{LIFE} November To Do List

Hey Delights!

Posting some of my "to do's" on the blog was something that I did for a couple of months way back in 2014 and I have decided to start doing so again. Obviously one of the main goals of public to do lists is to hold yourself accountable and I am determined to beat the procrastination beast that has haunted me forever, so I can use all the accountability checks I can get.

Soooo, I will post monthly important "to do's" along with a keep it real "Where I Stand review" for each month of how I am progressing (example).  I debated starting this month. I mean we are in the heart of festive season, so productivity outside of fun stuff is not usually a top priority. But as I noted in the latest CurvaCast, I am amped and ready to make things happen. So I will still be getting my festive on but lets just say that this will be a gift that I am giving to myself.😊

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchase
look originally featured here

{Life} August To Do List

These days are moving so FAST! I can't believe that we are already six days deep into August already but I am ready to do that dang thang.

-As noted on my July recap, I am no longer all that excited about the template I purchased for the blog, so I am rethinking it.
-The previously mentioned features are almost complete. I just need to get out of my own way and top being so anal about it and just decide to be ok with what I have done. Being anal is seriously a problem.
-I have set a new posting goal of a minimum of 3x a week.
-I also want to add more beauty and lifestyle posts, as I love those areas as well and they just don't get enough play here.

-Reconnecting and getting things back on track is still in progress.
-Closet Fete: pieces photographed and loading is on track to happen by the end of this week
-The tees are designed but this, like photo features is always a process for me. I will make something and love it but then come back to it and change my mind.  So I am working on me to stick to this deadline. Working to just sometimes let things be. Fingers crossed.
-The office space is still high on my list. I found a lovely space. It's small but it has great light, which is a huge thing for me but I am just not sure about the location.

-Meditation is always something that I have aspired to but never quite mastered, so I am giving the Deepak + Oprah 21 Day meditation a go. It starts Aug 11th.
-Summer is winding down (boohoo) so, the goal to get outside and keep my body moving is still in effect, so Summerdance, zumba & thai chi in the park & lakefront biking are on the calendar.
-And of course getting my gym workouts in. I fell off in July mainly because Joe's work schedule has changed but I just need to get used to going on my own because I still need to get it in.


-Since we have decided to move, we have been looking at places and are still working out if we are going to rent or buy.
-I am still not thrilled with the wall of boxes, so I may still insist on getting it moved to storage.
-Get more organized. As mentioned on Luxaholic, the size of our current space makes me crazy, so I really need to work hard to get more organized.

What's on your to do list? 


{Life} Where I Stand - July Recap

Happy August Lovelies!

Although summer is fastly slipping away, I am glad that I can honestly say that I am feeling pretty good.

The melancholy is lifting and I have to believe that sunny days on the beach, biking along the lakefront & actually getting some things done has had a lot to do with it and I am truly grateful.

Here's where I am with July's list:

*The #Rock10for30 post is dropping this week
*The blogger features are almost complete. I had to fire my assistant. She just has too much of her own things going on, so I have taken the projects back and working them myself.
*I realize now that the love for the template I purchased months ago has waned.
*Have started connecting w/clients but this is still a work in progress.
*I know the office space I want but working on the details, i.e the money
*Closet Fete items loading this week.
*Two new tee designs dropping this week
*Drivers License issue settled with the state I lost it in, now I just have to deal w/Illinois
*I definitely got the beach in and I am so glad I did. There is just something about being there, no matter how crowded the beach is, that puts me at ease. And my two new suits are divine. Especially the floral one. Fits like a DREAM. I have been going to the beach alone, so I snap selfies but I am hoping to get full body pics of these and post them with more detailed reviews of the suits.

*We went bike riding once because Joe's work schedule blows
*Did not Summerdance but DEFINITELY doing it this month
*Gym/workout schedule all the way off. I went but not enough. Getting it in today.
*I didn't pull out the mini grill but I did grill some veggies & we had a picnic yesterday
*We have decided to move, so I have acquiesced on the "wall of boxes" for now

So that's where I stand on the July list. Not great but not completely suck-azz. For August, the plan is to continue to get things done and continue to get out of my own head and live and be and do more.

August to do list forthcoming.


{Life} My July To Do List

Happy July Lovelies...

Seven months in and it may not have been obvious on the outside looking in but, as noted here, 2014 has been challenging thus far.

But as the months have gone by, mother nature has been more loving weather wise, and some really good things have happened {getting married being one ;) - more to come}, so I have been slowly coming out of my funk and getting back into the groove of life.

So, in the spirit of keeping that groove moving and hopefully keeping me accountable, I have decided to create monthly to do lists for myself that I will share here on le blog.

Some of the to do things will be purely about pleasure but some, ok a lot will be about me getting back on track and caught up with business things, my health, blog things and home life things.

Get the last days of #Rock10for30 edited and posted (lesson learned for next time, must do this daily, preferable right after the shoot. ugh)
Get the blogger features that I mentioned weeks ago up (come on my little assistant)
Work on my blog redesign which I started/abandoned in March

Connect with my clients and rectify/address any issues
Resume my search for office space
Load Closet Fete with the pretty new things that have been sitting in boxes
Get two new tees out (The Parental Advisory Curves Ahead Tee was a big hit)

Get my drivers license (long silly story)
Hit the beach at least once a week. I need time in my tent!
Bike the lakefront on a divvy bike at least 2 times this month
Get my SummerDance on at least 2 times this month
Gym/workout at least 4 times a week (including tai chi or zumba in the park)
Pull out the mini grill and get some vegetarian bbq on it

Finally get this wall of stuff in storage!

There are tons more things I need to do, but the I think that's enough for now! ;)

What's on your to do list this month?

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