Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

{What I Wore} The Glory Days of Summer

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

Can you feel it? Summer is slowly but surely slipping away and I just wanted to remind you to make the most of these glory days because they are gone because I know that I will!

This swimsuit is so cute and I normally only wear it during my aquafit classes because I need a suit that will keep everything where it's supposed to be while I am working on getting my #CurvesDefined in the pool. I packed it for my weekend trip to Memphis and wore it for a morning of pool fun with my wee grand baby.
Swimsuit (I also own it in the blue (seen here)) | Aqua socks 

{What I Wore} Beach Day

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

We have definitely had a couple of cool days here in Chicago as of late but earlier last week I made it to the beach again & pulled out this GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All swimsuit that I purchased months back.

It, like the gingham beauty I wore to the beach a few weeks ago goes by bra sizes, which I love. And since I tend to size up to my high size if a suit is full body, I am wearing a size 20 - E/F. I am a 44DDD and it worked really well for keeping my girls in place and supported. And I felt amazing in it. Simply amazing. It's such a great color, fit and the cut outs are not over the top so you don't have to worry about fussing with the suit at all.

{What I Wore} Gingham Beach Style

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights

I have featured this Lane Bryant swimsuit (which is on major sale) more than once since I purchased it months back (here & here) and I finally made it to the beach to rock it yesterday. It is so pretty but that is only one reason why it is a MUST HAVE!


{The Top 10} Instagram Curvy Swimsuit Fashion Moments of The Week Vol 2 #CurvyTop10

Hey fabs!

I love the all the different styles & fun prints that the ladies are rockin' but even more so I love how happy, content & sassy they look and that they are owning their bodies & just living out loud!


{What I Wore} Red White & Blue Americana Bikini

Hey Fabs!

July always feels like the true start of summer for me. 

Although I have been out of school for a long, long time, a part of me still remembers how great it felt to finally be on summer break. And the fourth of July was always the first big celebration of the season, so it holds a sweet spot in my heart. And to celebrate it we are going to pull out the grill & get our bbq on!

And I wanted to rock something fun that gives a little nod to the holiday and expresses my bikini independence and this awesome vintage americana style bikini from Swimsuits For All definitely does the trick!


{The Top 10} Instagram Curvy Swimsuit Fashion Moments of The Week Vol 1 #CurvyTop10

Hey Fabs!

Summer is here and it's time to take advantage of the warm days by hitting the beaches and pools and I am so excited to share some of the looks that I think showcase how we plus size and curvy women are owning our bodies and rockin them in some really fabulous swimsuits.

If you are rockin your curves in swimsuits and other fabulous looks tag your full body instagram pic #CurvyTop10, I would love to feature you!

And to start things off, I am starting with one of the looks that I rocked while in Puerto Rico! This fabulous sunrise skirtini from Swimsuitsforall is definitely one of my favorite suits ever.


{Five Fab} H&M Plus Must Haves #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs!

Since H&M added plus sizes to their fashion mix, the pickings have always been a bit hit or miss, (check out a previous review here) so I am always pleasantly surprised when I come across pieces from the brand that are not just trendy but ones that I would actually rock.

 Draped Swimsuit (also comes in black) | Pink Jeans


Plus Size {Fashion} Pick Of The Day: Striped SwimSuit #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs! 

I dropped into Torrid and totally fell in love with this blue and white striped swimsuit!

Torrid has built lots of body supporting features into this suit, from underwire cups to compression and ruching in the tummy area, which is all good but what makes this a #PlusSizePick must for me is the GORGEOUS blue & white stripes!

What say you? Are you lovin' on this swimsuit?

Shop this swimsuit HERE!

Check out the previous #PlusSizePick's HERE!


Swimsuit {Style} | Prints, Florals & Cherry Bombs!

As promised here, I am back with full body pics & reviews of my newest swimwear.

Floral Flounce Swimsuit Swimsuits For All| Tribal Print Bikini (sold out) | High Waist Bandeau/Halter Bikini Swimsuits For All

I have been so excited about the swimsuit options that are available for plus size women as of late. No longer do we have to stick to dark colors and boring styles and I love that the girls are rocking swimsuits in all their glorious colors, patterns and prints!

Here's a mini review of the three suits that I am rocking to the beach this summer.

1. Floral Flounce Swimsuit - This is my favorite of the three new ones that I have this season. Besides the gorgeous print, it fits like a dream. It's very supportive in the boobs and molds to your body well. I LOVE it. I am wearing a size 20

2. The Forever21+ Tribal Print Bikini - This is sold out but they have several other two pieces in really pretty colors. I also love this Southwestern print one piece. Such a fun print. This is an easy to wear suit. The top held my girls well and the bottom is a nice length so I didn't have to fuss with pulling it back into place. All my Forever21+ suits are a size 3x.

3. Cherry Bomb High Waist Bandeau/Halter Bikini - The print sold me on this one. I mean look at it. You can't help but feel happy in it. I have written before how I rarely do halter style because I need good support for my girls but I had to have this one. So I sewed the straps to the top for more support and it was perfect. The high waist bottoms were a little big on me but that turned out to be a good thing. I cold pull them down a bit more and really work that vintage style vibe. I ordered both the top and bottom in a size 20.


{Community} All A Buzz...Feed...Fat Girls In Bikini's!

Yesterday one of my fabs brought it to my attention that a photograph of me in one of my bikinis was included in a Buzzfeed piece titled "Women Are Sharing Gorgeous Pictures Of Their Real Bodies With The #Fatkini Hashtag"  so I went to check it out.

Bravo to the ladies who are just doing their thing. Choosing to live their lives, on their own terns and not allowing others to shame them into feeling bad about and hiding their bodies.

Life is just too damn short.

And honestly I laugh at the rambling of fools because I simply...don't care. Maybe it's the west side of Chicago in me ;) but I have always been very firm about one thing:


And I was going to write a whole long post about the piece and the comments of course as I have previously at times (here oh this one was especially a good one from way back in 2009) but then I just left my short, simple comment on the piece responded to a few positive and negative ones that others left and went about my day.

Like I said, life is just too damn short and the wee one and I were too busy out having fun!

Strike a pose!

The irony of this post dropping when it did, was I had just returned from the beach snapping pics in yet another bikini (pictured above) and a couple of other swimsuits I mentioned I would review here.

Ohhhh...and I started the Oprah and Deepak meditation this morning and how timely it is. This particular 21 day series is all about happiness and how it's an internal job and our natural state of being and how the external ish can get in the way, aka ig-mos and their comments on the internet.


To close this out I just want to share as I have before, one of my favorite quotes to remind us all what life is really about.



{Life} Where I Stand - July Recap

Happy August Lovelies!

Although summer is fastly slipping away, I am glad that I can honestly say that I am feeling pretty good.

The melancholy is lifting and I have to believe that sunny days on the beach, biking along the lakefront & actually getting some things done has had a lot to do with it and I am truly grateful.

Here's where I am with July's list:

*The #Rock10for30 post is dropping this week
*The blogger features are almost complete. I had to fire my assistant. She just has too much of her own things going on, so I have taken the projects back and working them myself.
*I realize now that the love for the template I purchased months ago has waned.
*Have started connecting w/clients but this is still a work in progress.
*I know the office space I want but working on the details, i.e the money
*Closet Fete items loading this week.
*Two new tee designs dropping this week
*Drivers License issue settled with the state I lost it in, now I just have to deal w/Illinois
*I definitely got the beach in and I am so glad I did. There is just something about being there, no matter how crowded the beach is, that puts me at ease. And my two new suits are divine. Especially the floral one. Fits like a DREAM. I have been going to the beach alone, so I snap selfies but I am hoping to get full body pics of these and post them with more detailed reviews of the suits.

*We went bike riding once because Joe's work schedule blows
*Did not Summerdance but DEFINITELY doing it this month
*Gym/workout schedule all the way off. I went but not enough. Getting it in today.
*I didn't pull out the mini grill but I did grill some veggies & we had a picnic yesterday
*We have decided to move, so I have acquiesced on the "wall of boxes" for now

So that's where I stand on the July list. Not great but not completely suck-azz. For August, the plan is to continue to get things done and continue to get out of my own head and live and be and do more.

August to do list forthcoming.


Swimsuit {Style} | Bringing Color To The Beach

Since I definitely plan to get my beach time in this summer, I inventoried the swimwear that I have on hand (a few pieces below and I have more in storage but I am not even going to bother searching for them) and it dawned on me that while my pieces are cute, they are basically black and I need some color in my life.

Pictured:  Forever21+ Lane Bryant (last yr NEED This geo print bikini top)

I debated buying a couple more of the Forever 21+ swimsuits like this one but this time in a couple of the bright colors (love this cute yellow color) but ended up going with these two, the Swim Sexy Cherry Plus Size High Waist Bandeau/Halter Bikini and the Shore Club Plus Size Fluer Flounce Swimsuit.

You think they are colorful enough? Haha! 
I can't wait until they arrive!


{Shopping} Forever21+ Swimsuit Options

 Is It Too Early To Talk Swimsuits? 

Of course Spring has just arrived so it feels a bit early to be talking about swimsuits but we plus size girls know that if you don't get them when you see them, you usually end up SOL.

So after rocking the Forever21+ swimsuit pictured below last year, I knew although they have it in lots of colors this year, that I was 100% sure I was not buying it again because I did not want another halter top.

My girls are serious business and it just wasn't supportive enough, hence the animal print bra that I am wearing with it. (More pics here). But if you have a smaller bust, I would highly recommend the suit. It is well made for the price and the colors this year really are the cutest.

While that suit was out of the question, I did pick up this cut out back suit because the top has boning and it definitely looks more supportive and I love the tribal print. They also have this style in black and another print and lots of other options. And most are under $30 for a set and you just can't beat that.

Forever21+ Swimsuit

Do you like it? 
Do you wear 2 piece swimsuits? 


{What I Wore} Beach Bummin It In A Two Piece Swimsuit

Does my sexiness upset you? 
Does it come as a surprise that I dance like I've got 
diamonds at the meeting of my thighs? 
- Maya Angelou 

This is such an awesome line from Maya Angelou's famous "Still I Rise
and it perfectly describes how I like to live...sassy & OUT LOUD!

Swimsuit: forever 21 | Mesh Top: ASOS Curve {worn backwards}: Bra: Lane Bryant

I am geeked that although for weeks either my schedule or mama nature and her weather tricks kept me away, I was finally able to make it to the beach. 

And it felt SO GOOD!


rockin da suits...

Today is the last day of National Swimsuit Confidence Week (a project conceived by Curvy Girl Guide and Lands' End) and I thought I would share my thoughts on rockin swimsuits, no matter what size you are.

i have never gone out in a swimsuit that i felt uncomfortable in.


Because before i put a swimsuit on or even purchase one for that matter, i have already given myself permission to feel good about it.

So, i own it!

Sounds too simple?

I know.

But there is huge power in giving yourself permission to be ok with YOU!

To not be invested in what other people think, because no matter what, other people are always going to have opinions, so let them.

It's of no interest to me.


Because my goal is to enjoy my life, to live as out loud as i possibly can and i cant do this if i am shackled by the shit that don't matter.

pardon mon français but seriously...i just can't care about it.

When i am suited up i am usually heading to a beach, so i grab one of my jazzy hats, my beach shoes and pack one of my fav bags with things to chill with.

and my goal is to do just that...chill...relax...enjoy.

and i have found that the only times that i don't feel comfortable in anything, swimsuit or otherwise, is when it doesn't fit me properly, not because i have a big butt and stomach pouch.

so, if i know i have gotten the right size, and it's not pinching me, or riding up my tush, i am all good.

i remember a while back on twitter swimsuits came up and someone said that they hated skirted suits and i disagreed.

i actually prefer skirted suits and short suits, because they do what i want all of my clothes to do, look good on me and make me feel comfortable.

while i also own and have rocked two piece suits, i hate having to fuss, and they require fussing no matter what size you are...

you know....you have to make sure there's no boob slippage, no cheek droppin....all that

way too much work...

but the key is of course to wear what makes YOU feel good.

i never follow any fashion rules...

i say it all the time, for me, fashion is an individual statement, so to hell with other people's rules, i rock my own Curvatude!

here are some pics that i already have of me in one of the suits that i currently own and love, (gifted to me last year, details here)

today is the first day that the Chicago beaches are open for the season, and i plan to spend a lot of time being a beach bum if it ever gets warm enough to go, so i will make it a point to post pics from my beach excursions this year


hey sexy lady...

last year she had us going major gaga over pretty in pink fringe, goddess gold and just pure i am woman hear my roar beach glamour..

for round two, Monif C. is bringing us more summer heat with her new swimsuit collection

when i interviewed her last fall, she told me that at the time they were "working on our plus size swimsuit and resort collection" and i would have to say it was work well done!

do you not love these swimsuits?

and does my girl fluvia not rock them with the ultimate of fierceness!!?!?!?!!

i try to spend a lot of time at the beach during the warm months and can only imagine what hitting the beach in these show stoppers would be like!


you couldn't tell me nothing!! ;-)

i am loving them all but right now i am fawning mainly over the Catalina, which is so va va voom with the draped cowl that i would surely be rockin it as a top also.

the Capri two piece is really calling out to me too, although i have never owned a two piece in my life but i am really loving the print

Are you lovin them?

kudos to Monif C. for continuing to show us major fashion love!

You can shop the Monif C. collection 3 ways: Online, via phone @ 212.842.1641 and in their New York City boutique located at 325 W. 38th Street, Suite 207.

Swimsuitsforall.com Review & Giveaway

The fine folks at swimsuitsforall.com sent me the Longitude In Stitches Plus Size Swimdress Swimsuit and I can not wait to hit the beach in it.

It is so flattering and feels really good on.

The suit is made what they call "Latitude Control" to eliminate riding up the leg and binding at the shoulder.

And they aren't stretching the truth.

I experienced no binding or pinching or pulling or boob spillage at all.

And I put it thru the tests: sitting, walking, simulated throwing and all of that.

And I love the way that the back has a lil extra length to keep the tush under wraps.

I ordered it in a size 18W and while the product description states that it "will comfortably fit up to a D cup", I am a DD and it fit perfectly.

I chose a swimdress because I already own a couple of tankinis and two piece swimsuits and I wanted something different.

And while I chose this black number with the subtle embroidered empire waist, they have a huge selection in a variety of styles for the plus size woman.

Now on to the giveaway: One winner will receive a $75 coupon code good for one purchase excluding shipping costs.

And as a thank you gesture to you dolls who have joined me on Facebook {remember I said something was coming just for you?}, this giveaway is only open to my Facebook page followers!

So, if you haven't joined my page: Do so NOW!

To be entered to win, just leave a comment on the Facebook status update for this blog post.

Fine Print: One winner will be chosen for the giveaway. The giveaway ends 4/30/10 @ 11:59 pm CST and is open to folks in the US only. The winner will receive a coupon code worth $75 to be used for one purchase at swimsuitsforall.com excluding any shipping costs.
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