Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

{Five Fab+} Things I Am Looking Forward To In June

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 

Hey Delights!

I haven't done one of these "looking forward to" posts since March. But June is the start of Summer and I have a whole lot that I am looking forward to that I want to share, so we are back at it this month. After hitting the theater scene with a vengeance at the beginning of the year and seeing some really amazing works like The Wiz at Theater Wit, I have seriously been missing the experience the past couple of months, so I NEED to get back into it.

Also Zumba in the park started last weekend and I was right there doing my thing. It was also the Gospel show weekend, so in addition to your usual Zumba-esque songs, they added some gospel to the mix.


{Music} My Dancing In The Streets Christmas Playlist

If you follow me on snapchat then you already know that dancing in the streets is one of my daily thangs. Music seriously fuels me and keeps me sane.  So of course a good Christmas playlist is a must for keeping me happy, smiling and singing along during what can be a somewhat hectic holiday season.

I generally fill my Christmas playlists with a variety of classic songs like this playlist but this year I wanted upbeat and cheerful music I could dance to during those not so cool moments like while I wait in the long...long line at the post office (gahhh), or to drown out the madness on public transit or just when I am chilling at home.

There's a little bit of rap, rock and just good holiday cheer!

Fa la la la laaaa!

{Link Love} Shouts & Raves | Vol 3

Hey Girl!

It's been a minute since my last Link Love: Shouts & Raves post, but I have a lot I want to share with you.

+ In case you missed it, I was asked to add my two cents to this Shape Magazine article, Would You Be Mad If Someone Called You Fat?. And if you have been riding with me for any amount of time, I think you know my answer but what about you? Would you be mad?

+ Speaking of mad, I know I am not the only person who feels like there isn't enough time to do ANYTHING! The days feels like they are flying by and there is so much I want to accomplish and way too many moments where I fall short.

Soooo...I have reached out to my Audible library for some much needed inspiration/help/guidance and I am currently listening to & loving 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam.

I started listening to it forever ago but ironically, that whole not enough time thing got in the way, but this time I am committed because, girl...ish is out of hand around these parts and I am just not about that life anymore. For realssss...


For The Love of {Music} Spring 2016 Playlist

Seriously Mother Nature aint even here for us. Like "WTF", Spring has been sooo slow to come & even when we have gotten a couple of beautiful days, we get put back in check with a few cold, "I Can't Fee My Face" ones or rainy ones.


It has been somewhat of a bummer but I put together this playlist of some of the songs that have been my salv(ation) and balm while I wait for Spring to get a "Grip" and finally get here, so we can.."Get Loose".

There are a lot of shake your money maker tunes on this playlist, so it has doubled as my main "Watch Me Do" workout push music in recent weeks. But there are also a few chill songs which is what Spring should be all about.

Get into it!

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{Fun} James Corden & Adele Carpool Karaoke

So much going on in the world now that just makes you want to crawl under the covers and stay forever, so I am always grateful for moments that just make you smile and that is the case with the latest Carpool Karaoke from The Late Late Show with James Corden featuring Adele.

Watch, laugh, sing along & smile because just as we all suspected, Adele is truly a "spice girl" & BFF you wish you had and BONUS: she can RAP too and does Nicki Minaj proud!

Oh and in case you missed it, another fav from the show...James doing his thang with Jennifer Hudson!

Have a great one!


{Fun} I LOVE This: Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke

Hey Lovelies!

Just stopping in to share something that made me laugh, smile and SANG!

I have obviously been sleeping on James Corden and The Late Late Show but I am now awake. This carpool karaoke video featuring Jennifer Hudson and James sanging is AWESOME!



{Five Fab} Things To Rock The Weekend!


Last weekend I was still taking it easy and resting up my poor back after my trip to the ER and mama nature was still hating on us with crazy temps, so if I was going to leave the flat it would have been out of desperation for a peppermint mocha but other than that, I was on total hibernation status.

And while laying on the couch semi-conscious, flicking through the never ending Comcast on demand menus, I thought wouldn't it be nice to have some lists with some good recommendations for these kind of moments and that is where this post was born.

I am not sure if it will be a weekly thang but I wanted to share with you some things that I have enjoyed or still am enjoying  or want to try that I think would totally rock your weekend.


I finally watched "The Theory of Everything" and it had such a profound effect on me. Have you seen it? I don't want to drop to many spoilers but I was just struck the entire time by the story. And the MUSIC, Soundtrack by Johann Johannsson just fills me, especially the song Rowing, it's so beautiful.


{Playlist} Music To Love To

Hey Lovelies! 

It's of course love month and I can't think of anything that speaks the language of love like music!  I mean no matter if you are single or attached, heartbroken or in love, with mr or mrs right or mr or mrs right now, there are songs that resonate for you, reinvigorate you, comfort you and remind you of the love you have, had or one day hope to have.

So in the spirit of this, I have put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs. They aren't all mushy love you for life kind of songs, although there are some of those included ;) but these are more so songs about love and what it can make you do, take you through and ultimately how it can settle your soul YES, Stephanie Mills! I feel the fire).

I hope you enjoy it.


{Life} 3 Ways To Break The Blues #NaBloPoMo

Hello lovelies...

It's the first day of the December #NaBloPoMo and as mentioned here, in addition to regularly scheduled posts, I will be responding to the prompts that Blogher posted for the month.

Today's prompt:

What do you do when you're down to bring yourself a little joy?

My down days are more like down caves. I can get really deep in them & because I am a loner by nature, I tend to want to be left alone but thankfully down days are rare as of late for me. When they do hit me, there are a few simple pleasures that add a little joy & sparkle back to my world.


Coming Soon {Curvy Convo} w/Marijo Monteiro

The last time I was in New York City I spent some time chatting up one of my favorite girls, Marijo Monteiro.  Marijo released her first CD, Jungle of Life last year and it is so AWESOME!

Seriously! I love it and I think you will too.

This post is so overdue but I hope to have the video edited and up soon but in the meantime, here are some outtakes from our session and it would be great if you would support Marijo and buy her CD! {Note: This is a link to a music site and the jams start playing automatically when you enter. The sound can be disabled at the bottom :) }


Hump Day {Fun}

I will be honest, I really didn't know who Stephen Merchant was when Jimmy Fallon was interviewing him the other night but he was funny and had a cute English accent, so I continued to watch it. 

But he is now my obsession!

Jimmy does a lot of fun features and the lip sync sing off is one of the best and
this one was AWESOME!

Stephen broke out with Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Boom! Shake The Room
and I practically jumped up out of the bed!!

Jimmy did a couple of cool songs but his guests definitely owned this one.

To wrap it up with a BANG, Joseph Gordon Levitt did Nicki Minaj's Super Bass
and shook his rump in true Minaj style and it was spot on and so WICKED!

The whole segment was so fun and it is a MUST SEE!

Happy Hump day!


{Fab Five} Link Love: Pin Up Girl, Fashion, Confidence & More

This Fab Five is all about links from some of my fav blogger girls,
a sweet new app and a song that's getting me thru!

Zadry of Curves a la Mode uses the most fab iconic pin up girl Hilda to share 7 Life Lessons we all should live by and I LOVE IT!


{Fun} This Just Made My Day! Awesome Cinderella Remade into Cinderonce'

I just saw this video on Mashable and it is friggin AWESOME!

Todrick Hall, a former American Idol finalist tells
the story of Cinderella entirely through Beyonce songs!

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p.s. i am participating in #31WriteNow

{Music} What I am Currently Thumpin'!

I caught a bit of The Voice finale the other night and my girl Cher 
was on singing her latest single Woman's World and I was all in!

It is my new JAM!

Check that wild hair!

I love that at 67 years old she still seems to not give 2 damns about what people think! 

All the women in the world 
Stand up come together now 
This is a woman's world 
Everybody in the club 
Stand up come together now 
This is a woman's world 
 Tell the truth 
This is a woman's world 
Tell the truth 
This is a woman's world

Tell (and own) the TRUTH ladies!!


My Get Up & Dance {Travel} Playlist

My trip to California was productive and restful and today I am heading back home to the Chicago!

Since my travel time is almost 6 hours, a girl definitely needs some entertainment. And I can't think of anything better than music to keep your spirits up, well other than chocolate, so I put together this playlist to get me thru...

These are all songs that make me want to get up and dance and will also help you survive anything that traveling with your fellow humans might throw your way.

Wheels Up!

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{fun} Christmas My Way Playlist

As noted in my blog profile, I will listen to Christmas music all year long.

I just can't get enough of it and I dip into a little music depression when they stop playing them 24/7 on the radio {insert sappy sad face}.

So, to assuage myself a bit I put together a few playlists that I can keep with me all year long if I want but of course I am especially enjoying them these last few fast moving days leading up to Christmas...

and my musical tastes run the full spectrum of music...

so there is nary a genre that is denied my ear time & holiday rump shaking...

Here are a few of the songs (23 to be exact) that make my Christmas (and beyond) merry and bright...


{lovin} fab five...

this fab five features some links to things that i think are way cool...

this rendition of hello again from amos lee...
it always makes me want to sway my hips...

there is a fab new home opening today that the folks at bare necessities
have created just for we girls with curves.

over 81 brands, 1,000+ items and a sweet range of sizes...viva la curves

i am geeked about fabulous service that allows you to create a custom pillow from instagram photos

here are some of my instagram photos that i would use

speaking of photos, have you checked out my pinterest pins?

there is so much visual stimulation...i'm obsessed!

fab five out!

chillin in the skies...

i love solo traveling. mainly because i like to be on my own schedule and not have to wait for people or do anything that i don't want to. ;-)

traveling alone or not, i have an airplane ritual.

i need a window seat.

and when i sit down, my headphones go on.

i always wear something with a hood and the hood goes on.

my camera comes out in anticipation of snapping pics of the clouds and landscapes and i chill out...

i don't want to talk.

i don't usually read unless it's a long flight or i have something that i am really into and want to finish up.

i just want some solo time with the music.

so as i venture off to nyc, i put together a playlist of songs that i love, that i can listen to over and over and never tire of...

one of the songs, "that's the kind of love" is by my dear friend, tim dillinger who simply has a voice from heaven...there is no other way to describe it...

the playlist starts off kinda mellow and builds....kinda like my anticipation for being back in new york city..



lollapalooza is of course a big deal here in chicago and i keep telling myself that i am going to go but to be honest, i am just not a crowd person.

and lolla is a serious crowd.

and because i love eminem, i was thissss close to going but not even the love of mr. mathers could convince me.

so, i will just wait to read all of the reviews and check out all the fashion on my favorite hometown blogs.

but if i was going, this is what i would rock.

since it's outside in a park, and with the weather so crazy, rain or some other sky beating is possible. i would keep it lightweight, simple with flashes of color & pattern.

i chose the black romper because it's a sexy halter style but looks comfortable and it will weather the grass and anything else that might end up on it.

and the bag is thin, secure and cross body so it would keep ya hands free for clapping and dancing.

the belt is just fun.

the scarf is 71 inches long and 19 inches wide, so it can be worn in so many ways, on your head, around your waist, over your shoulders, etc

the cream and black leather bracelets are fun and tie into the studs on the shoes.

speaking of the shoes, i initially thought i would wear some kind of bootie and came across this ankle boot and the studs won me over.

it rolls up but why would you hide the studs...lolla is after all an outdoor music festival that's full of variety and eclectic-ness, so these feel perfect.

oh and i came across this fun lolla playlist on vogue.com. i don't know most of the artists on it, but that's the fun of it...


i love this necklace!

but i just wanted to share it and my excitement for the weekend!

it's Pride here in Chicago and it is always so chock full of fun, dancing and craziness and i can't wait!

i watched this fan crowd sourced video of Michael Jackson's Behind the Mask and while it made me tear up a bit, it also made me smile...
it's incredible that he was so loved...

i hope you have fun things planned and that you will have a
fabulous weekend!
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