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{LIFE} November To Do List

Hey Delights!

Posting some of my "to do's" on the blog was something that I did for a couple of months way back in 2014 and I have decided to start doing so again. Obviously one of the main goals of public to do lists is to hold yourself accountable and I am determined to beat the procrastination beast that has haunted me forever, so I can use all the accountability checks I can get.

Soooo, I will post monthly important "to do's" along with a keep it real "Where I Stand review" for each month of how I am progressing (example).  I debated starting this month. I mean we are in the heart of festive season, so productivity outside of fun stuff is not usually a top priority. But as I noted in the latest CurvaCast, I am amped and ready to make things happen. So I will still be getting my festive on but lets just say that this will be a gift that I am giving to myself.😊

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchase
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{Life} How A Planner & Stickers Are Changing My Life

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

I have really been working on purging and organizing my life and while I probably buy 2 or more planners most years, I rarely ended up using them which was really frustrating. At the beginning of 2017 I purchased a larger full year planner but a month or so ago, I found the matching smaller version below that goes from July 2017 - Dec 2018 that is way easier for me to carry around.

{Five Fab+} Things I Am Looking Forward To In June

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 

Hey Delights!

I haven't done one of these "looking forward to" posts since March. But June is the start of Summer and I have a whole lot that I am looking forward to that I want to share, so we are back at it this month. After hitting the theater scene with a vengeance at the beginning of the year and seeing some really amazing works like The Wiz at Theater Wit, I have seriously been missing the experience the past couple of months, so I NEED to get back into it.

Also Zumba in the park started last weekend and I was right there doing my thing. It was also the Gospel show weekend, so in addition to your usual Zumba-esque songs, they added some gospel to the mix.


{What I Wore} Roller Skating

Hey Delights!

My year of getting back to the things I love continues! 

Yesterday we took the wee one roller skating, something that I haven't done in like 20 years & praise the Lort, I didn't fall & break anything 💃

When I was in my twenties, while a lot of single girls my age were going to ladies night at the clubs, I was going skating Thursday nights and it was always so much fun.

And aside from surviving this latest skating experience, I was reminded of how much really love roller skating, even though I have never been that great at it.

And isn't that one of the best things about loving something?  It doesn't have to be perfect to beautiful. ❤️ 

p.s: This City Chic split sleeve jumpsuit from my Gwynnie Bee closet is 💣. Sign up for 30 Days free!

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

Disclosure: Gwynnie Bee provided me with complimentary access to their service but don't get it twisted, I have been a fan since they began and the opinions expressed here are my own. Learn more about featured posts and my disclosure policy here.

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{Life} Things I Am Looking Forward to In March

Hey Delights!

Yes, I know we are already 10 days into March and I am just writing this post but it's all good because the things that I am looking forward to have not happened yet! HaHaaaaa!!! 😝

But anyway, I was looking forward to a little more warm weather & getting outside more but Mother Nature was like naw, so instead I am looking forward to doing things indoors.

My wee one aka the grand baby may be coming and I am STOKED! She is so much fun and my total mni me. It's really funny how much she acts like me even though we aren't related by blood but by marriage and love.

So one of the theater events in my calendar this month is a performance of The Wiz at Theater Wit. As I mentioned before, I LOVED the movie so I am hoping that they do it justice.

Last year around this time I had planned and was excitedly anticipating being in my favorite place, NYC. But last month I booked and cancelled another staycation...sigh....long, boring story but I just can't seem to get these little excursions to fit in, so I am not going to jinx myself this month and say exactly what I am going to do but I am going to make something happen come hell or high water! That phrase is so dramatic isn't it?

{What I Wore} Working My Curves #CurvesDefined

Hey Delights!

I am pretty much back in the full swing of things and that includes getting back into my #CurvesDefined workout groove. Yesterday I pulled out one of my favorite workout sets (last seen here) and hit the gym.

Pants: Ideology I also have a matching jacket | Top: Festa Sports (c/o) | Asics Trainers (under $30!!!)

I have pretty much lived in the Ideology plus size active wear line at Macy's for a few years now.  I love that they have such a great variety of styles and lots of coordinating pieces because as we all know, what you are wearing when working out really can up your mojo.


The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 12 Finale + Giveaway #12DaysofJanuary

The idea for this project came to me one day while I was in my happy place, the bathtub and I was instantly excited about it and began recording my ideas for it right there in the tub.

I did not want to let the fact that the circumstances at that moment were not optimum stop me from
doing something that really felt good to me, so I went with it, water splashing and all.

Today on Day 12 of The 12 Days of January I come to you still sick but healing and even more excited than I was when I got that first inkling of inspiration for this project while soaking in the bubbles.

For one, I have never in the history of my site EVER posted every day for an extended period of time, so the fact that I posted 12 days in a row is a huge success for me and exactly how I wanted to start the year off.
 {Insert Praise Dance 💃}

And while my goal to intersperse fashion & lifestyle, etc posts in between the The 12 Days of January posts did not come to fruition because I was sick and could not shoot, etc, I am ok with that.

I am taking Joe's advice and being patient with myself and so today on Day 12 of The 12 Days of January I am encouraging you to do the same in your life.

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 11 #12DaysofJanuary

Hey Delights! 

I am so bummed today. I do not have a voice, so I am unable to complete the recording for Day 11 of The 12 Days of January. I was hoping that as the day went by that my voice would get stronger but it has not.

So, until I am able to, I will just write this for Day 11 of The 12 Days of January.

Being sick for the majority of this project has definitely confirmed for me that although some things may not go the way that you might have hoped they would, that most of us are stronger than we think we are and have it within us to do more than we think we are capable of.

For the last few days, I literally could not do much other than sleep most of the day and Joe kept telling me to rest and to be patient with myself but there was this need in me to finish what I had started.

As someone who definitely deals with procrastination on a major level at times, this project at the beginning of this brand new year was really important for me to prove to myself that I can actually take on something of value and see it through to completion.

So as I am somewhat sulky because I could not record today, I am grateful that I can still write this. That tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it brings with it more of a voice for me, less malaise and breathing issues so that I can complete this project with a BANG!!

Until then, thank you for reading and if you have been following along during The 12 Days of January, I hope that you have been inspired to take small actions of your own to make your life better.

EDIT: Better late than never. Check out  Day 11 of The 12 Days of January

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 10 #12DaysofJanuary

Hey delights!   

I have finally mustered up the energy to get up and record today's podcast for Day 10 of the The 12 Days of January. It has definitely been a heck of a few days for me but I am committed to this project. So while I am posting way later than I originally planned, I am giving myself a pass and just feel grateful that I am able to do it at all.

The action that I talk about today is is something very short and sweet but is a very big deal. And it plays a huge part in our lives. It is something that comes up a lot when I am talking with friends who feel like they don't have enough time or energy for themselves and the things that they really want to do.

I am grateful that I have learned to utilize this action pretty well in my life. Doing so has been incredibly freeing and brought about a great sense of peace of mind for me. 

But take a listen to Day 10 of the The 12 Days of January and perhaps it can do the same for you.

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 9 #12DaysofJanuary

Happy Monday Delights!

To say that being sick has been a major challenge for me this past week is an understatement. I went
to the doctor & was diagnosed with bronchitis & an acute upper respiratory infection. So I am going through what I guess is your typical drug regimens that will hopefully take care of both issues.

The hardest thing is the incessant coughing which has my throat on fire & has basically led me to not getting any sleep at night so I have pretty much been sleeping on & off all day today but of course I had to get up & get Day 9 of the 12 Days of January posted.

Unfortunately I did not pre-record this day, so the recording is not pretty but I stand by my statement from the introduction of this project, that I am more interested in getting the message out than if it is perfect. 

Anyway, today's topic is so old school but it has definitely made a huge difference in my life and perhaps it can do the same for you.

Check out Day 9 of the 12 Days of January ✏

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 8 #12DaysofJanuary

Happy Sunday Delights!
I am still sick 😢 and actually going to the doctor today but I of course had to share today's podcast on The CurvaCast with you.

It is Day 8 of The 12 Days of January & I have to tell you that I was honestly surprised by how much joy taking the action we talk about today gave me.

It was such a random, simple thing and something that I hadn't even thought about for years but reacquainting myself with it has definitely made my life better.

And it is a great example of what I have been saying all along this journey, that the things that make your life better don't have to be big things or expensive things or even take a lot a time to have a great impact on your world.

So take a listen to Day 8 of The 12 Days of January and perhaps you too will be inspired to do something similar that will instantly make your life better. 😍

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 7 #12DaysofJanuary

Happy Saturday and welcome to Day 7 of the 12 Days of January.
{insert praise dance 💃}

 Boot Tray Boots: Here, here & here | Odor Eaters (necessity for winter boots!)
Hey Delights! I am so excited that we have made it through the first half of the The 12 Days of January!

Hopefully you have had a chance to start thinking about how simple actions can have a huge, positive impact on your life if you do them consistently.

I know that I have and even though I have been sick most of this year so far, I have actually been grateful for the structure the actions provide.

For example, I love how the action from Day 1 has been taking shape in my life.  When I wake up an hour earlier, although I definitely haven't jumped right out of bed every day, I have used that time to stretch and have my tea or some days drugs for this beast of a cold. But I love that I have that time to contemplate my day and just spend quiet time with myself before I have to spend it with others.

I am hoping to use that time going forward to meditate, read, pin on Pinterest, something I enjoy but don't do nearly enough, etc.

Anyway, on to today's podcast for Day 7 of The 12 Days of January. It is short and sweet but hopefully it plants a seed for you to do what I did and get something very simple that makes your life instantly better.

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 6 #12DaysofJanuary

Happy Friday and welcome to Day 6 of the 12 Days of January! 

When you listen to today's recording you will find that I am crazy sick so I sound a lil Barry Whiteish but because we are at our halfway point, I thought it would be a good idea to check in with ourselves, me included, so this was not prerecorded.                      
My maladies aside, I am so excited to have made it through these first six days and in spite of or perhaps because I have been sick, I feel a great sense of accomplishment & I hope that you have greeted your first 6 days of January feeling happier and more productive.

Lets do a short recap of Day 1 - Day 5 of the The 12 Days of January and take stock of where we are.

Day 1 - We talked about possibilities and being open and we started taking control of how we start our days.

Day 2 - We talked about using a simple system that takes a lot of pressure out of getting things on our to do lists done.

Day 3 - Was a great day for me. Even sick, I instantly felt better when I took the action for this day.

Day 4 - We talked about taking control of our time to get things done, even the things we don't like to do.

Day 5 - We talked about how in spite of if things are going the way that we want them to, we still have lots to be grateful for. Its all about taking baby steps towards changes that you want to manifest in your life. The goal is to give yourself the space to do things that make your life better.

Now let's get into Day 6 of The 12 Days of January 😂

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 5 #12DaysofJanuary

Hello Delights! Welcome to the 5th day of January! 

How is your year going so far? Are you finding yourself feeling like things will be different for you this year? Have you been doing things that enhance your life? I know that I have. Besides utilizing the tools and doing the tasks I am presenting for The 12 Days of January, I am also taking control of what outside influences I allow in my life so I am no longer doing things like clicking on the trending topics on Twitter.

It might seem like a small thing but trust me, the posts can be a cesspool of ugliness. So after I posted this the other day, I have been consciously not clicking on the topics and while that bums me out because Twitter has always been my favorite social media platform and there is so much that I have learned from people on it, I feel so much better not allowing myself to get caught up in the muck.

We will talk more about this sort of thing in an upcoming day of the The 12 Days of January but today it is Day 5 of The 12 Days of January!

And the podcast for Day 5 is particularly timely for me.

As I am typing this, I am sick & literally hacking my brains out & I was a bit peeved with myself for not getting this post up earlier.

But when I went to upload the recording, I was reminded that every day is a new day & some of them will not go the way you want them too but that there is one very important thing that remains true in spite of it.

Listen to Day 5 of The 12 Days of January and find out what that is. 😊

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 4 #12DaysofJanuary

For Day 3 of the The 12 Days of January I went to one of my favorite places, the Garfield Park Conservatory and just walking in instantly made my life better. The smells, the colors, the richness of nature. There really isn't anything like it. I of course shared it on my snapchat.
Get links to similar pieces in this look: http://curvatude.me/2iAiaJK

I switched up the order of Day 3 & Day 4 so I had to remove and edit over some of the original recordings. So you may notice this but as mentioned when I started this project, I am more about the content than the perfection of it all.

Anyway, I switched the days because I wanted to inject a little fun in between the more utilitarian actions.

But today, Day 4 of the 12 Days of January, we are back to talking about a useful tool, to improve your productivity and make your life instantly better.

What I love about this tool is that it is so simple. I have been using it for a few years now and I love how much more I actually accomplish when I use it and I think you will be also.

Now let's get into Day 4 of the The 12 Days of January👊

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 3 #12DaysofJanuary

Hello Delights and welcome to Day 3 of The 12 Days of January!

Yesterday on Day 2 of the The 12 Days of January we talked about using the 3 things system to get things done and up your productivity without it feeling burdensome.

I use a simple chalkboard as a visual reminder of the 3 things that are my priorities for each day. And I also snap a picture of it on my phone & sometimes save it as my phone's wallpaper to keep it front & center in my mind because I seriously reach for my phone more than anything else.

And yes I am one of those girls who is always in the Target's $ & more section so I am always picking up cute chalkboards among lots of other things 😁.

Today's 12 Days of January post should lead you to something you enjoy. I am coughing my brains out and nursing a cold because I slacked off on my daily coconut cider vinegar regimen but the Day 3 action that I am going to take should be just the thing to lift my ailing physical spirit.

Keep in mind that although the action is presented to you today, you should NOT put stress or pressure on yourself to do it today if it does not fit into your day.

The goal is to simply plant the seed so that you are doing more of these things on a regular basis.

Similar chalkboards: herehere, here and here |  Lamp | Similar Gold Skull Bank 

Now let's get into Day 3 of the 12 Days of January and plan something we love!

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 2 #12DaysofJanuary

Hey Delights! I seriously could not wipe the smile off of my face after we welcomed in the new year. I sipped a mini glass of Terres Dorees FRV 100, {which stole my heart from Veuve Clicquot a few year ago}, danced a bit & rolled my eyes @ Joe who insisted that she didn't need a nap but who was barely awake at midnight.

I am so excited about this year. In spite of everything that 2016 was not, I just really have a good feeling about this year and I hope that you do too.

Were you able to join me for Day 1 of The 12 Days of January? If you weren't, the great thing about the series is that you can start any day that you want and you can start over any time that  you want. There is no pressure here. The goal is to enhance your life, not to fill it with stress and guilt.

Anyway, I am a morning person but I definitely had to set my alarm, something I don't normally do because I tend to wake up naturally around 4:30 am. But I of course didn't want being up late NYE to keep me from completing the task from Day 1. 

My alarm went off and I hit snooze several times because I had only finally fallen asleep like 3 hours before. But I just went with it and eventually I started stretching, which as someone who has chronic pain due to arthritis, makes such a huge difference in my life.

I eventually got up and made myself a cup of my favorite ginger tea...and I loved the "tea-ism" on the tag..."Lift people up to their potential and higher self". It felt so appropriate.

iPhone alarm tip: You can set an alarm to go off daily so that you don't have to worry about it & you can set it to play a favorite song instead of the boring tones., I called mine "Daily MOJO" & set it to play Ledisi's "So Into You" because it's kinda chill but also gets me moving.

I don't have personal experience with doing this on an Android but I would imagine that you can probably do the same things.

Now, let's get into Day 2 of The 12 Days of January and set some priorities!

The CurvaCast: The 12 Days of January | Day 1 #TheCurvaCast

Hello and Happy first day of January 2017!

Ok delights right here and now on Day 1 of The 12 Days of January we are taking ownership of how we start our days by waking up and doing something that will set the tone for our day.
A couple of things to note: There are no rules here. If the amount of time suggested is just too much for you today, I feel ya, it was New Years Eve after all.  So perhaps you can try for a shorter amount of time and then build up to it over time. But remember, the objective is to do simple things that make YOUR life better, so any changes you make need to fit into your life, not stress you out.

All of that said, welcome to Day 1 of The 12 Days of January. I would love to hear your feedback and your suggestions!

Introducing The CurvaCast & The 12 Days of January!

Happy New Year Delights! 

As has become a tradition of sorts, there are New Year's resolution backlash posts floating around the interwebs and as I have in previous years, I wanted to add my two cents to the mix.

So many people act like because you make a resolution at the beginning of a year that you think everything is magically going to change.  Of course we know how completely unrealistic that is but that does not mean that you cannot make decisions, which is technically what resolutions are, to implement changes in your life.

I have said it before and still believe it now, the New Year's resolution backlash is unnecessary. Not simply because it's just so jaded in spirit but mainly because it is in itself unrealistic. It is built on the premise that we are not in control of our lives.  Which we are in more ways than we tend to want to acknowledge at times. But it also ignores the most basic life fact, that change is happening at every moment, whether we want it to or not.

I feel like you will be the most successful at bringing about the changes in your life that you want if you work within the parameters of your life. So for me it is a process of doing small things that over time have great impact & that are easy for me to stick to. And because I have found this to work so well for me, I wanted to share it with you.

And I have wanted to create a podcast for years so I am very stoked to present to you: The CurvaCast!  For the first episodes of The CurvaCast I have put together my very first podcast series called The 12 Days of January!


The 12 Days of January will feature small actions that you can take during the first 12 days of January that will instantly improve the quality of your life. I know it sounds too good to be true, right? Believe me, it's not.

Why 12 days? 

Partly because it's a play on one of my favorite Christmas carols, The 12 Days of Christmas, which is of course the countdown of the series of increasingly grand gifts that a true love gives to the receiver. And I chose that because these small actions that you will be encouraged to make during The 12 Days of January are all about focusing on yourself and giving yourself options to make your life instantly better.


{Life} For The Love of Sequins Ladies, What's With All The Guilt?

Happy Thanksgiving fabs! I am sitting on our long bus ride heading to see the grand wee one and I had an interaction with someone earlier that made me have to write this post today

I am writing it as it comes to me on my phone, so I may add to it later but here goes...

Ok ladies, it's been awhile but it's time for some real talk.

Why do women do the guilt thing?

You know the whole, oh gawd I feel so bad for a b c d & trying to e f g h when so much is wrong in the world thing.


Like really? Why ladies?

Why would you feel guilty because some things in the world are f*cked up?

Did you create the jacked up conditions in the world?

I didn't think so.

In times of mass f*ckery like what we live in now, LIVING OUT LOUD means more than ever.

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