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{What I Wore} Red Fit & Flare

Hey Delights!

I have written about this many times about heart disease and how it has affected me and my family but it bears repeating over & over again that heart disease & stroke are the #1 KILLERS OF WOMEN.  And while Go Red For Women Day was a big day of national awareness, the American Heart Association is a cause we can & should support year round.

I own lots of red dresses but of course you can never have too many, so as I mentioned here, I made a quick Macy's run (who is having a sweet Valentine's Day sale) and purchased this fit and flare dress.
Dress | Metal Shell Clutch: Vintage (similar) | Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless (old - similar) | Lippie: Milani


{Five Fab} Things I Am Looking Forward to In February

Sooo..I somehow manged to delete this and another post from this date, so this is a complete recreation from memory and mama is getting old, so my memory is not always so great...bwaa...Thankfully I hadn't read them on bloglovin, so I was able to get the entire text for the other one there but for this one, I only got the part before "the jump" but I do have the events in my calendar already & pictures to aid the rewrite process...anyway...use this a reminder to backup your site daily!

Happy February Delights!

I have a love/hate relationship with February. I hate that the Winter weather here in Chicago is usually at it's most brutal in February and how it can really wear me down. But there is also so much to love. Of course it's Black History Month and there is that little holiday, Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day sometimes gets such a bad rap. But I think it is a wonderful, love filled, colorful break from the darkness of Winter & a reminder that it won't last forever. And this year I am rethinking my Valentine's Day fashion and red, as much as I love it, is nowhere in the picture. Stay tuned.

How sweet is this Valentine's Day setup that Joe surprised me with for a previous Valentine's celebration? It still makes me smile...like HARD cheesin'. It was so thoughtful and so perfectly me.
This year's Black History Month feels more important than ever to me & I will be taking in as many events and activities related to it as possible. Here are a few of the events that I am planning to check out:

Pearl Cleage's Blues For An Alabama Sky at the Court Theatre


{What I Wore} Power Red For Women! #WearRedDay

Happy #WearRedDay Lovelies!

Lauren Ralph Lauren Dress (another fab option HERE

I am rocking the red and supporting the cause in the Lauren Ralph Lauren Ruffled Boatneck Jersey Dress I wrote about here which has since completely sold out. It is everything I hoped it would be and more and it was such a friggin steal.

Anyway, today I hope that you are spreading the word about heart disease and especially it's impact on women. I also hope that you, like I are planning to take the necessary steps to visit a doctor so that you are empowered with the knowledge to take & maintain control of your heart health!

{Health & Wellness} Rock The Red For Women! #WearRedDay

I have a pretty depressing family history of heart disease, having lost my beloved Gram, my ma mere and her multiple heart procedures and close calls with death and my own issues related to it.

So, needless to say the American Heart Association is a valued resource to me and I love supporting their annual Go Red For Women campaign.

Heart disease is not a man's disease. It kills 1 in 3 women and is 80% preventable!

So, the first Friday of Heart Month, February is Go Red For Women day and the goal is to have folks rock the power color and learn and share information regarding heart disease and how it effects women.

This year in addition to rocking the red, I am raising money for the American Heart Association and would appreciate any donations, no matter the amount.

What say you? 
How much do you know about heart disease and women? 


{Health} Operation #CurvesDefined

I am not a scale person.

I remember when I got my first apartment at age 19 and I bought one of those bathroom sets that came with a scale so I had one but it just sat there collecting dust.

Eventually I just threw it away, I mean it was just basically taking up space.

To this day, now deep within my 40s, I still don't weigh myself. I have always felt that the state of my body is less about the number on the scale and more about how I felt internally & how my clothes fit me.

Being 5'10"ish & the fact that I do have a pretty muscular frame as well underneath all this luscious, soft pillowy fatness, historically no one has ever really been able to accurately guess my weight.

The only time, the number on the scale usually comes into play is when I go to the doctor, which I will admit is not often enough but I am planing to change that.


{Thrifting} Going Red!

Today was Go Red for Women day, highlighting the plight of heart disease in women & heart disease month.

I have written about this numerous times and you can check those posts out here.

In honor of the cause, I pulled out my awesome thrifted red coat that I snagged months ago for less than $10
(pictured below from when I rocked it on a windy day a few weeks ago).

Coat : Thrifted | Pants | Bag: h&m | Scarf: Lane Bryant

It's such an awesome rich color and a testament to my #1 thrifting rule: 
try everything on

The coat is a size 14 and I haven't had that tag in a piece of clothing probably since I was 14! 


{life} kick ass health...

If you have followed my blog for some time, you may have seen me post about how my family has had to deal with heart disease and to show it who's boss, I am amping up and making a lot of changes to get healthier.

one thing in particular that i have done, is started back up on my raw eating...it's been so long since i have done so but i already feel better and it's only been a little over a week!

you can follow my health journey, if so choose, over at my ravishingly raw blog...


{rock} OOTD: going red for women...

as i wrote about in yesterday's post, today is Wear Red Day, so it's a perfect day for me to pull out this fab Kiyonna dress that i purchased months ago but hadn't worn yet!


{events} Go Red for Women

Every year Go Red for Women is one of the numerous causes that I support that is near and dear to my heart (pun intended).

I have written before about my history with heart disease and I am all for events that bring more attention to the cause.

Once again the first Friday in February is Wear Red Day with numerous events taking place all over the country (Chicago Meetups here).

So plan to rock your favorite red and share the awareness!

Learn more here.

Also, the AHA has partnered with Macy's to offer discounts with the Wear Red Sale until Sunday the 5th.

To save an extra 10- 20% off online, use promo code: RED

To save in-store: Wear red or use your Macy's card and/or purchase a Red Dress Pin for $2 to get the extra savings. {Macy's will donate all Red Dress Pin proceeds to American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement.}.

{see their website for all the details and exclusions}

Oh and don't forget the Bleeding Heart launch taking place here in Chicago Friday night.

{events} Bleeding Heart Project Launch

Last year a hellacious storm held the Bleeding Heart Project launch hostage but this year, it will be on and poppin.

The Bleeding Heart Project was started by my girl Raijean of Swai-Rai.

The goal of the Project is 'Educating the World about Heart Disease, One Heart at a Time..'

This is a cause near and dear to my heart, so I definitely want to support it and hope that you will also.

plus size...real world...

i was just watching this interview on the today show and constantly talking back to the tv...yes, right, exactly!

this interview along with the piece that prompted it, Jess Weiner’s Loving My Body Almost Killed Me" is a great reminder that you can love your plus size body BUT you can not ignore the possible health issues that may go along with having the weight on your body.

as a plus size woman with cholesterol issues and major heart disease in my family (my mother recently had a second heart attack), more and more i am working to take charge of my health.

not just thinking about losing weight for some outer appearance reason but for the more important inner appearance reasons.

and this is what Jess spoke and wrote about.

there are also really eye opening statements about how some doctors treat plus size women that are disturbing. and i implore any woman who feels that she is treated as portrayed in the article, to find a new doctor.

she also wrote/talked about the inevitable truth, that when a public figure that the plus size community has adopted as proof to the world that you can be big and successful loses weight, there could potentially be backlash, ala jennifer hudson, crystal renn, etc.

and it's kinda sad to me that she actually pondered the thought of that instead of focusing on the urgency of her health issues when her doctor had just told her that her cholesterol was bordering unhealthy levels.

and while some of the comments on the article lament her desire to lose a certain amount of weight and the way she went about it, etc, i think that they are missing the boat.

obviously her experience is her own but the most poignant point still remains. her finally paying attention to her health and making a decision for herself to lose weight has improved her life.

i know that in this anti-fat world, a lot of times plus size folks find themselves on the defensive about so many things but there is no disputing that bearing extra weight, BMI charts and other BS aside can adversely affect our health.

so by all means, we should embrace our bodies, love our bodies but be real, there is nothing hypocritical about making changes to be healthier.

and after seeing my mother almost die because she is overweight and has heart disease and so many other health issues, there is just no room for pretense.

life has been...

pretty intense to say the least..

the struggles that my family has had with heart disease came crashing in last week and my mom had to have emergency heart bypass surgery.

i wont go into all of the details, i am just glad that although she had some complications post surgery, she is today on her way to recovery.

i am just checking in and on my way to the beach, a little later than i normally like to go but i just want to hopefully find a quiet spot and do some reading...

i am currently reading the south beach heart health revolution.

it's not fun, summer reading but i started reading it weeks ago and feel like after all that has happened, that i really need to get more on top of my own health.

on a happier note, i got this bag in the mail the other day and i love it...it really made me smile when i really needed to smile...

it's the lyon bag from shoedazzle....it's no longer available but here is a similar bag.

Macy's Goes Red & You Save

Once again Macy's is the national sponsor for Go Red For Women.

Go Red For Women is the American Heart Association's campaign to wipe out heart disease.

Click the image to see details!

While most people might think breast cancer is the leading killer of women in the U.S., when actually, heart disease is.

Supporting this cause is very important to me personally and i support it every year and wrote about why here.

link love...the fab five returns


it's been eons since i posted a fab five..

i am busily living my life and consumed by my quest to make my apartment the home of my dreams but i wanted to post another one of my favorite blog features.

i follow so many incredible bloggers, who really keep me excited and interested in so many different ways...

here are a few links that i hit up this week that i wanted to share because i think you will love them.

my girl Felicia of This That Beauty is so great at offering a variety of skin care tips. her latest post centers on her own Winter Skin Care Solutions

btw, if you don't know Felicia, you need to follow her asap on twitter. she is so fun and funny as evidenced by this discussion after i tweeted a picture from the grocery store (ignore the spam tweet at the end...how i abhor spammers!!!)

But see what i mean?


the other fabulous lady who joined in the convo with us is none other than THE Rashida B.

she works brows, nails and beauty to the MAX...follow her on twitter too!

oh and check her out working her magic on carrie underwood for the december cover of instyle mag...

now that winter is in full effect, i am hibernating a bit and while doing so, i am consumed by home decor, DIY bloggers.

one of the ones that i am loving on big time is Centsational Girl...

this woman does the coolest DIY projects I have ever seen. she fuels my home aspirations in the biggest way...

so, if you are like me and you love home decor & furniture, you must check her out..

now on the fashion front, i am loving Lexy of Beauty Fash.

her blog is fun and personable and she has really great style..

she not only works fabulous drag, she works a wicked weave and recently wrote a tutorial on how she keeps it fierce!

my good friend Raijean of the blog Swa-Rai has started an incredible cause called the Bleeding Heart Project"

it was birthed because she found herself at the age of 28 suffering from congestive heart failure.

thankfully she survived and is thriving and now she wants to make sure that young people gain more awareness about heart health.

this is so near and dear to me because I lost my beloved Gram to heart disease, my mother has survived numerous heart procedures and issues and i along with other members of my family have cholesterol issues that are leading causes of heart disease.

so every year i try to do something to support the fight against heart disease. i always participate in the American Heart Association, Go Red for Women campaign and this year i am excited to add the Bleeding Heart Project to the mix.

that was more than five huh?....oh well...there is so much good stuff!

fab five out...

have a wicked weekend!

Checking in..

Just wanted to take a moment and write a little about what I have been up to.

Yesterday I finally went to see Inception. I just love Leonardo DiCaprio. Every since Titanic he has just been high on my actors I love list.

But Dex did mention something that rang true. While they were about totally different stories, Inception and Shutter Island were a lot alike.

They both had a lot to do with "altered states" as it were and in both there were times when he or rather his characters exhibited behavior that was a little "off".

So, while I enjoyed both movies, I am ready to see him in a romantic role again. I mean I have seen Titanic at least 100 times mainly because of the love story it portrays more than anything else because actually the thought of lost ships kinda freaks me out.

Anytime I see them on tv or whatever they just make me feel uneasy. I think its because I always think and wonder about the people who died on them.

Like if you die on a boat that sinks, does your soul just forever float?

Are spirits floating around in the waters?

Crazy? Yes.

Oh well.

Anyway, I also finally saw The Karate Kid and Iron Man 2 over the weekend.

I thought Jaden Smith did a wonderful job and he's such a little cutie pie.

And "my husband" Robert Downey Jr was fab in Iron Man 2 of course.

And tomorrow I am actually going to see another movie for a project that I participate in now and then.

But all this movie going aside, what I really wanted to share with you is a new feature that I am bringing to the blog, called "Living Curvatude"

Essentially it will be a series of photos from my day that I will post on the blog.

I figure as much as I love taking pictures, its a no brainer so keep your eye out for it, starting tomorrow.

Oh and I am taking a Sushi 101 class on Saturday...that should be fun. I love sushi and have always wanted to make it at home. The class is 90 minutes long, so I am hoping to really learn a lot!

Lastly in more important news, Raijean of Swa Rai has started a really great project called the Bleeding Heart Project.

The goal of the Project is 'Educating the world about Heart Disease, one heart at a time..'

This is a cause near and dear to my heart, so I definitely want to support it and hope that you will also.

Check it out and "like" it on facebook!

Go Red and Get Fed!

Friday February 5th is 'National Wear Red Day", the American Heart Associations (AHA) drive to bring about more heart disease awareness.

While most people might think breast cancer is the leading killer of women in the U.S., in actuality, heart disease is.

Supporting this cause is very important to me personally, as heart disease runs rampant in my family.

My beloved grandmother died from heart disease and my mom has had a heart attack, and numerous coronary angiograms and angioplasty and stent procedures and suffers from many other health complications due to heart disease.

I too am at serious risk for heart disease due to my cholesterol levels {as somewhat evidenced by the Xanthelasma around my eyes.

High cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart disease.

Here is a very simplified explanation of why from WebMD.

When there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it builds up in the walls of your arteries, causing a process called atherosclerosis, a form of heart disease. The arteries become narrowed and blood flow to the heart muscle is slowed down or blocked. The blood carries oxygen to the heart, and if enough blood and oxygen cannot reach your heart, you may suffer chest pain. If the blood supply to a portion of the heart is completely cut off by a blockage, the result is a heart attack.

While there are AHA events scheduled all over the country thru-out the year, Wear Red Day is one of their big promotion days.

There are a lot of fun ways that you can join in on the cause with your family or even with your coworkers. 

The AHA has also once again partnered with Macy's and from February 3rd–7th, get an extra 10- 20%  off during The Wear Red Sale.

To save online, use promo code: WEARRED

To save in-store: Wear red or use your Macy's card and/or purchase a Red Dress Pin for $2 to get the extra savings. {Macy's will donate all Red Dress Pin proceeds to American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement.}.

{see their website for all the details and exclusions}

So pull out that red dress, top, scarf, jacket, tie, pin, gloves, boots, socks, undies, whatever and mention the cause to everyone that you know and hit Macy's up to save as a little reward.

Or EVEN BETTER...pull out that credit/debit card and make a minimum donation of $25 via MY DONATION PAGE and as a thank you, I will send you a $25 restaurant.com gift certificate.

Now how could you refuse an offer like that?

Go RED for Women!
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