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{Fashion Challenge} 1 Dress. 2 Girls. 3 Ways to Rock It | Beaded Hanky Hem Dress

Hey Fabs!

It has been SOOOOO long since I have hooked up with one of my faves to join me in this challenge (see the last one here), so I am excited to bring it back!

Basically the challenge is to show how 1 fabulous dress can be rocked by 2 girls with completely different body types in 3 different ways.

So I have recruited our new contributor Zadry to join me and we are hoping to make this a regular feature.


Zadry and I have very different bodies and I am taller than she is, so I had to choose a dress that would work for both of us as far as length goes more than anything and instead of going with a neutral dress like the first challenge, I chose this vibrantly colored beaded handkerchief hem dress.


{Fun} I LOVE This: Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke

Hey Lovelies!

Just stopping in to share something that made me laugh, smile and SANG!

I have obviously been sleeping on James Corden and The Late Late Show but I am now awake. This carpool karaoke video featuring Jennifer Hudson and James sanging is AWESOME!



{Entertainment} #Scandal Season 5 Episode 1: Run Recap

I started this post Friday so I am posting it later than I had planned but rereading through all of this has only served to get me hyped for this weeks episode!

I have been crazily awaiting the return of Scandal and Thursday's episode did not disappoint me, so I wanted to recap it via tweets.

First off, if you recall how last season ended, Liv was dancing around with her big wine goblet and waiting for Jake to return to the room so that they could do it on the piano, when she was snatched from her apartment and it turns out taken...

Where her snatchers were holding her poor neighbor (who I never even knew existed) hostage.

Meanwhile of course Jake immediately jumps to action (in his drawls, ya'll) when he sees that Liv is gone and a big wine splatter is on the couch


{Holiday Home} #DIY Advent Calendar

Well it has been resurrected from my craft dump box and tweaked (no branches this time) and has made its way onto my wall again! And this time it actually happened on the first day of Advent!

DIY Advent Calender Made With Brown Craft Envelopes


Flywheel Stadium Cycling Mini Review & Giveaway #NaBloPoMo

If you follow me on facebook or twitter, then you may have seen this lovely pic of my crazily bruised calf.

How my calf came to this state is beyond me. I just know that my legs had been incredibly tight and I hadn't been doing my morning stretches as much as I should have. But I knew on Tuesday that I had my intro to Flywheel coming up and it was something that I did not want to miss.

So, I pulled out my two stiff, achy body weapons of choice, my foam roller (similar) and my wooden ball massager (similar) and worked it out throughout the day.

And although it hurt like h e l l, it did the trick and by the time that I had to leave for my class, my leg, while crazy bruised and still achy was no longer stiff and almost immovable.


And then the fun began...


{Travel} JetCurves in New York City #NYFW

I went back to my heart home NYC for a few days during NYFW mainly because I LOVE NYC in September but also to partake in a little fun.

This is a pic of the skyline over central park that I have to snap every time 
I stay at this particular place. I set my alarm so that I wont miss it.


{Fun} Oscar Best Actress Dresses Thru The Years

The Academy Awards aka The Oscars is the final hurrah of the awards season and I thought it would be fun to take a trip down fashion lane with this cool graphic.

These are digital interpretations of the dresses rocked by the leading actress winners from 1929 - 2014. (note I started this post a couple of days ago, so the cut images have some designers listed as unknown but Mediarun has since updated some of those on the main photo, which they will be selling as a poster.)

Courtesy of: Mediarun

First off, I was surprised to learn that some actresses did not attend the ceremony to accept their awards. For example, Katherine Hepburn (who I LOVE) won 4 Oscars and never attended.  From what I read of her, that is not surprising at all. She was truly her own woman.


{Fab Five} Laughing Thru Tears...

These past few winter months have been so emotionally & physically brutal on me. Besides the weather, there was being sick for weeks at a time, my granddaddy passing and the anniversary of losing my brownie.  Things have definitely been challenging to say the least.

So I have been very much in need of laughter and smiling and thankfully the internet gawds have shined a little light on my darkness and brought these nuggets into my world.

I seriously teared up but in a good way with this one...its so sweet. I love this song. Some days I listen to it on repeat just to keep my spirits up. I love what he says at the end...

This Stylelite post lead me to the Miserable Men instagram account that has pictures of men out shopping with women.


{Life} New Year, New Things #7 - Tick Off The List

Who doesn't have a list of things that they want to do before they leave the planet? I know I do, and it is LONG!

In the past few years, I have already ticked off some of the items on my list, like going white water rafting, something that always intrigued and terrified me because I have a water fear and although I took lessons, I can not swim because of it but I made myself do it anyway.

And of course the first run out our boat flipped.

{Life} 2014!!!


Print available in blue or gold HERE!

Happy New Year!


My 3rd Annual Favorite Things {Giveaway}

Welcome to my 3rd annual Favorite Things Giveaway!

As in previous years I am giving away things that I love and wanted to share with one of YOU!


{Shopping} Live Blogging the Randolph Street Market #CurvatudeRSM

UPDATE: Live blogging this was fun. Still not sure why all the pics other than the one I used picstitch for posted sideways but the Market was full of lots of goodies today and I can't wait for the next one. It truly is a shopper's paradise!

We are 10 days til Christmas and it's time to ramp up the shopping, 
so today I am going to Randolph Street Market to get my shop on!

And since there is usually so much to see and do there, I wanted to share my trip with you!

This is my first time using this live blogging platform, so fingers crossed and I hope you will follow along!

Live Blogging Starts @ 12:30 cst!


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{Fun} YOLO, Ohh NO!

i am a confessed scandalholic but i have never written about it in detail here on le blog and usually just tweet during the show but this last episode was just...WOW...i was cringing the entire time.

mama pope played olivia and the team like puppets...just masterfully. i would love to see the crimes she is accused of. and to find that daddy pope was just hiding her basically all these years in prison, most likely to protect olivia and not have to kill her mother, makes me feel a tad bit less eww about him.

huck was at his most disturbed best! i almost fainted when he licked quinns face! it was terrifyingly awesome!

and miss i'm quinn b*tch has just taken everything to a new level. i assume she and huck came up with the scheme to let "her boyfirend" find her so that she could set him up and get to daddy pop with the magic needle in her pocket. but does she really think that she will get away with trying to pump drug juice into command?

from the preview for next week, the answer is no but i am sure however it goes down will be very exciting tv!


{Fun} Fashion Sketch of Moi By Anne of Spy Girl

I was trolling my feed and came across a Spy Girl post that showed all of these cool sketches that she had done of bloggers and how she had set up a Society6 shop so that they could order prints or mugs of them and I immediately wanted one.

I sent her this pic, because it is one of my favs and I feel really bad ass in it.

And here is her interpretation of it.

{Fun} Maria Menounos We Hardly Knew You!


Coughing my life away had me up at 2 in the morning & so I clicked on instagram and came across the #thanksgivingdancewars between Maria Menounos, Derek Hough, Julia Hough and Mark Ballas.


{Life} Parade, Food and Fun

I love parades and don't get to check them out often enough, so although I am still sick (you should have heard my ma mere on the phone when I told her we went) and it was cold as frick out, we got up at the crack (6am) and made our way downtown to check out the 80th Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade.

It was an awesome multicultural display that made it all worth it. 

Chicago 2013 Thanksgiving Day Parade
These ladies rocked....bless their hearts for being out there in this cold!
(more pics on my flickr page here)


{Fun} Congratulations Amber Riley!

Confession: I don't watch Dancing With The Stars but I am over the moon geeked that Amber Riley danced her way to victory on the show.

Amber has always been one of the entertainers who I just naturally expect to excel and she has not let me down.

She's a complete package: beautiful, talented and smart!

I love this quote from her: "So I want to let women of all sizes out there know, you can do whatever you put your mind to. It doesn't matter what size you are, what color you are, you can do whatever, whatever, WHATEVER you put your mind to!"

And I couldn't agree more!

Congrats girl & keep making us proud! 

Hump Day {Fun}

I will be honest, I really didn't know who Stephen Merchant was when Jimmy Fallon was interviewing him the other night but he was funny and had a cute English accent, so I continued to watch it. 

But he is now my obsession!

Jimmy does a lot of fun features and the lip sync sing off is one of the best and
this one was AWESOME!

Stephen broke out with Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Boom! Shake The Room
and I practically jumped up out of the bed!!

Jimmy did a couple of cool songs but his guests definitely owned this one.

To wrap it up with a BANG, Joseph Gordon Levitt did Nicki Minaj's Super Bass
and shook his rump in true Minaj style and it was spot on and so WICKED!

The whole segment was so fun and it is a MUST SEE!

Happy Hump day!


{Fab Five} Link Love: Pin Up Girl, Fashion, Confidence & More

This Fab Five is all about links from some of my fav blogger girls,
a sweet new app and a song that's getting me thru!

Zadry of Curves a la Mode uses the most fab iconic pin up girl Hilda to share 7 Life Lessons we all should live by and I LOVE IT!


{Fun} This Just Made My Day! Awesome Cinderella Remade into Cinderonce'

I just saw this video on Mashable and it is friggin AWESOME!

Todrick Hall, a former American Idol finalist tells
the story of Cinderella entirely through Beyonce songs!

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