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{What I Ate} and I am Joining in on #NaBloPoMo

Years ago I joined in on NaNoWriMo and started writing a book so this new (to me) blogging challenge based off of it called NaBloPoMo is something that I am excited to get into because my goal is to continually get better about sharing regular content here on le blog.

NaBloPoMo November 2014And what better season for this than now. With the holidays fast approaching, we all can sometimes get so busy that some things and in particular for me, the blog can definitely get pushed to the wayside.

So, it's day 1 of NaBloPoMo and truth be told I am writing this after a very longgggg but fulfilling day while soaking in the bath and with one eye open because I am soooooo sleepy. But I wanted to get off to a good start by getting in day 1. I mean come's the least I can do right?

And to sweeten up the post a little, I am sharing here on the blog finally that I have gone completely vegan. I say here on the blog because I have been posting about it on social media for a couple of weeks now under the hastag #CurvesGoneVegan.

More to come on this but in the meantime, here are some of the good vegan eats that I have been consuming.

{Foodie} Graze'n

CONFESSION TIME: I, Jaye Gipson am a snack-a-holic!


And of course snaking can be hazardous to your health and waistline, so when I came across graze, the healthy snacks box, I was like, wait...I can have snacks delivered to me on a regular basis? And they are healthy?

I was ALL IN!

I originally intended to take more pics of the snacks but I was so busy eating them that never happened.

{Fab Five} + A Few Things From The Weekend

Sweet Sunday morning lovelies!

Lots of open items on my to do this list & I am grateful that I am starting to feel like myself again & actually beginning to get things done. After working out, today will be spent mainly putting in some overdue work on projects.

I am so ready for Spring & I have been working to bring some really pretty pieces to Closet Fete. This necklace set & stud drop earrings are just a couple of items. I hope you will love them as much as I do {and will buy them} ;).

{Fun} Brunch With The Girls & What I Wore

I hosted a brunch this past weekend @ my boo Jonquil's flat and it was a lovely 
way to spend time with some of my fav girls.

The menu was what I like to call simple southern.  
Nutella french toast, shrimp & grits, eggs, turkey sausage and some sweet libations.

{Fab Five} Things I am Smiling About!

This Fab Five is all about things that are making me a really happy girl right now!

1. Joe is on that entrepreneur journey and home every day, so I now have a full time photographer which explains all of the outfit posts as of late. AND having a chef at home who is recipe creating and menu planning is such a BONUS because I get meals like the one below and like this and this!

My insta {Life} via the 'grams!

Lately i have been posting more pics on instagram than normal and wanted to share a few here on le blog.

This regram picture speaks to me life!!! With the exception of the stogie, me and she are HERE!!!

{fun} instagram my life

Happy Sunday!

Here are some of the fun, fab things that have shared on instagram lately...

came across these crazy shoes. would you rock them?

{fab five} loving now...movies, food & more

i am up early this sunday...gonna hit up Randolph Market then make my way back home to be domestic...lots of organizing, digging out some of my winter things...

last weekend i was so glad to just chill a bit and squeeze in a little movie time, so i
turned to netflix instant watch and ended up watching two very different yet
both very enjoyable movies...

first i watched exit's about a guy who ends up moving in 
with his girlfriend after getting evicted and it is laugh out loud 
funny and at times just plain insane...perfect for a good release...

{event} Recap: Eden Eats @ Kenmore Live +

I attended a really fun cooking event at the Kenmore Craftsman Brand Live Experience studio with my Chicago Blogger Network fam that featured Eden Grinshpan from the Cooking Channel's Eden Eats

The "Put a Twist on Holiday Eats with Eden Grinshpan" event featured Eden preparing some of your typical holiday meal items cooked in non traditional ways.

From sweet potatoes with chimichurri sauce to turkey stuffed with stuffing inspired by Mediterranean flavors.

I gotta tell ya, those sweet potatoes were damnlicious.  

{event} Recap: Evzdrop x CBN Fashion Dinner

The Chicago Blogger Network has partnered with Evzdrop and 
I attended a dinner with a bunch of other fashion bloggers to learn more about the app.

If you're unfamiliar with Evzdrop, it allows users to "listen in",
i.e eavesdrop in on what's happening at a spot via 
the "drops" made by folks who are there.

{Featured} Special K Protein Effect #StyleHunters

Confession time.

I have the worst eating habits, or should I say, the worst not eating habits.

At best most days, I eat one or two times max and there is no rhyme or reason to the time, especially if I am working at home all day.

Obviously I know that this is not a good thing... but it just happens. So, when I received this Special K Protein Effect gift box as a member of the People Style Watch Style Hunters, I decided to see if it could help me correct my errant eating in some way.

{fab Five} link love...

Kickstarter is home to some of the coolest, most innovative ideas out there and I am very excited to see that there is currently one for fashion brand offering sizes 10+.

Zaftig - Dresses for women sizes 10+ has already reached their $5,000 goal as of this morning, but that doesn't mean that you can't get in on the project, as I am sure any money received over the goal will be put to good use.

{event} recap: Chicago in White

Wrote this weeks ago and it got lost in the drafts! Chicago in White was one of 
my fav things all summer and I so look forward to doing it again 
next year and one day perhaps in Paris!

Dining alfresco is one of the ultimate summertime pleasures. 
And doing so with over a 1,600 other people, all dressed in white, 
takes that pleasure to a whole new level.

I brought my bubble always makes a party, a party!

{fab five} links of the day

I am taking my fab five feature and souping it up a bit.  I read so many blogs and see so many tweets, etc from websites that I think are fab in one way or another, so I have decided to share them more often here on le blog.

And while the feature is called "Fab Five", don't be surprised if there are more than five links from time to time, after all there is a lot of fabness out there on the world wide web ;)

Jenne posted the most delicious looking Quinoa Salad! I love that as she put it, the salad "was born out of leftovers" and is chock full of flavorful veggies and spices.

The woman behind Candid Candace, Candace Jordan is a ChiTown icon. She is so frigging beautiful and fabulous and her website is always chock full of THE EVENTS in Chicago.

Recently she shared Stella Foster's retirement party. Stella Foster is the sister of Sister 2 Sister publisher, Jamie Foster Brown, and her column, "Stella's Column," has been a must read in the Chicago Sun-Times since Dec. 2, 2003.

Bella Q, shared Six +40 Fashion Blogs I Can't Live Without and it is full of fun ladies owning fashion and style in their own unique ways.

Dr. Jessica Wu is one of my favorite beauty and health resources. She recently wrote a column on Treating Old (and New) Scars, something that I am currently dealing with due to a rainboot that cut into my leg and left the most unsightly scars.  So annoying!!

Anyway, Fab Five out!


{Fab Five} link love...

One of my favorite bloggers, Vahni has been documenting her experience with The Whole30 program and I am thisss close to doing it myself.

Jen shows how she has maximized her small space with an ikea wardrobe and I am glad that she did because I have been looking at these pieces. I need extra storage and I think they will go well with my desk and it is always good to see how they work in real settings.

{foodie} herbivoracious Cocktail Party & Cookbook Launch

A while back, my peeps at the Chicago Blogger Network hooked me up with an invite to the herbivoracious Cocktail Party & Cookbook Launch held at Heaven on Seven.

The author, Michael Natkin, a software engineer turned vegetarian food blogger was on hand to share how the book came to life.

{life} kick ass health...

If you have followed my blog for some time, you may have seen me post about how my family has had to deal with heart disease and to show it who's boss, I am amping up and making a lot of changes to get healthier.

one thing in particular that i have done, is started back up on my raw's been so long since i have done so but i already feel better and it's only been a little over a week!

you can follow my health journey, if so choose, over at my ravishingly raw blog...

{fun} instagram my life...

if you follow me on twitter or instagram (i am Curvatude of course) or tumblr (which is where i send my pics from instagram), you know that i post A LOT!!!

photography is one of my huge loves so i am always taking pictures.  i currently have almost 5,000 pics in my iphone after moving at least 1,000+ to my computer!! (yeah..i know...LOL)

anyway, here are some of my recent favs...

i post a lot of my fashion and beauty looks there on a regular basis

{links} love...

i am a big lover of blogs and have so many fabulous ones in my reader that inspire, make me laugh, make me cry and make me appreciate the connections that we all have.

so here's a fab five of a few links from a couple of my fav blogs and a cool new product find.

hope you have a wicked week!

love this fun take on the hoodie from the Queen Latifah collection

the new yorker captured the President's #marriageequality statement in a cute way.

this burger will be all over my summer menus

get your tissues out for this one.

raw spaghetti (that i need to make) and mama love

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