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{What I Wore} The Perfect Polka Dot Dress

Hey Fabs!

Since Summer has returned fully loaded with heat & humidity today, I pulled this fun AnnaFesta polka dot baby doll dress out for another go round and wanted to share it on le blog because for 1, it's fabu and 2, the first time I wore it, I only got one decent picture of it.

Dress (c/o): AnnaFesta | Purse: Deux Luxe (similar) | Shoes(s/o); New Look via ASOS (similar in 3 colors here | Watch: Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker (review coming) | Mirrored Sunglasses (similar)

{Fashion Challenge} 1 Dress. 2 Girls. 3 Ways to Rock It | Beaded Hanky Hem Dress

Hey Fabs!

It has been SOOOOO long since I have hooked up with one of my faves to join me in this challenge (see the last one here), so I am excited to bring it back!

Basically the challenge is to show how 1 fabulous dress can be rocked by 2 girls with completely different body types in 3 different ways.

So I have recruited our new contributor Zadry to join me and we are hoping to make this a regular feature.


Zadry and I have very different bodies and I am taller than she is, so I had to choose a dress that would work for both of us as far as length goes more than anything and instead of going with a neutral dress like the first challenge, I chose this vibrantly colored beaded handkerchief hem dress.


{What I Wore} Floral Pop + Ripped Jeans

Hey Fabs!

I so love this jacket (similar). It is a perfect fun pop of color. I have worn it with a very neutral dress and now with these dark wash ripped jeans and it popped off both.


{What He Wore} Big & Tall Vested Casual

Hey Fabs!

I love the look of a guy in a vest because even when it is totally casual, it still has that put together vibe to it. And Sean is a huge fan of vests, so expect to see them showing up a lot here.

Once again I rummaged through Sean's closet and put together this super relaxed & cool vest look.

Shirt: Arrow | Vest: Thrifted | Jeans: Giorgio Fiorelli | Shoes: Clarks Belt: Swiss 


{What I Wore} Nothing But A Blue Dress Thang Baby

Hey Fabs!

This Eloquii dress was a #PlusSizePick way back in February when Rumor Wilson rocked it. And although I did not end up buying it, I loved it every time that I saw someone working it, so when it showed up at Rent The Runway, I had to queue it and give it a whirl.

And what a whirl inspiring dress it is, It is so friggin AWESOME! It is incredibly well made of a really substantial scuba material and the color is so beautiful in person.

Dress: Eloquii via Rent The Runway Unlimited | Shoes: Old (seen here) | Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane


Plus Size {Fall Fashion} Pick of The Day: Nine West Wrapped Heel Booties #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs!

UPDATE: I ordered these booties and while they are a nice quality, boo hoo they are too tight for me which is a bummer and I do not have wide feet, so the search continues and I have my eyes on these beauties here.

I honestly can't complain about the weather these last days of summer because I am trying to milk as much enjoyment out of them that I can.  So while I am excited for the arrival of Fall and everything that comes with it, I am patiently waiting.

My last Fall #PlusSizePick was this fabulous olive wool cape and I am happy to report that it arrived and was just as fabulous as I hoped it would be. Although it is wool, it is pretty light weight and perfect for Fall layering.

One of the biggest criteria for my Fall things is comfort. I don't want to have to fuss with clothes and I definitely don't want to be on struggle street in my shoes. So, comfort is paramount and I like to keep my boots on the shorter heel side for the most part.

I have had the shoeties I am rockin' in this pic for quite some time and I have definitely gotten my money's worth and more out of them, so it was (beyond) time to retire them and find a replacement.

So, today's #PlusSizePick are these Nine West Wrapped Heel Booties.


{What He Wore} Big & Tall Casual Transition To Fall

Hey Fabs!

In addition to adding contributors, there are several other features that I have wanted to bring to ya here on le blog and one of them is men's fashion. I have always loved men's fashion (dare I say, almost more than women's {insert wide eye stare}), so I am geeked to add that element to Curvatude.

So I have recruited my friend Sean to start sharing big and tall men's fashion. And to start off, I tore up his closet {;)} and I styled him in a casual look that he could rock now & easily transition into Fall.

Shirt: Eighty Eight | Pants: Mavi Sweater: St. John's Bay Shoes: Clarks Belt: Swiss 


Plus Size {Fall Fashion} Pick of The Day: Olive Hooded Cape #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs!

If you have been hanging with me here on le blog for any amount of time then you know that I love my capes (evidence herehere, here and here) so when I came across this gorgeous brushed wool cape I had to make it mine.

Besides being one of the most delicious of colors, olive is definitely one of THE Fall colors this year and I will definitely be rocking it in all kinds of ways.


{What I Wore} A Bouquet of Blooms

Hey Fabs!

I have been majorly in love with floral prints for quite some time now (evidence here, here and here) and with all the lovely ways that they are being used in fashion, I don't see that love waning anytime soon.

And this Marina Rinaldi Floral Sheath is just so pretty and because I rarely dwell in the subtle zone, I had to rock my floral pumps with it.

Plus Size {Fall Fashion} Pick of The Day: Faux Suede Fringe Trench Coat #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs!

I have always been a lover of fringe so I am stoked to see it EVERYWHERE! From shoes to bags and everything in between.  And this Faux Suede Fringe Trench Coat is definitely one of the most fabulous ways that fringe is showing up.


{What I Wore} Multi Striped Pleated Maxi Dress

This gorgeous Lane Bryant dress was a Mother's Day gift from Joe & I had been holding it for an occasion that I deemed worthy of it.

But my life has been pretty summer casual & laid back and we don't have any fancy plans in the works, so I decided to just rock it before the weather switches up & I can't.

So I wore it one lovely Saturday when I went to Randolph Street Market and afterwards I had my rugrat meet up with me to snap some pics of it.

Dress: Lane Bryant (sold out) | Necklace: Kate Spade | Visor: Scala Collezione | Shoes: Payless (old)


{What I Wore} Neon Stripes + Holl & Lane Magazine Feature

Hey Fabs!

I love neon. I love how bright and happy it is. And I have rocked it in clothes and shoes. So when the editor at Holl & Lane magazine asked me to share my take on it, of course I was in.

In case you are aren't familiar with it, Holl & Lane magazine is a quintessential modern woman's magazine.  It touches on every aspect of our lives and how we can live them to the fullest and it is definitely a must read.

Dress: Rainbow | Bag: Shoedazzle | Shoes: Shoedazzle (last seen here)

Insta {My Style} Recap - Balcony Retreat + What I Wore

Hey Fabs!

We are deep in the heart of summer and I have been have been filling my instagram feed with lots of snaps from my day to day life and it's been a bit since my last recap.


Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale #PlusSizePick's

Hey Fabs!

It's that time of the year, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has dropped and it is one a pretty sweet sale. And besides the great deals and free shipping (which I love...LOVE), it is even more exciting for me, that there are hundreds of plus size items available.

And since I am actually slowly but surely getting into Fall shopping mode, most of the pieces that are high on my MUST HAVE list are pieces that can be rocked now but that also would transition easily into the next season.

One such piece is these fabulous Faux Leather Culottes (that sold out at Eloquii).

I love how casual cool they are and I can totally see myself rocking them now with a simple, flowy top and as it gets a bit cooler, the styling above with different shoes or booties even, would be perfect.

There is lots to choose from but here are some of my other picks.

What say you? Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

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Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Silver Metallic Wrap Espadrilles #PlusSizePick

Hey Fabs!

The wrap strap espadrille love continues. When I purchased the striped version of this espadrille, I think subconsciously I kinda knew that this would happen.

The style is just so simple and easy wearing and the metallic silver adds a nice pop.

What say you?  Are you lovin' these espadrilles?

Shop this shoe HERE!

Check out the previous #PlusSizePicks HERE!

p.s. I sized up in this shoe!


{What I Wore} And The Crop Top Rockin' Continues

Hey Fabs!

Actually the crop top rockin' has been more frequent then ever in recent weeks and the day before, the day of & the day after all of the O Mag crop top body policing business went down I was wearing one. Cést la vie. Deal with it body shamers!

Any way, I have had this cross hem stripe crop top and midi skirt for months & finally pulled them out for some street time.

{What I Wore} Working My Gwynnie Bee Closet: Trying New Things

Hey Fabs!

As I've upped my #CurvesDefined game my body is definitely starting to change, so my Gwynnie Bee closet is becoming even more of an asset for me because it doesn't really make sense for me to purchase a whole bunch of clothes right now.

And that makes the fact that my peeps at People StyleWatch made my Gwynnie Bee closet even deeper by letting me choose some new styles to share with you, even more fabulous.

Igigi Heidi Halter Dress In Fuchsia Cachemire
Here I am rocking a style of dress that is pretty much a warm weather basic for me. Relaxed, v neck & arms out, perfect for keeping cool. But what isn't a norm for me is the print. I own a couple of paisley pieces but not nearly enough, so I chose this dress to try something new. 

I know I have said it before but it is truly the reason why I am a Gwynnie Bee stan. Always something new to choose. How could you not love that?!!

{Community} My Crop Top Advice to O Magazine

Hey fabs!

The Big O is my spirit animal and I have loved & learned from her for decades. I have also been a subscriber to O Magazine since it's inception and have always found it of value.

By now you have most likely seen the picture that popped up all over instagram & the other social feeds and I am writing this post because while it did not really surprise me, it really kinda bummed me out.

I am months behind on reading my mags but I went thru my stacks and pulled out the issue with the blurb that started it all and here is a full picture of the "advice".

The crazy thing is, so much of the issue is about feeling & being your best & celebrating yourself, which is why I read O Magazine in the first place. And this issue has more variety of fashion sizes represented than any other I have read in recent times.

But this "advice", a part of the "Personal Style" section written by O's Creative Director Adam Glassman just reeks of that subtle body shaming that we hear and see way too much.

Instead of taking that question and turning it into a moment of power, the response pretty much says if you are not "perfect" you should cover & hide and under two layers of clothes no less.

Now as a long time reader of O Mag, there have definitely been times over the years where I have read a feature or "advice" and rolled my eyes, which is why I noted above that I was not really surprised. 

I think one of the reasons for the obvious disconnect from where we are culturally or better yet where we are trying to be culturally is that Mr. Glassman and people like him live in a certain bubble kind of a world.

For them fashion is all about rules and dictates that have stood the test of time. Never mind that these rules have excluded so many of us in so many ways & have made women feel less at times or make women feel that we are not good enough as we are.  They are the rules dammit, these are the things you do if you want to look a certain way. (Insert uppity face pout)

And because of this, I am sure there wasn't a single moment of hesitation or second thought about the "advice" when he wrote it. Heck he might have even had a chuckle or two recounting some poor, fashion challened soul who wore a crop top that he felt most certainly should not have.

The only thing is, if you are trying to be a modern magazine for modern women who are OWNING (pun intended) their lives completely and fully as they are and making the most of it, it would've been so much more valuable & affirming for him to say here are a few ways to wear crops tops if you're comfortable showing your stomach & if you're not comfortable, here are some other options and BAM, good advice.

But sigh...heavy sigh...he did not. 

Thankfully we women are speaking out and standing up for our ourselves and our right to live our lives by our own rules and not the antiquated ones that only serve to try to make us feel like something is wrong with us. Because, guess what? There isn't!

And hey Mr. Glassman, the answer to how you pull off a crop top is not that complicated...

What say you?


{What I Wore} Working My Gwynnie Bee Closet: Prints, Prints & More Prints!

Hey fabs!

If you have been following me for any amount of time, then you know my Gwynnie Bee love is the real deal. So when my peeps at People StyleWatch invited me to partner with them to share some of the current fab pieces in stock at Gwynnie Bee, doing so was a no brainer.

I selected a variety of styles in pretty patterns and fits to give you a good look at the diverse brands that are always available.  Like this Mynt 1792 Cold Shoulder Python Print Dress. I have worn it twice since it arrived. It is so gorgeous and comfortable. I first wore it with flats and then paired it with these colorblock heels that I have had forever.
And if you know anything about Mynt 1792, then you know they are all about quality and this dress is no exception. And the cold shoulder has definitely become the sexiest style to me.

And that python print? LOVE!

Next up is this Karen Kane Palm Print Tank Dress. It was perfect for a day at the park. I threw it, my strappy espadrilles & my fab white roll up visor on and BAM, easy breezy, summertime cute.

It's such a pretty blue and it had a girl feeling carefree, flirty and fun!

And next up, you will totally say yes to this Triste Patchwork Printed Ruched Dress! It is va vavoom and form fitted without being restrictive.
I love the fabulous colors of the patchwork pattern play. They are fun but subtle and the dress while totally fab on it's own, would also look awesome under a blazer for work or play.

I realized as I was writing this post that all three of these dresses are in the blue/green color family but are all still so fresh and unique, A total nod to one of the reasons why I love Gwynnie Bee so much, it truly does give you an endless wardrobe.

Stay tuned, I will be featuring another dress with a completely different vibe!

Disclosure: People StyleWatch & Gwynnie Bee provided me with complimentary access to their service but don't get it twisted, I have been a fan since they began and the opinions expressed here are my own. Learn more about featured posts and my disclosure policy here.


Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Caped Maxi Dress #PlusSizePick

Hey fab!

This awesome caped maxi dress arrived yesterday and I gave myself a "yass girl" when I put it on! 

 It costs less than $20 yet it looks & feels like it cost way. My favorite kind of fashion score.
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