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{Fashion} River Island Plus Size Collection Has Arrived!

Things are finally starting to get a little sexier outside with winter loosening its' hold and I feel like I am slowly but surely peeling back my hibernation cloak and getting excited about Spring.  And like kismet, UK fashion dynamo River Island is {finally} dropping their new 75 piece plus size collection, RI Plus, March 9th!

RI Plus River Island Plus Size White Stretch Deconstructed Jeans
Photo: River Island
The collection includes everything from lace up bodysuits, to a cold shoulder dresses, to white deconstructed jeans and one of my favorite things ever, a sexy black biker jacket. There is a vintage feel to some of the colors and patterns mixed in with modern touches, like the white jeans.

The collection is fronted by model Candice Huffine, who said in an interview that she feels that River Island "definitely thought about a curvy woman's body" with the RI Plus collection and she was gaga in love with several of the pieces and from the looks that I have seen, there are quite a few pieces from the collection that I would most definitely rock into Spring.

 RI Plus River Island Plus Size Dress
Photo: River Island
What say you? Are you excited for this collection? 

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Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Marble Print Workout Wear + Fit Notes #PlusSizePick

As my #CurvesDefined journey continues, I am always looking for cute workout gear because I am definitely one of those people who gets a little more gym mojo when I am rocking fun pieces.

The fabs at Forever21+ sent these new plus size marble print workout pieces from their new Ashley Graham fronted campaign to me a couple of weeks ago and as I mentioned in my instagram post, I wanted to share a bit about the fit. So here you go.

I am a 44DDD, so there is rarely a workout top that I can just throw on and go with. I always need a bra with a lot of hold. So, this medium impact sports bra, which btw has removable cups and a super cute contrast crisscross back design would need to be backed up with another bra for my girls. Of course if you are less busty, you may be able to rock it solo.

The stretch knit capri leggings have a nice amount of structure to them, which is a huge requirement for me when it comes to workout wear. I need my pieces to hold a girl up & down and I would say these offer a medium hold.

Shop this look HERE!

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Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Laser Cut Faux Leather Jacket #PlusSizePick

Under the helm of Linda Heasley, Lane Bryant has definitely been mixing things up with a variety of limited edition curated collections and collaborations for their Fast Lane brand. Their latest is The Otis Collection, a collaboration with a team of design students at the LA Otis College of Art & Design.

The collection is a mix of drapey, flowy & textured pieces that are pretty neutral for the most part with pops of blue, grey and green.  My favorite piece from the collection is this laser cut faux leather jacket which should not come as a surprise because it is totally my style and I have similar jackets is other colors but none with the same laser cut vibe.

Pic: Lane Bryant Instagram 

There is also a matching laser cut pencil skirt in the collection and here are some of the other pieces in the Otis Collection that I would totally rock.

What say you? What do you think of this collection?

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{Link Love} Shouts & Raves | Vol 1

It has been so long since I have ranted or raved about things that I am loving or hating or shared links from my favorite sites, etc so I wanted to get back in the habit of doing so.  And there is lots to share, as my blog/twitter and just general interest feeds run deep. I mean...seriously deep and of course it's not just fashion, it's filled with beauty, home decor, travel, business, money, photography and more.

Speaking of favorites, I recently purchased a light box. I have wanted one forever and I am glad I finally just got one. Have you had something on your list that you have wanted forever? Just get it girl. Life is for the living and enjoying NOW!

Cinema Light box
Loving my #lightbox, so expect to see it A LOT 😜 Deets on this one & others> #liketkit #tealover

Anyway, on to the shoutin' and ravin'...

{Five Fab} Who What Wear x Target Plus Size Must Haves + Fit Notes

UPDATE: I purchased 3 pieces from the current collection,the Mod Moto Jacket, the Botanical Print Pencil Skirt & the Trench Vest and here are some fit notes. The jacket is true to size for me and a gorgeous, deep blue. The skirt was a bust for me. I ordered it in my regular size, 18 but would need at least a 22 or 24 for it to fit me well and I wasn't really a fan of the fabric. And the vest has a really nice weight to it but you definitely need to size down a size or two even.

Initially finding the plus size options online was hit or miss but I was finally able to order the pieces that I wanted from the first collection drop. Also apparently there were some plus size items spotted in store, so if you don't find what you want online maybe you would luck up in store.

It's finally here! After being announced last Fall, the Who What Wear x Target Collection drops this weekend. And instead of a one off, the Who What Wear x Target collaboration, is actually the first of it's kind, with an ongoing partnership that will have new collections of apparel and accessories dropping every month.

And for all my plus size ladies, yes there will be plus sizes buttttttt......once again, plus size will only be sold online. Sigh...I want to say that I am surprised but call me jaded or just a realist because I am not surprised.

Anyway, as I am not a get up at 5 am to stand in line, especially in the heart of winter kind of a girl, and actually prefer online shopping in a lot of ways, I am content to shop online for the The Who What Wear collection but come on Target. Let the plus size girls who want to make a run on the stores get in on the madness. #sideeye

Plus Size Who What Wear x Target Collection Must Haves
Knit Bardot Dress, $32.99 | Trench Vest*, $44.99 | Painted Dot Button-up Blouse*, $27.99 
 Mod Moto Jacket*, $39.99 | Pencil Skirt*, $27.99

My annoyance at this aside, these are five cute pieces from the collection that I am really digging on.

1. Knit Bardot dress I love the sassy vibe of this dress & the floral print is so pretty.

2. Trench VestAnd I have totally fallen in love with trench vests the past couple of years and love the military chic of this one. It would be a great piece to dress up or down.

3. Painted Dot Button-up Blouse Do I really need to say much about the polka dots? I mean who doesn't love polka dots? Oh and there is a sleeveless ruffle version that will be available also.

4. Mod Moto Jacket - LOVE this blue and I have never met a moto jacket that did not call out to me.

5. Vintage Print Pencil Skirt - I definitely need more yellow in my life and love it the blue combined in this print. 

Keep in mind that not all of the items will drop at the same time. The first The Who What Wear collection will be available in select Target stores and on beginning Sunday, Jan. 31st* with prices ranging from $14.99 - $49.99.

What say you? 
What are your Who What Wear x Target Must Haves?


Come Thru With The Body Diversity Barbie! #TheDollEvolves

Introducing the 2016 Barbie® Fashionistas™ Dolls. The dolls, which comes in 4 body types, including Curvy, Petite &Tall, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles will be available at various times throughout the year.  Here's a look at the new Curvy versions. They all come with their own fashion personalities & accessories, from sporty to everyday chic.

While this is a long overdue move for the iconic franchise that has been under fire for years now because of it's unrealistic body proportions among other things, I give Mattel kudos for making this happen and in such a huge way.


Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Spring Perfect Waterfall Coat #PlusSizePick

UPDATE: This arrived a couple of weeks ago and I am finally opening it and while its still cute, I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it is not really a coat but more like a thin jacket.

Although it is of course only January, I am already in Spring mode and all the sweet pastels & softer colors are calling out to me in a major way.

Today's plus size pick, this Waterfall Coat from Boohoo also comes in a sleek black and delicious chocolate mocha but I chose this stone color because it is such a great, soft neutral color and will be beautiful with all the spring colors and patterns.
Plus Size Waterfall Coat Neutral For Spring
What say you? Do you love this coat?

Shop this coat HERE! And currently it's 30% off with code FRESHLOOK

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Plus Size {Fashion} Pick of The Day: Striped Hem Dress #PlusSizePick

I know...I know, it's probably cold and snowy and dreary outside right now but in the midst of all this winter blah, there is a bright side: Spring fashion is hitting the stores and the stuff is crazy cute.

One such super cute piece is this Opposing Striped Hem Dress from Eloquii. Can I just say, kudos to Jodi and her team, they just keep bringing it with the fresh, fun style, don't they?!

Anyway, this dress. I love the colors and the alternating size of the stripes. I know some of us are hesitant to wear stripes but they are my jam and I love the way they used them for this piece, especially combined with the slant of the hem.

Plus Size Eloquii Opposing Striped Hem Dress

{Five Fab} Ways to Break The Winter Slog

Hey Fabs!

Am I the only one who thinks that December & January are like the sun and the moon? In December even if it's cold, everything is glitzy and festive and glam but come January, especially in the cities that really experience real winter, like here in Chicago, everything gets soooo bleak.

And that's a bummer because these cold months are the ones where we really NEED all the sparkle and bling uplifting to make it thru all the harshness.

And with the below zero temps we are having, a girl tends to be buried in layers and cloaked in dark colors and super into hibernating, which is why there has only been one OOTD post so far this month..sigh.

But it hit me the other day...I aint going out like that!  I refuse to let winter drag me down into dullsville any longer, so let Operation Break The January Slog begin.

Here are five things I will be doing:

1. Of course shaking things up via beauty is one of the easiest tweaks you can make, so I will be rocking my brightest nail polish shades, like the ones below from my pampering party & lippies and even werking some new eye shadow looks to keep things fresh and bright.


{What I Wore} Winter Weekend Casual Style

Hey Fabs!

Still getting used to hearing & writing 2016 but completely excited for what it brings. Aren't you? As I have written before, I am a total new years resolutions kind of a girl, so while I have just been keeping things pretty laid back these first couple of days, I have major goals and I will definitely be working on them.

Anyway, Chicago like lots of other cities has definitely started to feel very wintry after weeks of unseasonably warm weather. And now it's sweater weather, so I have been pulling out my sweaters, layers and heavier pieces in defense.

Today I ventured out to meet Joe for a latte late in the afternoon. I have finally settled in on a Starbucks drink after I had to stop drinking my beloved chai because it is not vegan. But now, it's a decaf, soy, no foam, extra hot 9 pumps hazelnut latte. And when the barista gets it's so good.

I purchased this h&m sweater early on in December after spotting it on an ad featuring Katy Perry. It was a crazy steal considering the quality & warmth of it and it sold out pretty fast but here is a similar jacquard knit style in 2 colors.

Plus Size Winter Style Sweater Faux Fur Coat Boyfriend Jeans
Coat: Michael Kors (s/o - I like this cute similar coat) | Sweater: H&M (s/o - similar) | Jeans: ASOS Curve (s/o - similar) | Boots: Aerosoles (crazy comfortable) | Foldover Faux Fur Clutch & I love this black & white one | Leather Gloves: Isotoner SmarTouch | Similar Earmuffs

{Life} Cheers To The New Year!

Hey Fabs!

2015 seriously went by in a flash. Tonight Joe and I will do as we have done most years, ring in the new year at home with dinner, dancing and toasting but I could not let the year sing its' swan song without taking a moment to say thank you.

Thank you so much for supporting my little web home. I wish you love, peace & happiness in the coming year!
Cheers to OWNing IT!

Look Details (this previously sold out sequin dress that I am wearing under my tutu is in stock and on sale)

Happy New Year!


{What I Wore} Sparkling Green Sequins

Hey Fabs! 

Red tends to get all the fanfare during the holidays & don't get me wrong, I love red, its my power color but I think green definitely deserves more love just in general but especially during the season of sparkle.

Plus Size Sequin Dress Shimmer Dress

This particular dress comes in several lengths and cuts, all of which are fab in their own way but I went with this short fit and flare version.


{What I Wore} Quilted Gold + Liquid Leather Jeans

Hey Fabs!

I wanted a glam casual vibe for Christmas, so I slipped into my N O E L flats & finally pulled this Eloquii quilted metallic jacket that I have had for weeks out to rock with these super slick jeans. They are calling these pants faux leather leggings, but while they fit like the best leggings ever, can you say feels like wearing nothing???,,,they definitely have the texture of jeans, so I have christened them liquid leather jeans.

Anyway, I didn't do a full out photo shoot of the look but I did get a couple of snaps when I arrived at my parents house. This jacket is so unexpected and so awesome, I purchased it on first sight. Kudos to Eloquii.

Thanks for reading! Hope you had an awesome holiday!

Fab Fit Fun VIP - Get the Box


{Life} Take In The Moments...

Hey Fabs!

How are you surviving this whirlwind season? Christmas always makes me feel like a kid again and I really love this time of year so much. I feel such a sense of happiness with all the activity, even amazingly, the craziness in the stores and on the streets from all the shoppers.

But I also feel the ho hums on December 26th when the gifts have been opened and my favorite radio station is no longer playing Christmas music 24/7. Re-reading Zadry's Beat the Holiday Blues post will definitely be a must for me and thankfully I have so many things that I want to accomplish as we greet the new year that will hopefully keep me occupied and out of my feelings.

So, while it's going sooooo fast and it is so easy to get caught up in the madness, I am trying to take some quiet moments to just enjoy it. Like spending some time looking at our tree and sipping a cuppa, with the Christmas melodies playing in the background & just feeling the simple peace of it all before I head out for some last minute shopping.

Polka Dot Pajamas (so soft & warm) | Festive Slippers (more here) | Mug: Target (more here)


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A {Body Positive} Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is in full swing and sometimes it's hard to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone in your life. But no need to fret, today's holiday gift guide is filled with some great finds to help you spread body positive love all season long. And that my beautiful people, is a great way to start any new year.

For the Bookworm

Gift ideas for the book lovers in your life.


{What I Wore} Weekend Petite Style: Moto Jacket + Polka Dots

Hi Ladies!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Mine was great: yummy food, laughs with the family and then a trip to Charleston, SC. In honor of the season and the hope that you will be starting your winter vacations soon, I thought I'd share a good weekend outfit.  :)


{Five Fab} Fall Dresses for the Curvy and Petite

Hi Ladies!

Fall is easily my favorite fashion season. The variety of colors, adorable styles and ability to go bare-legged makes dressing so much fun! I picked the dress below to represent fabulous fall dresses, because it incorporates all the things I love: a bright color, a-line shape and a leg-lengthening above the knee hem. All are perfect for most body types. As you peruse the options below, don't forget that any off-the-rack dress is just the starting point. A tailor can make your dress truly special.

{What I Wore} Fall Flowers In Bloom

Hey Fabs!

One of the things that I love the most about fashion is that sometimes you come across pieces that you think really aren't your style and you get amazingly surprised.

That was totally the case with this Carmen Marc Valvo dress. I mean I ordered it because I wanted to try something new but honestly I didn't have high hopes for it. Even when it arrived, I loved the color but I was still not too sure about the shape. But once I put it on, ahh....smiles.

Dress | Jacket (s/o similar & a gorgeous one in white here) | Wedges (similar &  here & here in taupe)


{What I Wore} Layered Capes

Hey Fabs! 

It's no secret that I am obsessed with capes. And after purchasing my faux leather cape & reviewing my cape inventory, yes you read that right, I realized that there were two styles I hadn't rocked yet; a suede cape (like this one) and a long caped dress (although I do have this short cape maxi dress).

So when I saw this red Adrianna Papell caped sheath dress, which I had seen previously in black and white, I knew that it was finally calling for me to take it for a spin. I mean tis the season for delicious red dresses, no?

And I figured if you are wearing a caped dress, what could be better to wear over it than another cape?

Dress (more color/length options here) | Faux Leather Cape | Pyramid Purse | Studded Pumps (last see here)

{Fashion} Star Wars Fan Girl Style

Hey Fabs! 

Even if you are not actually a die hard Star Wars fan, you have to admit that the long awaited return of the epic saga is kinda exciting, right?

And of course it's always fun to show off your fan girl status and there is no shortage of ways to do so. There is something for everyone in your tribe, from your pets to your wee ones and of course your curves.

Here are six tops that I would totally rock. They range from classic to cheeky to sexy.

Star Wars Fan Plus Size T shirts
1 | 2 | 3| 4 | 5| 6

I love the kitsch of the Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater, which totally reminds me that I need to start planning how I am going to beat my "Merry Thickmas" sweater from last year.

And how fab is this cold shoulder embellished top? It definitely gives Star Wars a new meaning (hahaa). It comes in 3 colors but this one is my fave. And "The Dark Side Made Me Do It" is already one of my regular excuses ;) so this shirt is a no brainer.

May the (fashion) force be with you!

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