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{What I Wore} Living Life Like It's Golden

Hey Delights!

Today I joined Amber of Style Plus Curves and blogger babes, Michelle of Michelle Swoons and Natalie of Natalie in the City to rock some of the new holiday collection pieces for a fun Facebook Live recording at the Chicago Eloquii store.

I am wearing the beautiful Metallic Knit Wrap Dress & it is just amazing.

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The CurvaCast Episode 16: An Interview, Inspiration, Rants, Travel & A Plea To Women

Hey Delights!

Welcome back to another episode of The CurvaCast. It's been a minute so I am sharing quite a bit in this episode of the CurvaCast. As mentioned in my Universal Standard giveaway post, there are clips from my interview with Alexandra Walden, the co-founder of Universal Standard. {HintI also mention the answer to the giveaway during the podcast around minute 39}, so if you missed my Instagram stories, you can find it there to enter.😊
this episode. As mentioned in my

I went to see Janet Jackson in concert and she was AMAZING! I haven't danced as much as I did that night in a very long time. And because it was Janet, I had to go with a rocker chic but movable vibe, so I rocked my one shoulder faux leather top again (last seen here). Get links to recreate this vibe on my liketoknow.it page.

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There are also a couple of travel tips, recaps of the amazing events that I have been to and how they have inspired me. And a rant about brands who blow it with bogus promotions, and how all who appear woke, ain't and the need for women to stop it with the self deprecation and a few other things.

{Events} Universal Standard Model Search & Pop-Up Shop

Hey Delights!

Universal Standard has partnered with Nordstrom to bring their unique fashion aesthetic to the masses via pop-up shops and a model search that is arriving here in Chicago this week, Oct 26-29. The pop-up shop will be at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue and you can get the details of the model search that is taking place on Sunday, Oct 29th here. They are on a 12 city tour and Chicago is the 9th stop, so check them out to see if they are coming to your town.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

I love the minimalist, cool style of the brand. The pieces are like these cool canvases that you can really amp up or just rock solo and I can't wait to get a few of them on my body. Here are some current faves that can be found at Nordstrom.

I will be chatting with the co-founder of Universal Standard, Alexandra Waldman and sharing looks from the pop-up TODAY, Thursday, Oct 26 via my Instagram stories. So make sure that you check it out because I will also be hosting a $200 gift card giveaway starting tomorrow, and you will only know the answers to the giveaway question required to enter to win if you watch 😤.

Let's Connect!

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{Events} Glow Maven Latham Thomas | Own Your Glow

Shout out to Latham & Bodhi Spiritual Center for the invite.

Hey Delights!

Event recap: I had such a lovely time at this event. Latham and Lola filled the room with laughs, wisdom and inspiration. I recorded it so that I could go back and listen to it when I needed a little spiritual mojo. Latham and I had a conversation about a tense moment (hence the reaction on her face) that she mentioned the night before at the Together Live event. Essentially it was a moment where she stood up for someone who really couldn't do it for themselves. It was a reminder that we all should be paying attention and standing up for each other. 
 Photos: Latoya Thorn Photography
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She wrote in my book that she sees so much grace in me and I hope that I can truly live exemplifying that. 
I previously featured Latham Thomas aka Glow Maven way back in 2015 when I was my first introduced to her via a collaboration I did with Nissan for their Haute Havens series. 

She just recently released her book Own Your Glow, which I pre-ordered. I spent a little me time one morning on my balcony aka my reading nook with a cuppa, one of those delicious vegan scones Joe made for Curvy Girls Tea, getting my life from the book.
Own Your Glow is in Latham's words:

{Culture} Disney's Aladdin on Broadway In Chicago At The Cadillac Palace Theater

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Hey Delights!

My fellow Chicago blogger boo, Dāsha of Windy City Wardrobe was gracious enough to agree to attend and review a performance of Disney's Aladdin on Broadway in Chicago in my stead because I had to go to San Francisco for the live unboxing Stitch Fix event.

Thanks Dāsha and I can not wait to see this production myself!
Last week I was lucky enough to hang out with some blogger boos in the lounge at The Cadillac Palace Theater prior to viewing Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway in Chicago. Among the group was the production's company manager, Michael Height, who shared his excitement for the show and asked if it was our first time attending it. Little did I know, it was a very valid question as it was so good and I definitely plan on seeing it again.
Aladdin makes every other musical I've seen look like an exercise in EXTREME minimalism.

{Five Fab+} Things I Am Looking Forward To In June

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Hey Delights!

I haven't done one of these "looking forward to" posts since March. But June is the start of Summer and I have a whole lot that I am looking forward to that I want to share, so we are back at it this month. After hitting the theater scene with a vengeance at the beginning of the year and seeing some really amazing works like The Wiz at Theater Wit, I have seriously been missing the experience the past couple of months, so I NEED to get back into it.

Also Zumba in the park started last weekend and I was right there doing my thing. It was also the Gospel show weekend, so in addition to your usual Zumba-esque songs, they added some gospel to the mix.


{Culture} The Wiz at Theater Wit Chicago

As I mentioned in my Things I am Looking Forward to in March post, I went to see a production of The WIZ at Theater Wit here in Chicago a few weeks back and I realize that what I am about to say may seem extreme but...the production was AMAZING and dare I say, almost better than the movie.
I know, I know...that seems crazy right? I mean the movies starred Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, classic amazing performers that we all love but you have to understand what these performers pulled off.

{Life} Things I Am Looking Forward to In March

Hey Delights!

Yes, I know we are already 10 days into March and I am just writing this post but it's all good because the things that I am looking forward to have not happened yet! HaHaaaaa!!! 😝

But anyway, I was looking forward to a little more warm weather & getting outside more but Mother Nature was like naw, so instead I am looking forward to doing things indoors.

My wee one aka the grand baby may be coming and I am STOKED! She is so much fun and my total mni me. It's really funny how much she acts like me even though we aren't related by blood but by marriage and love.

So one of the theater events in my calendar this month is a performance of The Wiz at Theater Wit. As I mentioned before, I LOVED the movie so I am hoping that they do it justice.

Last year around this time I had planned and was excitedly anticipating being in my favorite place, NYC. But last month I booked and cancelled another staycation...sigh....long, boring story but I just can't seem to get these little excursions to fit in, so I am not going to jinx myself this month and say exactly what I am going to do but I am going to make something happen come hell or high water! That phrase is so dramatic isn't it?

{On The Scene} The Chicago Auto Show

Hey Delights!

When I went to the Chicago Auto Show media day I was somewhat surprised at how much I was into the cars. Don't get me wrong, I love cars, especially the pretty colors & all the fancy tech gadgets but being on-site with SheBuysCars was majorly eye opening. You can check out a lot of what we got into via the hashtags #HyundaiCAS and #GenesisCAS. Unfortunately I got sick so I had to curtail my other plans to visit the auto show  but you can check out what I did share via my hastag #CurvatudeCAS

Scotty Reiss, co-founder of SheBuysCars expanded & blew my mind with the wealth of knowledge she has about the auto industry. Hearing her talk about the ways that we women have influenced the industry was especially interesting.

Women apparently influence the purchase of 85% of all cars. That's a lot of influence & buying power & automakers have definitely taken note, especially in the way that they now build and equip vehicles like minivans.

And while I would not be in the market for a family vehicle since my kid is grown & gone off living her own life, I do have very specific needs in a vehicle.

As I've gotten older I realize I don't want a really large vehicle and I don't want a really small vehicle. I also need a vehicle that is accommodating and flexible.

During our tour of the Chicago Auto Show we attended the press conference for the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT & GT Sport. 

{Events} The 2017 Chicago Auto Show #CurvatudeCAS

Hello Delights!

The Chicago Auto Show is always a great time. I love exploring all the new cars and revisiting some of my old favorites and especially checking out my dream rides!  I am especially excited this year to see all the different ways that they are using technology.

The Chicago Auto Show runs from Saturday, Feb 11th thru Monday, Feb 20th and there is something for everyone at the show, even the kids.

I will be sharing content live from the Chicago Auto Show on my Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter feeds starting this Thursday, Feb 9th via my hastag #CurvatudeCAS!

And you can also follow along on the #HyundaiCAS & #GenesisCAS hastags and @SheBuysCars on twitter as I will be joining them TONIGHT 2/8 for a Twitter party at 7pm cst and you should too! I will also be hanging out at the show with @SheBuysCars on Friday to share a preview of the show.

A photo posted by Jaye "Goody" Gipson-Trimble (@curvatude) on

Til next time!

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{Culture} The Court Theatre: Blues for an Alabama Sky

As I mentioned in my Fab Five Things I Am Looking Forward to In February post, seeing The Court Theatre's production of Pearl Cleage's Blues for an Alabama Sky was high on my list and it did not disappoint.

The actors draw you in from the very first scene and never let you go, not even when it's over.  Pearl Cleage has a very unique & special way with her characters. Her work tends to remind me of August Wilson in a way, but it is more relatable for me. Perhaps it's because she's a woman or maybe it has more to do with the fact that her work feels more expansive.
Blues for an Alabama Sky is set during the time that the Harlem Renaissance was ending and the Great Depression was beginning and deals with some of the challenges that black people faced during that time.

{Five Fab} Things I Am Looking Forward to In February

Sooo..I somehow manged to delete this and another post from this date, so this is a complete recreation from memory and mama is getting old, so my memory is not always so great...bwaa...Thankfully I hadn't read them on bloglovin, so I was able to get the entire text for the other one there but for this one, I only got the part before "the jump" but I do have the events in my calendar already & pictures to aid the rewrite process...anyway...use this a reminder to backup your site daily!

Happy February Delights!

I have a love/hate relationship with February. I hate that the Winter weather here in Chicago is usually at it's most brutal in February and how it can really wear me down. But there is also so much to love. Of course it's Black History Month and there is that little holiday, Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day sometimes gets such a bad rap. But I think it is a wonderful, love filled, colorful break from the darkness of Winter & a reminder that it won't last forever. And this year I am rethinking my Valentine's Day fashion and red, as much as I love it, is nowhere in the picture. Stay tuned.

How sweet is this Valentine's Day setup that Joe surprised me with for a previous Valentine's celebration? It still makes me smile...like HARD cheesin'. It was so thoughtful and so perfectly me.
This year's Black History Month feels more important than ever to me & I will be taking in as many events and activities related to it as possible. Here are a few of the events that I am planning to check out:

Pearl Cleage's Blues For An Alabama Sky at the Court Theatre


{Culture} The Theatre School at DePaul University Production: Night Runner

Soooo...I somehow managed to delete the original version of this post, so I am reposting it.

Hey Delights! 

So I ended up not going to the presentation at the DuSable Museum that I mentioned in my last Five Fab For the Weekend post because it was one of those all I want to do is get home, rip off my bra & get under the covers kind of a night. And while I am bummed about not seeing the presentation, my girls who know, know that the need to release yourself from the shackles of a bra trumps most things.

But as I mentioned in my review of The Cuckoo Theater Project's production of Women, getting theater in regularly is a must for 2017, so I did go and see The Theatre School at DePaul University's Night Runner and I really enjoyed it. The musical production centers around a 12 year old slave girl named Cora and the mystery Night Runner who helps slaves get to the freedom tree. They asked that you not take pictures during the performance, so I snapped this at the end.

{Culture} Play | The Cuckoo's Theater Project Production: Women

Hey Delights! One of my personal goals for 2017 is something that I actually talked about a lot during The 12 Days of January and that is getting back to the things that we love.  One of those things for me is to definitely get back to adding more theater and entertainment to my monthly calendar.

Some of the best theater that I've ever seen has been in really small independent play houses and the play "Women", The Cuckoo's Theater Project production now playing at The Pentagon Theater at Collaboraction Studios is no exception.
As a young girl who read everything she could get her hands on, Louise May Alcott's Little Women was one of many favorite classic books that I read. And although I did not see a representation of myself in it being a little black girl from the west side of Chicago, I did feel a connection the coming of age stories that it featured.

{Events} Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Life Weekend in NYC #FunFearlessLife

Cosmopolitan Magazine is hosting it's first ever Fun Fearless Life Conference in New York City this weekend, Nov 8th & 9th and yours truly will be there covering it.

I love the name that they chose. It just speaks to everything that I feel life should be, an adventure. One where you don't sit on the sidelines but where you go out and meet life and all of her ups and downs fearlessly.

On tap for the Fun Fearless Life Conference will be some of the most AWEsome and influential women like Sophia Amoruso, the Nasty Gal founder & Kelly Osbourne (yes miss fab hair herself). And the guys will be there too, including twitter CEO Dick Costolo. They will all be sharing their take on life, careers, health, dating and everything in between, which I am sure will consist of a lot of lessons and laughter.

This is a Cosmo event, so of course there will be beauty makeovers and shopping but I am most excited about the scheduled events. They will cover a full range of topics from fashion to fitness (with my crush Jillian Michaels), career planning and social media upgrading to home ownership.

So, if you will be in NYC, snag a ticket and tweet me so that we can connect or follow along via the #FunFearlessLife tag and my twitter and instagram feeds as I will of course be sharing ALOT!.

{Plus Size Brands} Chocolate Sushi Couture Spring 2014 Preview

I love supporting women owned businesses and especially those focused on plus size fashion like my girl Niehla O, the designer behind Chocolate Sushi Couture.

She recently previewed looks from her Spring collection.

The event was held at Blair Chic, another fav plus size business that has been featured here on the blog often.


{Fab Five} + A Few Things From The Weekend

Sweet Sunday morning lovelies!

Lots of open items on my to do this list & I am grateful that I am starting to feel like myself again & actually beginning to get things done. After working out, today will be spent mainly putting in some overdue work on projects.

I am so ready for Spring & I have been working to bring some really pretty pieces to Closet Fete. This necklace set & stud drop earrings are just a couple of items. I hope you will love them as much as I do {and will buy them} ;).


{Fun} Brunch With The Girls & What I Wore

I hosted a brunch this past weekend @ my boo Jonquil's flat and it was a lovely 
way to spend time with some of my fav girls.

The menu was what I like to call simple southern.  
Nutella french toast, shrimp & grits, eggs, turkey sausage and some sweet libations.


Chicago {Beauty} Event: Wakeup Your Makeup w/Glossed & Found + Neiman Marcus

Glossed & Found is partnering with Neiman Marcus to kick-off their brand new cosmetics department.

"Wakeup Your Makeup" is Saturday, August 24th @ Neiman Marcus Michigan Ave.


 The doors open at 8 am!

Yes, you have to GET UP early to WAKEUP Your Makeup ladies, but I think it will be fun & worth it.

There will be a cosmetics runway show at 8:30 am AND you can book a makeover or facial for a little pampering after the show (see worth it).

To attend, you MUST send an email with your preferred makeup brands so that they can try to get you an appointment to RSVPMICHIGANAVE@NeimanMarcus.com you can sign up for facials and makeup sessions, nosh on eats, sip mimosas and snag a swag bag.

See you there!

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{Event} Recap: Chicago Blogger Network & One Medical #OMcbn

Recently Chicago Blogger Network teamed up with One Medical and threw a lil shindig.  It was the first time that our fearless leader Kelly had been able to join us in a LONG time and I was so glad to see her!!!

I got to hang with my fabs, KOB, Jill and the rest of the CBN crew while sipping drinks & noshing on eats.

Also Jamie Campbell was in the house to entertain us with his comedy set. He was funny and even heckled me (yes the comedian was the heckler) & found out why I am called Curvatude :) You can learn more about him here.

In case you are not aware, One Medical is a new concept that for providing primary care, from the way you make your appointment to the ease with which you can follow up with your doctor.

They are currently offering a complimentary first-year membership (which I signed up for). Just enter the code OM13XCHI04 on their site. The offer ends August 15th.

As always when I am with my CBN fam, a good time was had.

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p.s. i am participating in #31WriteNow

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