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{Community} Fat Does Not Equal...

Hey Delights!

So there is a new piece out in the June/July issue of People StyleWatch about Ashley Graham with her being quoted in response to the question "You exude body-confidence. How did you learn to turn off that negative voice we all have?" as saying"
There are some days when I feel fat

Ok. I follow Ashley Graham on Instagram & for the most part I would say she seems like a fun, sometimes self deprecating person. But I have had conversations in private before about Ashley but I am going to talk a little bit about her in public today.


{Fashion} Khloe Kardashian's Good American Denim Brand

Update: The jeans have dropped and I LOVE the variety of body types that they are using in the campaignSome things to note: These jeans will not have pocket labels on them because Khloe wants the wearer to stand out, not a brand name.

They are also a premium brand, so they are selling at premium denim prices. I know some people online were expressing their displeasure at this but to that I say, hey I am glad that we can get $30 jeans AND $150 jeans in our sizes just like the smaller sized women can

My only problem would be if they aren't well made & don't fit right. But looking at the campaign pics & videos, I don't think that's the case. But I plan to get my hand on a pair, in particular THESE because I love the wash and the rips and I will let you know for sure.
My favorite Kardashian, Khloe partnered with Emma Grede is launching a denim collection called Good American that will include plus sizes (up to size 24) & will be available at Nordstrom! The size inclusive collection is due to drop 10/18/16 and from the looks of the teasers that Khloe has been posting, this might be good.

Khloe announced the launch on her instagram account saying:
"This has been such an incredible journey and I feel so blessed to be able to bring this line to women everywhere of ALL shapes and sizes. I can’t wait to show you!!...Let's love our curves ladies!!!"
Yes indeed Khloe, let's love our curves. And really, is there anything that compares to a curve lovin' pair of denim? I think not. The right jeans can take what you already have and just showcase it!

LOL...can you tell I love a good pair of jeans?

According to WWD:

"the line offers three silhouettes: Good Legs (skinny), Good Cuts (boyfriend) and Good Waist (high-waisted). Sportswear staples such as bodysuits, T-shirts and sweatshirts are also part of the offering in the inaugural fall collection"
And if you remember Kardashian Kurves, the brand that the family sold at Sears, you like me would be kinda excited about this because the jeans I tried from that brand fit really well.

Over the past couple of days, more images of the #goodsquad as the brand ambassadors/models have been labeled, have been posted and there are two notable plus size figures in the mix, blogger Gabi Fresh and model Jordyn Woods.

Khloe is all about having "good booty" LOL, so I am definitely looking forward to the arrival of this brand.

What say you? 
Are you excited for the Good American denim launch?

Did you miss the Fab Five For the Weekend? Well, check it out HERE!

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it.

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{Link Love} Shouts & Raves | Vol 1

It has been so long since I have ranted or raved about things that I am loving or hating or shared links from my favorite sites, etc so I wanted to get back in the habit of doing so.  And there is lots to share, as my blog/twitter and just general interest feeds run deep. I mean...seriously deep and of course it's not just fashion, it's filled with beauty, home decor, travel, business, money, photography and more.

Speaking of favorites, I recently purchased a light box. I have wanted one forever and I am glad I finally just got one. Have you had something on your list that you have wanted forever? Just get it girl. Life is for the living and enjoying NOW!

Cinema Light box
Loving my #lightbox, so expect to see it A LOT 😜 Deets on this one & others>  www.liketk.it/27Gfl #liketkit #tealover

Anyway, on to the shoutin' and ravin'...

Come Thru With The Body Diversity Barbie! #TheDollEvolves

Introducing the 2016 Barbie® Fashionistas™ Dolls. The dolls, which comes in 4 body types, including Curvy, Petite &Tall, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles will be available at various times throughout the year.  Here's a look at the new Curvy versions. They all come with their own fashion personalities & accessories, from sporty to everyday chic.

While this is a long overdue move for the iconic franchise that has been under fire for years now because of it's unrealistic body proportions among other things, I give Mattel kudos for making this happen and in such a huge way.


{Fun} James Corden & Adele Carpool Karaoke

So much going on in the world now that just makes you want to crawl under the covers and stay forever, so I am always grateful for moments that just make you smile and that is the case with the latest Carpool Karaoke from The Late Late Show with James Corden featuring Adele.

Watch, laugh, sing along & smile because just as we all suspected, Adele is truly a "spice girl" & BFF you wish you had and BONUS: she can RAP too and does Nicki Minaj proud!

Oh and in case you missed it, another fav from the show...James doing his thang with Jennifer Hudson!

Have a great one!


{Fun} I LOVE This: Jennifer Hudson Carpool Karaoke

Hey Lovelies!

Just stopping in to share something that made me laugh, smile and SANG!

I have obviously been sleeping on James Corden and The Late Late Show but I am now awake. This carpool karaoke video featuring Jennifer Hudson and James sanging is AWESOME!



{Five Fab} Pieces From Emme's Plus Size Style Ideel Collaboration

Hey Lovelies!

Note: The second collection consisting of prints has posted and the third collection consisting of Vivid Brights & Florals will launch March 9th!

I have written before about ideel being one of my favorite online shopping haunts so I am excited to see that they have tapped plus supermodel Emme to curate three collections.  

The first collection contains 65 pieces and is all about the classic colors black and white.

Here are a five fab pieces from the first collection that I love.


{Life} A Woman of Change #NaBloPoMo #womenslives

Today's prompt: It's Women's History Month. There has been so many important women who have shaped the world. Who do you immediately think of when you think about women (past or present) who bring about change?

{Was knocked out on meds last night, so this post is a day late

The first name that came to my mind when I read this prompt was "The Big O", Oprah.

Happy birthday to the BIG O! You are one of my greatest inspirations!! #Oprah

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Goody (@curvatude) on

I can not think of anyone who has impacted more lives and in turn made our world better. I remember when I used to watch her show religiously. It shaped my world. I learned so much and was influenced in such a positive way by the variety of guests,etc that she featured.

From pushing reading to her putting herself out there as not some super woman but a real woman just trying to do her best because at the end of the day, that is all we can do.

Oprah definitely has and continues to bring about change in a world that is desperately in need of it.

What say you? 
What woman do you immediately think of who has brought about change? 


Plus Size {Fashion} Pick Of The Day: Rebel Wilson in Custom Eloquii #PlusSizePick

Today's #PlusSizePick is this fab fit and flare pique dress from Eloquii that Rumor Wilson just rocked to the ELLE UK Style awards in London.

Rumor looks gorgeous and her version of the dress was customized by the brand and a pink layer was added & the neckline was slightly changed but the dress totally rocks as it was originally made in both the red and the blue colors that it comes in.

Shop this dress HERE!

What say you? Would you rock this dress? 

What do you think of the custom changes for Rebel?


{Rock}'n Khloe Kardashian Celebrity Style w/Curvatude

This latest edition of Rocking Celebrity Style was inspired by this simple, sexy look from Khloe Kardashian.

While I am a fan of all the KUWTK crew for various reasons, Khloe is without a doubt my fav and her style evolution over the past couple of years has been a fun thing to witness.

I considered wearing the skirt from this post featuring me rocking Kim Kardashion's style because with the exception of the mesh hem, it's a pretty good match to what Khloe wore but I went with this knit faux wrap skirt (last seen here), which I love, mainly because I love the sexy drape of it.


{Community} Hate Is Apparently In Vogue

I rarely write posts about this kind of stuff but I felt compelled to do so because the uproar over that Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover is pretty silly to me.

I posted the comment above on several social channels and one person replied "I think it's an industry thing. We feel like models need to be there instead of celebs. It's more of a question to what Vogue has become"

To which I replied "Well models are rarely on covers nowadays & its only this amount of vitriol, which I find comical, because its Kim"

I mean here are recent Vogue covers. All featuring women who I adore by the way, who are high profile but not a one is a model. But they all are known world wide and sought out because of their accomplishments.

And while people like to say that Kim is famous for the sex tape, she is definitely more than that. She and her family have built an empire because they are personalities. And I think Kim probably does more for fashion than most. The sheer volume of  pictures that hit the web and publications of her because of what she is wearing is probably not trumped by many.

People complain about reality tv and the people who have become famous from it but guess what? The shows aren't watching themselves. It's the very people going around ranting and being vile who are watching. It's almost kinda barbaric is nature. Indulge in it and then denigrate it as sport.

And besides all of that, the fact that bothers me the most is that I find the constant barrage of nasty & demeaning comments about celebrities in general but especially about Kim and other women, disgusting.

I say it all the time, the more we are connected with technology, the worse humans seem to get.  As a society we have gotten so immune to ugliness that its become the standard.  People seem to think that if someone is famous that they are open game to be dehumanized and treated anyway they please.

Whatever happened to if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?  Or if you aren't a fan, keep it moving. 

And what exactly qualifies a person to be on a cover of a fashion magazine?  Probably that you are famous. That you have influence. That people are interested in them. Kim and Kanye meet all of those standards.

So, the declarations of subscription cancellations, etc just seem silly.


{Fun} Maria Menounos We Hardly Knew You!


Coughing my life away had me up at 2 in the morning & so I clicked on instagram and came across the #thanksgivingdancewars between Maria Menounos, Derek Hough, Julia Hough and Mark Ballas.


{Fun} Congratulations Amber Riley!

Confession: I don't watch Dancing With The Stars but I am over the moon geeked that Amber Riley danced her way to victory on the show.

Amber has always been one of the entertainers who I just naturally expect to excel and she has not let me down.

She's a complete package: beautiful, talented and smart!

I love this quote from her: "So I want to let women of all sizes out there know, you can do whatever you put your mind to. It doesn't matter what size you are, what color you are, you can do whatever, whatever, WHATEVER you put your mind to!"

And I couldn't agree more!

Congrats girl & keep making us proud! 

Oprah's {Fierce} Big Hair, Don't Care September O Mag Cover

I immediately posted this pic on my instagram a couple of days ago when
I saw Oprah post it to her twitter account. I am so in love with this look!

The Big O looks so FIERCE!
And she is working the heck out of that dress!

The wig weighs 3.5 lbs and it was transported in bubble wrap
 and a custom-made, bright pink travel box with a built-in stand to keep it upright.

Check out how the look was put together here!

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p.s. i am participating in #31WriteNow

{Rock}in Gwyneth Paltrow Style w/Curvatude

This installment of Rocking Celebrity Style features the chic, simple style of Ms Goop herself, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth wore this look to the Hugo Boss for Boss Nuit Pour Femme event recently and the moment I saw it, I knew that I could easily rock it...


{Rock}in Kim Kardashian Style w/Curvatude

A few months back Kim Kardashian rocked this fun, casual cool look and I loved it. 

I had already purchased a similar varsity jacket (similar here) from Payhalf and fast forward a few months or so ago when I purchased the sheer panel skirt from forever 21 (shown here) and Kim K's look came to mind, so I decided to feature it as my latest Rockin' Celebrity Style post.

And like so many other posts, I took photos and life kept swoopin away. In January I actually started the post but with the devastating passing of "the beast", the last thing I cared about was blogging so it ended up in the draft dungeon.

As mentioned here, I was motivated to post it today....so here ya go...


{Fab Five} Immersing Myself in {Life}...

After Monday, I am not really up to being social or even talking period, so I have just been keeping a low profile and trying to immerse myself in things that are happy and make me smile and/or laugh...

Here are few...

Is Prince not EVERYTHING on this cover? Sorry Jenny Lo...


{fun} Tim Gunn @ The Union League of Chicago

As mentioned in my packing post, I made a pit stop to say hello to Tim Gunn & grab a copy of his Fashion Bible on my way to the airport last Friday. He was of course dapper to the nine and as you can see, I even got him a little excited! ;)


{Rock}in Celebrity Style w/Curvatude: Jennifer Hudson

It has been forever since I have done one of these posts! 
My first one featured Rihanna in a cute, casual look.

I saw this pic of Jennifer Hudson wearing this fabulous animal print 
dress months ago and realized that I own (and have never worn) one that
has a similar vibe, so it seemed that another round was due.


{rock} Queen Latifah's HSN Queen Collection

I am a huge Queen Latifah fan and I have always loved her style, so I have been watching her HSN Queen Collection every since it dropped last year and I am glad to say that once again, the Queen seems to be really bringing fashion that offers something for everyone.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the current collection.

And this Sequin Shoulder Cowl-Neck Dress comes in so many fab colors...
these are my two favs.

I seriously need this animal print one! Like seriously!
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