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{Life} My Word of the Year

Hey Delights!

As I mentioned here, my word of the year found me and it was born out of ending 2017 and starting 2018 sick.

Obviously being sick always sucks but something really beautiful came out of me not being able to talk for a week and countless nights of coughing fit interrupted sleep. When I was awake, I was insanely determined to not let being sick stop me from getting ish done.

And so in the midst of hours at my desk, in between sips of tea & orange juice, sucking on cough drops, cranking away at my to do lists, my word of the year just came to me.
This picture was actually taken on a day I was supposed to run a 5K but ended up limping it because my legs were just not having it that day. I was pretty much one of the last people to finish & they had basically packed everything up when I did but not finishing was never an option for me.

Marble Print Planner + Gold Foil To Do Stickers {Giveaway}

Hey Delights!

As mentioned in my Janaury To Do List post, I am giving away this super cute marble print 2018 weekly planner. It is exactly like the one that I own, except mine is from July 2017 - Dec 2018 and this one runs from Jan-Dec 2018.

This stickers are really great for adding visualization to planning and the planner is a little powerhouse of efficiency for me and at 5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches, it is a perfect size for carrying around with you. It features:
  • 56 week calendar
  •  Week Per Page Spread
  • 12 Full Month Planning Spreads
  • An Address & Notes Section
And as I shared in my How A Planner & Stickers Are Changing My Life post, I highly recommend utilizing a planner as a tool to keep track of and get things done in your life.

So, I am keeping this short and simple because I want to winner to get it and get into it.

And as the famous statement goes, "with membership comes perks". 

{Life} January To Do List

OMG Delights!

January has arrived with a bang and although I am currently sick and the weather has been so over the top cold, I am excited for this fresh 365 and doing the damn thing.

As mentioned in my December To Do list, we went on our epic road trip to from Chicago to Mississippi to Minnesota and back again over Christmas with the wee ones. I really wanted to make it a memorable time for them, so I added a lot of fun but simple touches around the flat. I ordered a simple Scandinavian style table and chairs and added cute pops of red, lights and the cardboard deer I have had for a couple of years now (last seen here).
Table (also similar and more options here) | Chair Set
And while there were definitely some oh my gawd what were we thinking moments and I got sick, I would totally do it all over again.  During a moment of chill at one of the various hotels we stayed at, I rocked this cute plaid pajama set, which I snagged for under $11!! I also have it in the heather grey stripes and I ordered it in another color but missed the in store pick up deadline because we were on the road.
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{Life} December To Do List

Hey Delights!

When I started writing this post, we were halfway into December and the month was moving so fast. This past weekend I joined my blogger boos for the the Eloquii/Halfstack Magazine event (I recapped it a little here) It was also Joe's birthday, so Saturday was a long day...a fun one but a long one nonetheless.

Also the other night we were invited to check out the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier and I totally felt like a little kid again. I was so excited to be there. It really felt magical and put me in such a great mood. It's like being outside enjoying everything that you love about Winter and Christmas without freezing in the cold weather.
Oversized Eyelet Sweater (c/o - use code curvatude20 for 20% off $59+) | Jeans: old/ASOS Curve | Nikes (c/o last seen here)
As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

{Life} Where I Stand - November 2017 Recap

Hey Delights!

December has arrived with a bang and although it feels like it is already moving way too fast, I am super excited. We picked our tree up last weekend and I am in the process of getting it all decorated. But even as it sits bare and fragrant as I am writing this post, it still just makes me smile.
As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

p.s I love these Sateen Jeans c/o - another look wearing them.  And I have stocked up on this t-shirt. It is super affordable (currently on sale 2/$12) and of course you can never have too many, so I have it in plain colors and the animal print. I also ordered a navy one and this strip version today to pick up in store later. And the compliments seriously never stop with these studded boots

Anyway, I am writing this recap later than I originally planned but I am not stressed by that. My goal is simply to keep moving forward and get the things done and not fret and regret.

So, to recap November's goals...

A {Bloggers Life} Connect & Grow in a Modern Social World

Hey Delights!

As a blogger there are so many different things that I constantly find myself working on. One of them is staying up on all of the ever changing ways that I can improve my site to better connect with and provide content of value for you, my dear readers. So I try to read up on blogging, social media and the like as much as I can. And one of the sources that I always reach for is Modern Social Magazine.

I have been a reader of Modern Social Magazine since I first highlighted it back in 2015. And there has never been a time that I have read an issue and not found myself being exposed to something new, whether it be a new perspective, conferences to consider attending or a new blogger/entrepreneur that I love. There is always something of value to be found.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
Desk: Z Gallerie (similar versions below) | Get Chic Done Tray | Brass Globe Desk Lamp (last seen here & also comes in silver) | Gold Tipped Light Bulb | Similar Monogram Mug | Tablet Stand | Gold/Acrylic Stapler | Similar Gold Skull Bank  | Similar File Folders - here & here

{LIFE} November To Do List

Hey Delights!

Posting some of my "to do's" on the blog was something that I did for a couple of months way back in 2014 and I have decided to start doing so again. Obviously one of the main goals of public to do lists is to hold yourself accountable and I am determined to beat the procrastination beast that has haunted me forever, so I can use all the accountability checks I can get.

Soooo, I will post monthly important "to do's" along with a keep it real "Where I Stand review" for each month of how I am progressing (example).  I debated starting this month. I mean we are in the heart of festive season, so productivity outside of fun stuff is not usually a top priority. But as I noted in the latest CurvaCast, I am amped and ready to make things happen. So I will still be getting my festive on but lets just say that this will be a gift that I am giving to myself.😊

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchase
look originally featured here

{Life} How A Planner & Stickers Are Changing My Life

Hey Fab! As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. By doing so, you help to keep this blog going & I appreciate & thank you for it. 

Hey Delights!

I have really been working on purging and organizing my life and while I probably buy 2 or more planners most years, I rarely ended up using them which was really frustrating. At the beginning of 2017 I purchased a larger full year planner but a month or so ago, I found the matching smaller version below that goes from July 2017 - Dec 2018 that is way easier for me to carry around.

{Living} The Facade Of Safety: Staying Safe At Home & While Traveling

Hey fabs. I started this post a couple of days after the Kim Kardashian West robbery in Paris and I wanted to share a few things that I have been thinking about.  In particular I want to talk a bit about the "facade of safety". The facade of safety is something I think we all have especially in places that
are familiar to us, as apparently the private hotel that Kim was staying at was to her.

Granted because of her celebrity status there are lots of other security elements that Kim needs to address but I wanted to share a few things that I think are important for anyone, especially we women to be aware of.

I think we all need to remember that hotels, even private ones are not 100% safe and that we should be really vigilant about making sure that we take every precaution available to us. When I stay in hotels I always do a walk thru upon entering and I use the security bolt or latch even if I am just in the room for a few minutes. It’s just always been a simple thing that I think you should do.

You should also take precaution when opening the door for hotel "staff". Use the peephole, pay attention to what they are wearing and if you didn't call for them or wasn't expecting them, it is more than ok to talk to them via a closed, locked door.


{A Blogger's Life} Fun With rewardStyle In Chicago

Hey Fabs!

A few weeks back my rewardStyle family came to town & hosted a cool food styling and photography workshop. The workshop was taught by culinary artists, Chef Elaina Vazquez, who owns the fabulous space that it took place in, Brique and photographer Anna Petrow.

Photo: Hayet Rida
TopAshley Stewart | Similar Shorts here & more here | New Look Glitter Flats via ASOS  Similar Mirrored Sunglasses: Steve Madden found at discount store | Watch: Fitbit Surge (at a major discount!)

{A Bloggers Life} It's Handled! Take The Scandal Out of Your Email

Hey Fabs!

I don't know about yours but my email inbox has been off the chain lately with an over abundance of emails from retailers. I mean I get it, 'tis the season and all that and I like knowing about the sales but the clogging up of my inbox is no bueno.

Clean Up Your Email Inbox
And while I didn't save myself from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday onslaught of emails (my gawd), thankfully there is a solution for me & you going forward.  I have been using Unroll.me casually for quite some time now but after this insane influx of emails the past few days, I am definitely getting more vigilant about it.

If you are not familiar, you use Unroll.me to unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want to be on and manage the ones that you do so that you still get them, just not in five hundred different emails but in 1 daily email (that is archived, so you can always go back & review them).

And BONUS, they now have an iPhone app that I downloaded and LOVE! Now I can read & manage my emails from my phone while I am out and about on transit, standing in lines or wherever. And all it takes is a swipe left, right or up depending on if I want to unsubscribe, keep or rollup the email from the sender and bam, my email is handled! Thank you Unroll.me.

I am all about being more productive as we greet the coming new year & this is just one of several systems I am putting into place to make it happen. Viva technology!

How are you prepping for the New Year?

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FabFitFun- Spring

{Challenges} Giving #Vlogtober A Go!: Day 1

Hey Fabs!

Happy October! 

One of the things that always challenges me to the point where I just never do it, is video blogging. Or more accurately, editing vlogs. I will record a video and that's no big deal but then when it comes time to edit it, I just lose all my mojo for it.

Maybe it's because I am not using the best software but it just takes me such a long time {insert sad violin playing}. Bwaaaa..

I have managed to put out a few that I actually got through and liked as evidenced on my youtube page but there are so many other things that I would love to share via video and just don't.

Soooo...I thought why not join in on this Vlogtober challenge, which is simply a challenge to post a video blog every day of October. I figure at a minimum I will get in the habit of just getting behind the video camera more.

And since I love the spontaneity of Periscope (follow me!!), I will most likely be using it all month to live broadcast and then post the videos to my youtube channel.

So to begin...day 1 of Vlogtober oh and going forward the videos will be in landscape..womp!

Upon request, I have added links to some of the items in this video!


A {Bloggers Life} Tools For Planning & Growth

Hey Lovelies!

One of the things that I vowed to myself this year was that while I will definitely work to bring consistent content to the blog via features, etc, I am not making any promises or declaring that anything will happen on any particular schedule because I am at my best when I am spontaneous and just going with what I am feeling or interested in at the moment.

Now this spontaneity does not mean that I am not planning, because I am and I am doing so with the help of some new tools.

One such tool is EPIC BLOG: One Year Editorial Planner, which is as reviews online will attest to, a godsend. Regina has really broken down all the things that make up blogging into manageable pieces, so that you can create your action plan and spend more time hopefully (for me) being creative.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
Epic Blog Planner One Year Editorial Planner

I also signed up for Modern Social Magazine where you can learn all kinds of things from bloggers, social media stars and more on a host of topics and get info on things like blogger conferences to the latest and greatest social media strategies and everything in between.

These are just a couple of the things that I have done and I hope that all of this will result in content that you find interesting, helpful and even sometimes just fun and silly.

Stay tuned...

Let's Connect!


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{Challenges} Women's History Month #NaBloPoMo Post Prompts #womenslives

Hey Lovelies!

I have sporadically participated in the #NaBloPoMo blog challenges and definitely want to get in on it for March, Women's History Month because the prompts are pretty good.

The theme of the month is News, so that theme is married in with Women's History Month so the topics consist of light topics like Most news reporters on television have a sign off statement. What would be your sign off statement and why?to more serious, interesting topics like writing an open letter thanking a historical figure for her contributions to the world to sharing why you would or would not ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict to what is the biggest obstacle facing women today from reaching their goals?

So a wide range of topics, some specifically geared towards your own personal reflection but others geared more towards your impression of the current world we live in as a whole. The hastag #womenslives is also being used as a part of a women's initiative taking place to help important coverage related to women get discovered online to make a difference. Learn more here.

Have you ever or are you planning to participate in NaBloPoMo?


{A Blogger's Life} Photo Shoot Outtakes #Throwback

Hello Lovelies!

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the crazy, funny, and sometimes exhausting things that occurs when I am taking pictures for the blog.

I have mentioned before how the weather can be really challenging. For example, the wind would not let my hair be great here and was blowing it all over, so we had to stop, regroup and change our angle.

On this shoot, we actually had to stop shooting and go into Walgreens to buy hairspray and my poor hair ended up stiff as a board because the wind had whipped it and any little bit of curl that I had was gone. (Check out the final pics on this post HERE)


{Challenges} December #NaBloPoMo Post Prompts

November was my first attempt at #NaBloPoMo and while I did not blog daily, I got quite a few posts out, so I will give myself a C+ for my efforts.

For December I decided that in addition to my normal pots, I would use the #NaBloPoMo Post Prompts as a guide for posts as well.

Here are the weekday prompts that Blogher has listed for the challenge.

December's theme is all about JOY, so the topics consists of things like "What is on your happy playlist?" and "What food always makes you feel happy while you're eating it?" to deeper topics like "Buddha said, "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Do you believe this is true?"

I like that they chose Joy as the topic for the month.  December can be such a emotional time in both good and bad ways, so I think that a collective group of people focusing on JOY can only be a good thing.


A {Blogger's Life} Aint Easy But I Wouldn't Change A Thing #NaBloPoMo

I just returned from NYC yesterday and I am of course getting back into the groove things. Latching back on to all the things I have to do but also really processing a lot of the information that I took in while at the Cosmo Mag Fun Fearless Life conference. More on that to come.

Today in Chicago it is basically going to start out as a lovely Fall day and then end up, rainy & Winter and of course I have a shoot...outside...el oh el...sigh...

Some people think blogging is easy but trust me, it's NOT!  

For someone like me who really tries to create a experience out of my outfits posts, a lot of work goes into it. On an average shoot, my kid and I take 100+ pictures and I usually only end up using about 5 or so. And not because we don't get a lot of good shots because we capture a lot of fun ones like this look from my Plaid, Key To My Heart post, that never get posted.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger Plaid Skirt Faux Fur Vest Felt Fedora

And this is because I think 5-7 or so is more than enough to convey a look. Do you agree?

And then there is finding a location that will be fun and enhance the look or the product if I am working with a brand. Like the shoot for the look above, we moved this until I felt that we were really capturing nature in a way that would make the images pop and really showcase the look.

These are just a couple of the many things to consider. And today we are getting a late start because my kid works, so we will definitely be working against mother nature when she is off late in the afternoon but as much of a challenge as it can be, I wouldn't change any of it.

I love blogging and I love sharing bits of my life, my personality, my style and I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick check in and oh here is another pic that I snapped from my favorite view while in my favorite place on the planet..it never gets old to me...

View Over Central Park New York City

Central Park just makes me smile...

And last but not least, happy Veteran's Day to all of out veterans.
Thank you doesn't feel adequate enough.


{What I Ate} and I am Joining in on #NaBloPoMo

Years ago I joined in on NaNoWriMo and started writing a book so this new (to me) blogging challenge based off of it called NaBloPoMo is something that I am excited to get into because my goal is to continually get better about sharing regular content here on le blog.

NaBloPoMo November 2014And what better season for this than now. With the holidays fast approaching, we all can sometimes get so busy that some things and in particular for me, the blog can definitely get pushed to the wayside.

So, it's day 1 of NaBloPoMo and truth be told I am writing this after a very longgggg but fulfilling day while soaking in the bath and with one eye open because I am soooooo sleepy. But I wanted to get off to a good start by getting in day 1. I mean come on...it's the least I can do right?

And to sweeten up the post a little, I am sharing here on the blog finally that I have gone completely vegan. I say here on the blog because I have been posting about it on social media for a couple of weeks now under the hastag #CurvesGoneVegan.

More to come on this but in the meantime, here are some of the good vegan eats that I have been consuming.


Insta {My Style} Recap + My Favorite iPhone Photo Timer App

Most days I am on my own either at the flat or running around town, so I don't always have someone to take pictures of me & I definitley don't always want to drag my camera & tripod out.

On those days I have found ways to set up my phone on the most random of surfaces & use my favorite camera w/timer app, Camera Awesome to snap pics of myself. I LOVE this app and have used it for over a year now & it really makes this blogger's photo life actual happen more often.

And on other days, if we haven't scheduled a shoot, I am either meeting my rugrat for various reasons & she snaps a few shots on my phone for me.

On rare occasions I can convince Joe to snap a pic or two but that is sometimes like pulling teeth. Annoying. (ugh).

So as a result, a lot of my daily looks are posted on my instagram account. And as mentioned here, I am trying to get better about posting things before they sell out but in general I am not the type who wears new things right away but I will try and post more of my newer purchases to instagram as well.

Cold, rainy day today... #whatiwore

These shoeties (similar) are one of my favorite shoes EVER! 
They have been my go-to's in a major way lately. The felt bag is from one of my favorite Randolph Street Market vendors, the Winding Road. I own several of her pieces.


{Tech} A Blogger's Life: 6 Photo Editing Sites & Apps to Love

This is a series that I am starting or rather continuing where I will share the different technology applications and sites that I love. (See my shopping apps post, which I will soon be updating).

Blogging 101 always includes the need to have nice graphics and pictures on your posts and if you aren't a photoshop whiz, doing so can sometimes be really daunting.

Thankfully there are sites and apps that can make things easier.  Here is a list of some that I am currently using. I will go into more details about them in later posts.

Photo Editing & Collages
  • PicMonkey - The new darling of online photo editing. (Get a free day of upgraded features via my link) I created this image with it.
  • Pixlr - Great online/phone app with lots of filters, etc that is easy to use
  • PicStitch - Simple to use collage maker.
  • Instagrids - I like how it breaks up one pic into many & I will definitely be using this more often.
  • Instasize - Nothing worse than pictures that don't fit on instagram, this app fixes all of that.
  • Camera Awesome - Lots to love but I especially dig the timer on this for those moments when I am out alone but want to snap a selfie!

What are your favorite photo editing sites/apps?

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