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Hello and Welcome to Curvatude!

Jaye Gipson-Trimble - Founder/Editor

I am a reformed investments bean counter turned entrepreneur who loves: family, fashion, beauty and living life to the fullest.  Curvatude is literally a cornucopia of things that I love (and don't) but especially it is a LOVE letter to women to love your body as she is and to LIVE life to the fullest.

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What you will find here: 

Lots of outfit posts and other fashion features, home decor (shhhh...don't tell but I love it more than fashion), events that I cover & host, like my Curvy Girls Tea, reviews, food I love, and destinations that I travel to, from stay-cations to fun getaways.

2017 brought lots of fun, new changes to Curvatude and 2018 will bring many, many more including more big and tall fashion via the What He Wore series and more events.


I believe that living out loud is the ultimate luxury.

I don't feel limited by the size on the tag in my dress.

I am not big on following other peoples rules.

I will wear sequins any time of the day and listen to Christmas music all year long (fight me!! šŸ˜†).

I love dancing and singing in the rain.

Reading is a life necessity.

Music fuels my soul.

I am addicted to bags, bags and more bags.

I love autumn leaves & shopping is my nirvana, from Home Depot to Tiffany's!


Sean W.

Big & Tall Model

Sean is an actor and comic from Ohio who is now living his dreams in Chicago.

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