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Hello and Welcome to Curvatude!

Jaye Gipson-Trimble - Founder/Editor

Hey Fabs, Jaye aka Goody here!

I am a reformed investments bean counter turned entrepreneur who loves: family, fashion, beauty and living life to the fullest.  Curvatude is literally a cornucopia of things that I love (and don't) and a LOVE letter to women to love your body as she is and to LIVE life to the fullest.

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What you will find here: 

Lots of outfit posts and other fashion features like, 3 Ways To Rock It, 10 Pieces for 30 Days and more. Events that I host and cover, food I love, and destinations that I travel to, from stay-cations to dream vacations.

2015 has brought lots of new changes to Curvatude. I have welcomed two new contributors, Zadry G & Merrie K and added something that I have always loved and wanted to share, Men's Fashion!


I believe that living out loud is the ultimate luxury.

I don't feel limited by the size on the tag in my dress.

I am not big on following other peoples rules.

I will wear sequins any time of the day and listen to Christmas music all year long.

I am a big foodie and share lots of pics of my food on instagram and soon you will find more here too.

I love dancing and singing in the rain.

Reading is a life necessity.

Music fuels my soul.

I am addicted to bags, bags and more bags.

I love autumn leaves & shopping is nirvana, from Home Depot to Tiffany's!


Zadry G


Hey beautiful people! 

My name is Zadry, pronounced Za-dree but you can call me Z for short. I'm a 39 year old Afro-Latina born in Panama, raised in Brooklyn and marinated in Miami. 

I'm a life enthusiast, "Curvemmunity" activist, and budding feminist. My little piece of the web is Curves a la Mode.

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