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{Fab Five} For the Weekend Vol. 15

Hey Delights!

Welcome to the first Fab Five For the Weekend of 2018! I am so excited for this year. Well I am excited for every single day that I have breath but there is just something different in the air. Something almost magical. And I am just taking it in and not questioning it and rolling with it because I need all the magic I can get. You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet around here. I have been dealing with some personal muck but I actually wrote this post over 2 weeks ago so here it is, a little earlier in the week than normal but here nonetheless.

Oh and the new blog space is dropping on Wordpress as mentioned in my January To Do List. I went with Bluehost as my because so many of my favorite sites use it, so I feel confident that it will be a good fit for my site.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

Wear: Although it is still very much winter, we like so many other cities have had almost 60 degree weather in Chicago from time to time this winter. And then a day later we could easily get a bunch of snow. There is no predicting anything with the weather. And because even in the midst of the coldest of coldest days I am liable to be a sweaty mess, the key for me is always to layer, layer...player...

So on one such warmer day, I wore the shut your mouth, I am not here for it N O P E Sweatshirt (featured here) under my always come though faux leather cape.

Shop:  I wish it was already spring & time for slip-on and go shoes, it ain't.  So while I love my colorful duck boots, I wanted a more neutral color pair of boots so I ordered these black eskimo boots. They have lots of great reviews and I will share my thoughts on them after a few wears.

Read: I purchased the audible version of Jennifer Lewis' book, The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir a week after it was released back in November and I just started finished listening to it and it is pretty damn spectacular. Jennifer cuts no slack on herself, makes no excuses and holds no punches. It is a MUST READ/LISTEN. I am going to listen to it again and I highly recommend that audio version because as with most memoirs, it really brings it to life.

What to Watch: I originally listened to this SuperSoul Conversation between Oprah and Shonda Rhimes via the podcast. So, while I am listing it as what to watch this weekend, it's actually just a recording of that podcast. That aside, it is worth a listen. I have lauded Shonda's Year of Yes before as one of my must read books and it was nice to basically get an extension of that via this interview.

There are lots of good gems but one that hit me because I never really never gave it a thought was about greeting cards. It's powerful!

This actual video of Oprah at a live Super Soul Session is also so worth it for right now, the start of a new year.

Eat/Drink: I am not normally a soup person, well correction, I don't normally eat soup often but I actually love soup. And of course a good soup adds that little comfort something, something during these colder months and this Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Chowder, sounds and sounds looks amazing.

Lastly, here is the winner of the newsletter subscriber's planner and stickers giveaway. I used a random number generator and imaginary drum roll please... Jenny H. was the first name in the list of those who read the newsletter, so she was the winner and I already mailed off her planner and stickers.

So, once again, just another reminder that if you are not on the newsletter list, you really should sign up because there will definitely be more subscribers only giveaways & other good stuff not on the blog featured in the newsletter.

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