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As a blogger there are so many different things that I constantly find myself working on. One of them is staying up on all of the ever changing ways that I can improve my site to better connect with and provide content of value for you, my dear readers. So I try to read up on blogging, social media and the like as much as I can. And one of the sources that I always reach for is Modern Social Magazine.

I have been a reader of Modern Social Magazine since I first highlighted it back in 2015. And there has never been a time that I have read an issue and not found myself being exposed to something new, whether it be a new perspective, conferences to consider attending or a new blogger/entrepreneur that I love. There is always something of value to be found.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.
Desk: Z Gallerie (similar versions below) | Get Chic Done Tray | Brass Globe Desk Lamp (last seen here & also comes in silver) | Gold Tipped Light Bulb | Similar Monogram Mug | Tablet Stand | Gold/Acrylic Stapler | Similar Gold Skull Bank  | Similar File Folders - here & here
And I have so many plans for Curvatude that I hope you ladies will love and as someone who is obsessed with learning new things, I truly appreciate that Modern Social Magazine is dedicated to being a valuable resource to help me feed my obsession. So while I mentioned it in that small blurb forever ago, I have been digging through it a lot lately (I love that you can access the archives) and wanted to share the brand with you. And even it it's not something that you personally need, there is almost certainly someone you know who does. So please share this post with them šŸ˜ƒ.

One of the things that I really dig about the magazine is that besides being able to read it basically anywhere on my phone, tablet or computer, it has a cool feature that allows me to add notes, etc to different articles.  I have found that really helpful especially when revisiting issues, which I do often in search of guidance and inspiration so that I am hopefully always improving and making Curvatude.com a must visit site for you.

And speaking of inspiration, the gallery wall over my desk still continues to inspire me. The pieces on the wall are ones that I have collected over the years. I originally thought that I would change them out regularly but I haven't. I may move a few around for the new year because I have a bunch of other great ones, like some of the ones I featured in my easy gallery wall post. But as I noted, sitting at my desk looking at them still makes me smile and inspires me to get things done, so we shall see. There are so many of these inspirational prints on Etsy & here are a few that I really like.

And my desk is from Z Gallerie and admittedly it is a little costly but here are a few similar styles that are a little more affordable but look just as fab.

Since my theme is gold, white and black, I have a variety of different desk accessories that I am constantly changing out, like my file folders, candle holders, etc. This Get Chic Done Tray is a new addition from Charming Chaand I love it. It is good for storage but also for that little bit of sassy mojo.

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