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{Five Fab} For the Weekend Vol. 14

Happy Weekend Delights!

I am alternately super excited and kinda bummed that we are basically already into November already. Of course I am excited because it's one of my favorite months but man is it going fast. As I write this, we are already one week down and these days are getting darker sooner, thanks day light savings time fall back. And I just want it to go a little slower. Because there is so much that I want to do these next 2 months of 2017.

I was working on my vision board and woahh...I mentioned in episode 16 of the CurvaCast how amped up I currently am and well...let's just say that I am going big or going bigger from here on out.
Faux Fur Vest Blue Velvet Booties
Details to similar pieces to rock this vibe on my Liketoknow.it page

Shop: So you guys have probably noticed that the brands are dropping mega sales already this year and some of the deals are šŸ’ƒ. So I am sharing 4 of the many pieces currently on sale, that are must haves for the upcoming holiday season. I have also linked to lots more on my Shop page.

As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases.

Holiday Dresses Plus Size Velvet Tops
Embroidered skirt (currently $35!!!!!!) | Rose Taffeta Dress (currently 40% off) | Velvet V Neck Peplum Top (currently 50% off) | Sequin Off The Shoulder Dress (currently $69) 

Wear: I am rocking these amazing blue velvet booties in the pic above and I HAVE to have them in the wine color. They are the perfect heel size for me so that I can actually wear them and not be miserable and the color is just so rich. And BONUS: they are currently just $35 which is a really great price point.
Blue Velvet Booties

Watch: I am already totally into my holiday movies and recently watched Marry Me For Christmas and I loved it. And speaking of holiday movies, I was watching the Hallmark Channel the other night because I really enjoy romantic holiday movies but seriously why aren't there more with people of color in them? We celebrate & fall in love sappily just like everyone else!

Anyway, this is a well acted movie involving a fake engagement with a twist. I loved Malinda Williams in it, she definitely does not get enough credit. It is currently available on Netflix and to rent/buy on Amazon.

Read: I just downloaded Samantha Irby's We Are Never Meeting in Real Life and after hearing the preview, I can not wait to get into it later today. In case you don't know, Samantha is famous for her blog "bitches gotta eat" and she is hilarious.
Samantha Irby Book We Are Not Meeting In Real Life

Drink/Eat: There is currently snow on the ground here in Chicago. Yes....snow. So it is of course the mandatory that I consume as many hot drinks as possible. So today I am featuring this delicious looking hot chocolate that I seriously need to try to make.

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