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{Fab Five} For The Week Vol. 1

Hey Delights!

Since it was Thanksgiving week and things were alternately fast paced and slow going, I changed up this latest version of the Fab Five and instead of writing it for the weekend, I am bringing it to you today.

Joe and I spent Thanksgiving in mega chil mode. We ate, slept, went for a long walk to work off some of what we ate and make room to eat more. Ate more, watched Christmas movies, went to see two movies, Coco and Roman J. Israel, Esq (both which I talk about below), ate some more, did a little shop small business Saturday shopping, drank and slept some more. And in between all of that, I worked a bit on my goals (some highlighted here).

Here I am on the walk. It was such a great, sunny day in Chicago, so I just wore this super soft turtleneck  that I recently picked up, my new studded booties that you will see in a lot of my pics because I am LIVING in them and one of my favorite capes. See similar pieces on my liketoknow page.
As per our disclosure policy, we use affiliate links that may result in compensation if you click links & make purchases. 
Turtleneck (currently under $13 & comes in 9 colors) | Studded Booties (currently under $30) 
Similar Capes | Jeans: Old Navy (old) 
 I didn't go crazy with the black Friday shopping. I picked up a couple of things including this Google Home Mini which is on sale for $29. I have been looking at these home assistants for awhile now and it was a price that could not be beat. Stay tuned, I will definitely be sharing my 2 cents about it at some point.
By now you have most likely participated in the Black Friday shopping extravaganza in one way or another.  The sales have been pretty amazing but from what I have seen, they were seriously only just the beginning. Prices are expected to favor the shopper in major ways over the next few weeks as brands bring out the big sales, starting with all the Cyber Monday deals dropping. Here are a couple of the Cyber Monday deals that are my radar and a couple of pieces from each that I think would be worth adding to your fashion arsenal.

Ashley Stewart is offering 50% off everything + FREE shipping

How cute is this plaid wool coat?! I love the drama of the collar and the great plaid combination. And this red belted faux wrap sweater dress is the perfect kind of dress to me. It's red, my power color and it is also a faux wrap, which is my jam. It is also under $30 on sale.šŸ’ƒ

Eloquii is offering 50% off everything, $100 towards your next purchase + FREE shipping AND some skirts & dresses (like this beauty that is similar to this one I wore here but isn't off the shoulder) are only $39.

Of course I highly recommend the Metallic Knit Dress that I modeled at the Chicago store & the layering bustier I wore here is back in stock. But here are some other pieces that I think are amazing. I also have some of their new super sexy lingerie pieces featured on my shop page along with lots of other fab pieces, many on major sale.

I chose this skirted jumpsuit because I love that it gives the illusion of a skirt but the warmth of pants. It's winter time and nothing is worst to me than being cold, it kills all my feeling cute vibes. And I chose this Floral Metallic Blazer and Katy Pants because they are AMAZING. Talk about showing up and showing out!

Joe purchased this great "coatigan" for me a few weeks back during one of our TJMaxx runs and I have been reaching for it often as the weather has been all over the place.

It is a great layering piece and there are so many fabulous versions of it that are currently available.

As I mentioned above, we went to see two very different movies this weekend, Coco and Roman J. Israel, Esq. And while they are light years apart in almost every way, they are equal in their great portrayal of humanity and the consequences of actions.

Coco is a visually stunning Pixar film that takes you into a fantasy world as you follow an adorable little boy named Miguel discover and reconnect with his roots. I don't want to give too much away so I will just say that it was beautiful in so many ways.  Oh and side note: for whatever reason, there is a "short" film featuring the movie Frozen that plays before Coco that is about 15 or so minutes long. I am not sure why they felt a need to link it to Coco, but besides a major side eye to Disney/Pixar for that, Coco is a must see for the entire family.

Now Roman J. Israel, Esq kinda broke my heart. Denzel Washington is of course amazing as the lead character. And the character he plays is a civil rights era attorney and revolutionary, who is basically not mentally capable of fully living in the world that we currently live in. He has been able to hide out as it were for years but his hiding place is unexpectedly taken from him and he has to find a way to live on his own now.  It was alternately sad and funny and the human conditions that it explored and the outcome of that exploration will definitely stay on my mind for months to come. So, while it is a subtle film that is far from Denzel's usual big box office MO, it is a must see.

Oh and last week we saw Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and it was also a great film.

I ordered the Audible version of Gabrielle Union's We're Going To Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True when it came out a few weeks back and I am literally just started listening to it today. And I will just say that she starts out from the gate keeping it really real and she has me excited to get deep into it. And Amazon is currently offering $5 off print book purchases sold by Amazon over $20 and this would be a good way to use that deal. Use code: GIFTBOOK1 thru 11:59pm pst 11/27

After going in on our Thanksgiving dinner for the past 4 days, I was at the point where I didn't want to see another string bean or dressing for at least 4 weeks aka when Christmas rolls around.  So I found myself craving pasta and ordered the fixings to make it from the couch which I literally only left to use the bathroom, grab snacks and nog (with a splash of hennessy) all day.

And while my nog was just Silk Original Nog & that special splash, this Sweet Potato Nog sounds yum. I of course have had pumpkin nog but I would have never thought to use sweet potato.

Cheers to a great week!

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