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{In The Magazines} My First Print Magazine Feature

Hey Delights!

I am over the moon to be featured in the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines, Mantra Yoga & Health which drops TODAY!

Mantra & it's sister magazines, Origin & Thrive have become staples in our home. They are some of the most beautifully designed magazines that I have ever read.  They are always full of the creative & talented people, amazing photography, delicious recipes, lots of beauty and wellness brands, some of which will soon be showing up here on le blog.
Obviously being featured in any magazine is always a fabulous thing.  But for me, being featured in this particular magazine as my first magazine feature is extra special. Mantra represents and celebrates so many of the things that are important for me, conscious living, embracing your life fully, challenging yourself to do better, be better, explore more, step outside of the box.

And in this particular issue that is celebrating "women who inspire", there are so many different kids of women from all walks of life featured. I have been stalking...umm I mean checking them out via their Instagram accounts šŸ˜ƒ and I am so inspired by all the fabulous ways that they are LIVING OUT LOUD! These are some fierce, wise women, so to say that I am honored to be included among them, is completely an understatement.

I have listed them all below, so please, please, please check them out.

I normally purchase MantraOrigin & Thrive at Whole Foods but they can be found at Target and at over 60 retail chains and 2,000 markets! So you should definitely pick up a copy and read what I said about the "thick thigh life".

And I was asked a few more questions that didn't make the feature but I wanted to share my answers with you guys because they will give you a little more insight to me and where I am currently in my life.

{Mantra} What truth do you know for sure?

{Jaye} That gratitude is the only attitude. Reminding myself from the moment I wake until I go to sleep via simple prayers & mantras that I have so much to be grateful for anchors me. So no matter what is going on in my life or in the world, that keeps me grounded.

{Mantra} What have you struggled with and what helped you through?

{Jaye} I have seriously struggled with procrastination my entire life. Recently I started using a physical planner & stickers & their effectiveness has kinda shocked me because I have purchased planners for years & honestly rarely actually used them but there's something about the creative process of mapping everything out with the stickers that really motivates me to get things done.

{Mantra} What is burning in your heart right now?

{Jaye}I am feeling a greater need to be of more value to others, to connect more in ways that matter with my community & the world in general. I feel like we have all of this technology that has electronically connected us like never before but we are more disconnected than ever in do many ways.

Much love to the amazing Maranda Pleasant and her team for reaching out and including me in this very special issue and for creating magazines and spaces where life in all it's beauty & complexity are celebrated. 


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