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{Technology} This Will Change The Way You Get Your Magazine Fix

We are a few weeks into the new year (it's going so fast right?) and I have already read about 50 magazines and this is all because of the most unexpected thing; an app.  I say unexpected because anytime I post or speak about magazines, it's always about how much I wish I had more time to read them and how much I still love having a physical copy in my hand.

Butttt....I downloaded Texture last month because it was free for 14 days, so I thought why not? and it has truly changed my mag life.  And if you are a magazine freak like me, I think it will do the same for you & here's why.
First, you get to read unlimited current and back issues of over 200 magazines from all the big name publishers in all the magazine categories, including some foreign mags, all for one price a month. In addition to that, here are some of the features that make this app a MUST HAVE.

As mentioned above, I would have never EVER been able to read as many magazines as I already have this year and I am in LOVE with the features, like videos & photo slideshows etc. that you wont find in the print issues.

But the thing that I am the most over the moon about is the "My Collection" feature. It allows you to create your own personal library & save clips from the magazine into categories that you create. So for example I read the Canadian magazine Chatelaine, which I don't even recall ever seeing on the magazine stands here and I fell in love with it and I was able to clip articles, save products I wanted to buy/try to a folder I created with that name, save recipes, etc and tag features for reading later.

And these are just a few of the features. Texture is compatible with iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones and Windows 8 PCs and tablets. And your subscription gives you access on up to 5 devices. I read it mainly on my iPhone while I am in transit but I also do so on my tablet when I am relaxing at home or getting my latte fix at Starbucks.

After your 14 day free trial, regular rates apply & this offer is only valid for new subscribers in the U.S. only but say you don't like it (and I would be shocked if you didn't) there is no commitment and you cancel anytime.

What say you? Will You Try Texture?

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