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{What I Wore} Layered Capes

Hey Fabs! 

It's no secret that I am obsessed with capes. And after purchasing my faux leather cape & reviewing my cape inventory, yes you read that right, I realized that there were two styles I hadn't rocked yet; a suede cape (like this one) and a long caped dress (although I do have this short cape maxi dress).

So when I saw this red Adrianna Papell caped sheath dress, which I had seen previously in black and white, I knew that it was finally calling for me to take it for a spin. I mean tis the season for delicious red dresses, no?

And I figured if you are wearing a caped dress, what could be better to wear over it than another cape?

Dress (more color/length options here) | Faux Leather Cape | Pyramid Purse | Studded Pumps (last see here)

This dress is insanely well made. I mean it is Adrianna Papell after all and she makes beautiful dresses and does not skimp on quality.

And I promised myself that I would get as much use out of this cape as I could. It was in the mid 60's when we took these pics so the cape was more than warm enough but had it been colder, I would have thrown my feather collar over it.

I added the pyramid purse because I loved the symmetry of it with the capes. And it is the perfect size for a night out.  Just big enough to hold your essentials but small enough so that you do not have to fuss with it.

The DuSable Museum is one of my favorite places in Chicago (with the exception of the creepy talking Harold Washington, sorry, not sorry. I mean I loved Harold Washington but the exhibit just weirds me out). Other than that, it is a treasure trove of history & I learn so much every time I am there. It is a must visit cultural destination if you are ever in Chicago.

Shout out to Joe for taking these pics!

What say you?

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