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{Shopping} The Best Jeans for the Curvy Petite

Hi Ladies! 

I wanted to talk about jeans today, because it's fall and jeans = fall. It's a fact. :) I lived in Arizona for about 5 years where it was 100 degrees in October, so I could only dream of wearing denim. 

I used to love wearing jeans when I lived in Atlanta. You could even wear them during the summer, but in Arizona, that was just asking for heat stroke. So, now that I'm back in the south, I'm starting to build up my denim wardrobe. Woo Hoo!
However, finding the perfect pair of jeans to fit your body can be a daunting task. There is nothing more baffling than buying the jeans of your choice and draining cash out of your pocket only to wear them and feel totally unhappy with your look. However, the good thing is that there is a perfect pair of jeans for every body type.

Whether you have a petite and curvy body, an apple shaped body or a tall and lean frame, all you need to do is to invest some time in searching for the appropriate fit for you.  This little guideline will help you forget the bad buying experiences and aid you in becoming an expert, making bad jeans history.


AHEM! HEM! HEM! HEM! - It's hard to find petite, plus size jeans, so most of the ones I show are regular, plus size. However, I've found that if hemmed correctly, most regular length jeans work great on petites. Get a pair hemmed for flats and another for heels. If you like to wear super tall heels, then get a third pair. This is the key to a flattering look. You want your jeans to just graze the floor when you are wearing shoes. Here are some examples of good and bad hemming:
  • All these jeans are hemmed correctly :)
  • All of these jeans are hemmed too short :(

FLEXIBLE DENIM IS ABSOLUTELY FLATTERING - Stretchy denim works for every body type and shape. However, try out different brands to identify what looks terrific on you. The trick is to experiment. You will eventually get it right. Spend time in the fitting room. It's worth it!

HIGHER RISE FOR THE CURVES - If you are anxious about weight in the middle being emphasized whenever you wear jeans, higher rise is the ultimate choice for you. You don't have to pick styles that have a literal high waist and you shouldn't get ones that stop just under your chest. Try a pair that hits you in the widest part of your stomach, or right above it. This style is perfect for highlighting the hourglass figure. However avoid boot-cut style with whiskering over the hips which can add to your widest point.

PEEK AT YOUR POCKETS - This tip is kind of strange, but have you ever seen a really curvy woman in fitted jeans with tiny back pockets? It's not flattering. Somehow the pockets wind up looking overwhelmed by her, when really they were just too small to begin with. The quickest way to avoid this is to pull the jeans on and check behind you. If it looks like you've got a tiny stamp on your tush, then those aren't the jeans for you. :)


FLARED JEANS - If you are concerned about your petite shape and want some height and length, flared jeans are a good choice. The right flare can give you length with perfectly elongated legs. Wear your flared bottoms with high heeled pumps and you can pull off added length to your frame.

TROUSER LEG - If you want to look a bit more conservative or are willing to hide some curves (though why you would do it is a total mystery to me), you can highlight your waist in a trouser cut. These can also help you proportionate your curves, if you are heavier on top. If you have an hour glass figure, this choice can also assist you in looking taller.

A piece of advice: bring the shoes that you want to wear with your jeans with you while you are shopping for them. Sometimes if the pant legs are too long, they can look sloppy. You need to try them on with heels to get an idea of how they will look when properly hemmed to fit the style of shoe that you will wear with them.

SKINNY LEG - If you are one of the blessed women who possess a curvy frame, you can opt for a number of available skinny options. Don’t restrict yourself because of your height. Instead look for a good tailor who knows how to alter hem accurately for you. One of the good ways is to get the tailor to cut off the original hem and reapply it again. This way, you can save your original jeans’ stitch and thread. The color choice also makes a huge difference, go for the darker shade; it will accentuate your overall height and highlight your hourglass. Opt for saturated hues instead of pastels.

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Remember, jeans reflect democracy in fashion. :) You can rock a pair of jeans with your petite and curvy figure, just opt for a cut that fits your style.

What say you? What are your jeans fit tips?
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