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{Beauty} Review: Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion Savvy Care for Men

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Another reason why I brought Sean on as a contributor to the blog was so that in addition to fashion, we could share a wide range of products geared towards men.

And to start off, here is a skincare review. We were contacted to try out Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion Savvy Care for Men. It is a product made just for men that contains dead sea minerals and natural oils, etc to address how their face can be affected by shaving and the elements.

Jaye: How would you describe your skin type?  

Sean: My skin type is generally sensitive and slightly oily but overall I have a nice balance of oils and never feel dry.

Jaye: What does your normal daily facial routine consist of? What facial moisturizer do you normally use?

Sean: I wash my face twice a day and never use a moisturizer.
Jaye: How would you describe the texture & smell of this product? What was your overall experience?

Sean: This product has a fresh clean scent to it, smelling similar to soap. I found that the texture was very smooth, almost like an oily cream. It reminded me of sunscreen, thin bodied and easy to absorb. 

I seemed to break out after I used this product. I would assume it was because I have sensitive skin and I always break out when I use new products. Overall, I think this was a nice product, but it just isn't for me.

As noted, Sean doesn't normally use any facial lotions but I thank him for giving this one a go. And while Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion Savvy Care for Men didn't work for him his experience might differ from other guys, so he would recommend this product as a possible option for guys who have dry skin.

What say you? Men do you or ladies do the guys in your life use a facial moisturizer?

This product was sent free of charge for review purposes but don't get it twisted, all opinions are Sean's. Please note Curvatude.com's disclosure policy.

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