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{Fab Five} 5 Ways to Dress Business Casual for Curvy Petites

Hi ladies!

I blog at Petite Career Girl (soon to be Curves Curls Careers), and I'm thrilled to be a contributor on Curvatude! Jaye has always been a lot of fun to chat with on Twitter and I've always loved her style. Therefore, when she invited me to "join her empire", (I made that up), I jumped at the chance! I couldn't wait to meet her fabulous readers, so here we go!

First, I want to cross one matter off my list. If you think you are the only woman who is confused about what ‘Business Casual’ is, you are so wrong. :) A lot of women assume that there is a standard look for business casual, and that’s an even bigger mistake. 

Business Casual is an opportunity to add a little more fun and comfort to your business wardrobe. However, being petite and curvy can make it a little more challenging, but it doesn't have to be so! 

Allow me to give you 5 ways a curvy, petite woman can rock the business casual dress code. 
The Signature Cardigan
This piece adds an extra look of smart casualness when paired with either a monotone dress or a skirt/ blouse ensemble, provided, of course, that you know your ‘plains and prints’ rule. Altering what you wear your favorite cardigan with makes it a signature look, rather than an outfit you’ve worn over and over. 

They look great on a curvy woman because they add a form-fitting yet conservative touch, allowing just enough of her curves to be seen when she moves. Plus, they add graceful animation on a petite woman. 


A Pop of Color 
Neutral tones are normally a great bet for office clothes. However, they are not always the most flattering on women. Why? They tend to be ordinary-looking and don’t do much to make you stand out. While I agree that you don’t want to be known as “The Woman in Colors” at work, being strategic and classic about your use of colors can convey authority and sophistication. (Think about men’s ties…the power tie is never beige!) 

Too many neutrals can make you seem like a boring a character at work. The solution? A nice pop of color that you can wear over your typical office clothes. Even the occasional bright neon paired with charcoal grey can be as eye-catching as the post-its on your desk. :) All Black Everything. From the dress, to the shoes, to the bag… Black will always be business wear royalty. Plus, it’s every woman’s comfort color. 

When worn in a close fitting but tailored fit, it defines the contours of your body perfectly. Plus, a petite woman will look taller in monochromes. I personally prefer to pair black with silver/ gold accessories and other neutrals, instead of bright colors, because I think that pairing brights with navy or charcoal gray is more unexpected. What do you think?

Carry A Power Bag
Imagine the photos above without the bags. The ensembles could be seen as casual, but because of the right handbag, they achieve the whole" I-mean-business" stance. It’s essential for the curvy, petite to have something to carry over her shoulder, because they add sophistication. 

It’s easy to be considered “cute” when you are petite or “sexy” when you are curvy, and while those are definitely positives, they can often feel like the opposite in a business setting. A structured bag that compliments your frame is the perfect power piece!

Bold but Classic Jewelry on Fridays
When it comes to casual Fridays, in my opinion, this is where you have fun! Statement accessories are a curvy, petite woman’s best friend. They are to be worn so that boring outfits come to life. They can take your mass produced cardigan and skirt into an outfit that is uniquely yours. Plus, jewelry can be swapped out before heading to happy hour!

The office is a sterile place for so many, but it doesn't have to be! You can still be sophisticated while bringing a little more of "You" to work. Business is serious. Casual is easy. Wear something that’s seriously easy, but when the situation calls for it, it’s easily serious. :)

These are some of my favorite tips, but there are many others. What are yours?

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