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{What I Wore} Florals & Leather!

It's definitely already established that I LOVE prints & faux leather, so it is of course no surprise that I try to combine them in lots of ways, like in my floral pumps and faux leather fringe look and now this one. It's my favorite tender and tough combination.

 Strappy Pumps (a steal at under $13)

I have been a member of the Rent The Runway Unlimited plan for months now and I truly love it especially because I get to rock higher end trendy accessories (that I would never purchase) for as long as I want. And I love it even more lately because they are adding a whole bunch of new plus size pieces.

I so love a dress with pockets! 

What say you? Have you tried Rent The Runway? 

Learn more about the Rent The Runway Unlimited plan HERE!

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