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{What I Wore} My Wedding Dress

Joe and I jumped the proverbial broom, June 20th in a quiet ceremony that consisted of the two of us, my friend Rick Stewart who photographed us and the sweetest judge.

We chose to get married this way because, well, after what will be 18 years together, we just wanted to. LOL...Anyway, we are planning to have a reception where we will invite people next year but all that aside, for this post I wanted to share a little about my dress.

Photo: Stewart Photography
The vibe that I was going for with my wedding dress was very Audrey Hepburn. Simple, quiet & elegant. And I am very unconventional in a lot of ways and choosing my wedding dress was no different. It was May 8th around 10pm and it dawned on me that we were getting married in a little over a month, so of course I hit the internet.

Somehow I ended up on Light In The Box, a site that I had seen before but was a little leery about shopping but I decided to check it out anyway and by 2am I had chosen, customized and ordered my dress.

The dress I chose, the A-line Bateau Knee-length Satin Wedding Dress With Draping completely met the Audrey vibe that I was going for, although the fact that it was (at the time) only $77 kinda made me nervous but I had been on the site for hours, reading reviews and googling reviews, so I just went with it.

And I am so glad that I did. 

Photo: Stewart Photography
Shoes: ASOS | 2028 Silver-Tone Glass Lattice Bracelet | Lace Bra (so gorgeous I didn't mind it peeking out)

My dress arrived May 29th and I was alternately excited and afraid to open it because I mean really, it was a dress I chose in the middle of the night, basically site unseen, custom made by me inputting my measurements in on a website that I had never shopped before. Not to mention that for two weeks after I ordered it, I did not hear a peep from them on the status of it, so I was a lil bit worried.

Thankfully the minute I lifted the dress out of it's packaging, I exhaled. It was so incredibly well made and worth so much more than what I paid for it or even the max price that they have listed on the site, especially for a custom piece.  The satin has a great weight to it and it was beautifully sewn and lined from top to bottom.  It even had breast pads which initially freaked me out, because my girls don't need padding but they cuffed me perfectly.

Needless to say, I am definitely now a Light In The Box convert and will look to them when shopping from now on.

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