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My {Fashion Life} In Instagram

I haven't done one of these instagram recap posts in forever!

Lately I probably post to instagram more than anywhere else, even more than my beloved twitter. GASP!

There is just something about the visual stimulation on instagram that is sooo addictive.

And since I haven't been able to fit photo shoots in, I have been getting snaps of my looks on my phone and posting some of them with LIKEtoKNOW.IT links so that if someone was interested in getting more information on what I wore, you have it all in one place.

Here are some of my looks...

This midi skirt is truly one of my favorites of the summer. 

I wore this look on my recent weekend getaway. 
I had these leggings in red and was geeked when they restocked the black.

Remember this post? I got this dress in both colors and LOVE it!

I had to have this polka dot skirt and plan to wear it all year round.

I snagged a couple of new maxi dresses! 

This maxi dress is probably the softest piece of clothing I have ever owned.
I am definitely going to get it in a couple of other colors.

And this one fits like a glove. It too must be had in other colors.

And my love of backpacks is well documented.
This beautiful silver backpack is the latest in the collection.

Oh and you probably notice in the pics that I have a few hair styles and that's because I finally decided to ditch my wigs and rock my own hair (more on that to come).

These are just a few of the looks and if you aren't following me on instagram (#sideeye) you can do so HERE and if I am not following you, leave your instagram user name in the comments. I am always looking for fresh visual stimulation!


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