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{Life} Where I Stand - July Recap

Happy August Lovelies!

Although summer is fastly slipping away, I am glad that I can honestly say that I am feeling pretty good.

The melancholy is lifting and I have to believe that sunny days on the beach, biking along the lakefront & actually getting some things done has had a lot to do with it and I am truly grateful.

Here's where I am with July's list:

*The #Rock10for30 post is dropping this week
*The blogger features are almost complete. I had to fire my assistant. She just has too much of her own things going on, so I have taken the projects back and working them myself.
*I realize now that the love for the template I purchased months ago has waned.
*Have started connecting w/clients but this is still a work in progress.
*I know the office space I want but working on the details, i.e the money
*Closet Fete items loading this week.
*Two new tee designs dropping this week
*Drivers License issue settled with the state I lost it in, now I just have to deal w/Illinois
*I definitely got the beach in and I am so glad I did. There is just something about being there, no matter how crowded the beach is, that puts me at ease. And my two new suits are divine. Especially the floral one. Fits like a DREAM. I have been going to the beach alone, so I snap selfies but I am hoping to get full body pics of these and post them with more detailed reviews of the suits.

*We went bike riding once because Joe's work schedule blows
*Did not Summerdance but DEFINITELY doing it this month
*Gym/workout schedule all the way off. I went but not enough. Getting it in today.
*I didn't pull out the mini grill but I did grill some veggies & we had a picnic yesterday
*We have decided to move, so I have acquiesced on the "wall of boxes" for now

So that's where I stand on the July list. Not great but not completely suck-azz. For August, the plan is to continue to get things done and continue to get out of my own head and live and be and do more.

August to do list forthcoming.

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