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Fashion Challenge - {Rock}in It Off the Beaten Path

I am taking on a new style challenge and even as I type this, I am wondering why in the world I have decided to do this, (especially when pieces like this and this show up online calling my name)!!!


Anyway, I am gonna be strong and do the damn thang!!

...I have decided to not shop some of the more popular plus size destinations for the next 2 months and to only rock what I already own (which is A LOT) or what I find while thrifting or from smaller more independent brands.

The main reason being that besides saving a little loot and putting it into making my new LuxAholic spot a home, I was looking at some of my favorite blogs and I realized that so many of us plus size girls all have A LOT of the exact same clothes.

Now I have never been one of those people who would freak out when I see someone wearing the same thing as me AND I know that even when we own the same things, we all usually put our own spin on them but I want to branch out and show even more individuality and more creativity with my fashion expressions.

I mean isn't that the purpose of fashion anyway?

Sooo...it will be a true test of my will to not shop my regular haunts, especially with all the awesome pieces that I have been seeing but I love a good challenge and I am very EXCITED to take this one on!

And thankfully awesome pieces like these that I already own, make me feel that this will be more than doable!

Stay tuned!

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