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{Featured} Introducing Gwynnie Bee

Curvy Girls Rejoice!

There's a new fashion service in town and you will love it!

A lot of people are describing Gwynnie Bee as the "Netflix for clothes", and Gwynnie Bee's tagline is "Clothes without Commitment", but to me, it's something way bigger than both of those descriptions.

To me, it is the answer to my fashion wardrobe dreams.

Here's a few reasons why.

Gwynnie Bee allows you to fill up a virtual closet with name brand, on trend clothes in sizes 10 to 24 that will be delivered to you, free shipping to and fro, to keep as long as you want, for a monthly fee.

Now as you see here on le blog, I am always out and about at events and frankly buying new drag all the time can be brutal on a girl's bank balance.

Also, there are some trends that I like but that I don't necessarily want to invest in by purchasing them.

AND there are some brands who's price points are a little over my budget, so being able to have access to them via Gwynnie Bee is HUGE!

Here's how it works:

Step 1. You sign up and choose your membership plan.

The current available plans allow you to have 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 items out at any one time. The membership price ranges from $35 to $159 a month. I think this is such a great deal, considering the cost of clothes nowadays and the fact that you can keep the pieces as long as you want.

Step 2. You browse the ever growing collection and select the items that you want shipped to you in your virtual closet. And believe me when I tell you, there are a lot of options, from brands that we know and love. This week alone, some fab jackets from a brand that just launched this month were added to the collection.

When I saw them, I was like click...click, "Closet it" ! LOL

Oh and if you would like some assistance building your closet, Gwynnie Bee offers a complimentary one-on-one style consultation by phone, allowing for a customized walk-through of their collection just for you.

Step 3. They ship off your items to you, free of charge and you receive them in 3 to 5 days.

Step 4. You receive your items and rock them!

I have already received my first shipment and I must say, I am very impressed!

Along with my individually wrapped items, I received a handwritten welcome note and a detailed list of what was included.  Each item came with a tag listing what it is and how to care for it and a review card to fill out and return when I send the item back.

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the pieces that I got.

ASOS Curve Peplum Blouse

Jessica London Cocoon Cardigan

You will see more of these two items in upcoming OOTD posts ;). 

When I am ready to send an item(s) back, I will just pop it & my review card in one of the free return shipping envelopes that I received in my shipment and await the arrival of the next item(s) from my virtual closet.

Simple and easy. How cool is that?

I have partnered with Gwynnie Bee, so you will see several posts in the weeks to come of me sharing my thoughts on the service and how I am weaving my picks from their collection into my wardrobe.

They have also been cool enough to offer YOU, my fab readers a special
Sign up NOW via this link and tell them that Curvatude sent ya (put it in the other box) and get 1 free garment for the first two months of your membership!   
This special is only good for the next 2 weeks.
What are you waiting for!?!!! Sign up!

p.s - i love that Glen from Full Figure Plus is considering Gwynnie Bee as a way to score points with the mrs!

what a great idea.

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