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{diy} spring organizing...

this fabulous early spring weather has me making changes around my flat to remove the weight of winter.

i am putting up lighter curtains, i purchased some tangerine paint and i have already started painting a table and there is no telling where it might show up at :)

as i was organizing my desk today, which has a tendency to become a dumping ground for most things, i decided that i really needed a place for my henri bendel pop phone.

although i am not a major fan of talking on the phone, i love this thing with its' signature bendel stripes and it really has come in handy and made me actually use my iphone for more than tweetin while in the flat.

i couldn't find the bendel one online but the pop phone comes in so many fun colors and i would seriously love this fabulous one.

anyway, the solution that i came up with for storing my pop phone was to take one of the many glass containers that i have and cover it in faux black leather contact paper and it was pretty easy.

it was measure, cut, peel and apply

i had originally planned to wrap the paper over the top but then decided to 
finish it off with a thin strip

but it just didn't hold well. i tried clear tape but didn't like that vibe

in the end, i trimmed off the excess and i am happy with the finished look


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