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so i gave Stitchfix a try...

Update: 3/18/17 - Check out my Stitch Fix review HERE!
Update: 3/9/17 - Just got my Stitch Fix box. Review to come!

Update: 2017 - 6 years after I wrote this post, Stitch Fix now offers plus sizes. I signed up for a plus size Fix, so stay tuned for more of my thoughts on it.

{update} i never got a second Stitch fix because per Catherine Hill, they are only "starting to "dabble" in plus sizes but we are not there yet. Unfortunately - we don't have much new plus size inventory to send you this week that would fit your style profile."

She also informed me that plus size was her background, as she founded La Grande Dame, which really only served to annoy me because i would hope that she of all people would have taken more interest in plus size customers.

Or that as a business in general, if you have nothing to offer a customer, don't put it out there as if you can, by having them go thru a multi page profile.

I also want to point out since I get so many hits on this post from people searching "plus size stitchfix", that while they aren't serving plus sizes, Gwynnie Bee is and doing it in a way that is fashionable and affordable (30 days free), check them out!

when Anh of 9to5Chic posted these looks featuring some of the pieces that she had received from stitchfix, i was instantly intrigued by the premise of the service.

the deal is, you fill out a profile, pretty typical nowadays with shopping sites, right?

but then things get interesting and Stitchfix sets itself apart.

the stylists then take your profile answers and choose pieces to ship to you to try out.

they send you an email letting you know that your selections are ready.

you pay an initial $20 which will be credited towards the items that you choose to keep.

they ship the items off.

you get them and the goal is to mix them into your wardrobe with the items that you already own.

here are the pieces that i received.

first: the styles

the dress the cleo and top the tribeca are both from igigi and i have never met a piece from the brand that i did not like...well until now.

and it's not that the pieces were not the usual high igigi quality, because they were, but there were things about them that are just not my style.

i don't do a lot of beading nor a lot of paisley. i am an animal print and geometric print kind of girl.

had the dress had different sleeves then, it could have definitely been a contender because it is one of the types of dresses that works very well on my body.

the jacket, i loved.

the color. the puff sleeves. loved.

the vest. while i loved the color, although normally i am a fan, i didn't dig the fringe on it and the material was a little thin.

the earrings. love the texture and the v shape. winners.

oh and the styling cards that they send are a nice idea.

next: the sizing

now here is where the biggest problem arose.

i don't recall the specific size questions on the style profile. i do recall seeing plus size a couple of times and i believe that there was a place where i input my size.

the clothing sent to me were all the wrong size.

one thing that we plus size girls know for sure, is that , unlike traditional sizing for s, m, l, one plus size does not necessarily fit all.

the dress and top were a size 12.

yes igigi starts at size 12, but they also go up to a size 32 and i wear a size 18.

the jacket was a size large. and while the puffy sleeves were a good move and made it so that i could actually put the jacket on, the body of the jacket was too small at the waist and i could not button it up.

the fringe vest was also too small.

the verdict:

i am willing to give Stitchfix another try because overall they sent me quality pieces that i could see someone being able to work into their wardrobe.

i just need them to either expand the profile to include measurements or spend a little more time on the specifics of the profiles before sending the selections out to their plus size clients, if their goal is to be a viable styling service for plus size women.

note: because i see the potential value of Stitchfix, i wrote them a multi page letter essentially expressing what i wrote here.

i am interested to see what my next Stitchfix consists of.

if you are interested in joining Stitchfix, they are still in beta so it might take a bit of time to get to you.

but i read and it was my experience that if you used a referral, you could get approved quicker and i would get a credit for introducing you to the service. so, if you apply, show a sister some love and use my name, J. Gipson (and yes that's a P not a B...you have no idea how much people spell my name wrong!) '

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