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Chatting Curvatude: Monif C Brings the Heat!

I always love the feminine, elegant styles of the Monif C. line but the latest collection sent me over the top and so I had to connect with the woman behind the brand to find out what were her inspirations for it.

Curvatude: A lot of the pieces like the Alexandra Draped Goddess Dress, has a more form fitted aesthetic as opposed to the somewhat signature Monif C. look of say the classic Marilyn Convertible dress. What was the motivation/inspiration behind this new vibe?

Alexandra Draped Goddess Dress

Monif C.: For the past couple of seasons now, I have really been inspired by some of the more edgier trends like the slimmer skirts, hardware, leather, velvet, and darker jewel tones.

Everyone knows us for our sophisticated flowy styles, but I am so in love with the idea of POWER DRESSING, making a strong statements with these show-stopping styles.

Curvatude: And the textures, from lace to leather and sequins to velvet are so rich, vibrant and sexy. What has the response to the collection been like so far?

Monif C.:The response has been amazing!

We push the envelope every season to give our curvy girls as many fashion forward workable options as possible so I'm really happy the customer has been responsive.

 Curvatude: In recent years, a lot of brands have done the lace dress. You took this new classic and added a really fresh vibe to it. How did that come about?

Victoria Puff Sleeve Lace Dress
Monif C.: Well lace was such a major trend this season, but we wanted to give it a fresh spin.

By adding the bright red under the lace, its makes it a little edgier and sexier, but its still feels appropriate for that fabulous holiday soiree.

Curvatude: And velvet can be iffy sometimes but the embossing makes it sizzle. How did that come about?

Monif C.: I didn’t want to a traditional velvet dress, so when I found this embossed velvet in this rich red and the black, I know I wanted to do a fitted style that would feel slinky and sexy.

I've also loved a lot of the cutouts and mesh inserts we saw in the Fall collection so I added the faux leather insert.

Curvatude: How would you define the woman who wears Monif C.?

Monif C.: The Monif C. woman is confident, happy, and outspoken. She is not waiting to lose 30lbs, but is enjoying life and fashion now.

Curvatude: Do you have plans to open other locations, say in Chicago? We need some Monif C. style here!

Olivia Embossed Velvet Dress
Monif C.: That’s hard to say at this point, the company is growing by leaps and bounds. I think at this point it would be great to find more boutiques in the Midwest to carry the Monif C. line.

Curvatude: What's next, for Monif C., the brand?

Monif C.: We are working on our plus size swimsuit and resort collection that will hit the website at the end of January.

Curvatude: And what about for Monif C., the woman?

Monif C.: I really caught the travel bug this season so I am planning to visit a couple countries in 2011; Australia, Paris, Tokyo, London, and China.

Curvatude: Do you have any shows, etc coming up?

Monif C.: There aren’t any shows coming up in the near future. I pretty much will be working on the resort and spring/summer collections so there's not much time for shows!

Nikita Leather Dress w/ Jersey Back Panel

Monif C.: Thanks for the interview Goody!

Curvatude: Thanks Monif for taking time out of your busy schedule to indulge me.
Well I don't know about y'all but January won't get here soon enough!

I can not wait to see those collections!

You can shop the Monif C. collection 3 ways: Online, via phone @ 212.842.1641 and in their New York City boutique located at 325 W. 38th Street, Suite 207. '

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