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Living Curvatude: The week that was...

Thank the stars for my twitter stream and my cameras or I would truly forget what I have done sometimes because I am so on the go some days..

This Living Curvatude is a compilation of the past week. I have decided that I will not force myself to post id daily and will switch up the format from daily, to weekend, to weekly to whatever.

I like blogging to be fun and not have it feel like a drudgery...and setting or rather trying to force myself to do things when I don't want to, never works.

Anyway, the week that was...

I started Monday off working at a clients office, which happens to be a restaurant and one of the staff brought my lunch to me and put the sweetest little flower in a shot glass and it made my morning..

Just another reminder of how the smallest gesture can have a huge impact..

Just so sweet..

That night I got to do something that I hadn't done in about a year. I went to a Full Moon Drum and Fire Jam

This is almost like a modern day hippie event...and I love it.

The fire dancers are just so cool...I think I want to learn how to do that!

And my friend brought her drum and I pretended that I knew what I was doing with it...NOT! LOL!

I uploaded a couple of other videos to my youtube channel.

Tuesday started off very slowly. I ate something that my body refused to house Monday night and I stayed in all day Tuesday relaxing in bed and the bath reading mags, drinking chai and trying to recover.

That evening I made my way to Tuesdays on the Terrace at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

It was a beautiful night and the music was great. The only downside was that they ran out of most of the food that was supposed to be available for purchase.

This is especially baffling considering they have a restaurant on site but when I asked why, one of the employees replied "its the chef"...whatever that means...but after the event, I ended up at Water Tower noshing on wheat edaname baos from Wow Bao...and slurping on a chai from the bucks.

Wednesday was spent mainly grinding during the early hours but that evening I went to one of the Project Runway Season 8 Happy Hour 'n a Half parties that was held at Beauty Bar.

Check out the details of my evening

I ended up staying at Dex's that night and got up late Thursday and was starving so before heading home I dropped into Dunkin Donuts for an egg white veggie sandwich and some ice tea..ahhh...{speaking of DD did you see the picture that I posted from one of their locations? it's sadly hilarious!}

Anyway, the buses were moving slow and there were way too many people out, so I ended up being crazy late for my meeting at the bucks with Danielle of Danaya Designs4U.

She was such a sweetheart and waited for me and even gave me a impromptu interview.

I love supporting local artists and she is pretty new to the business of jewelry making but she is very actively getting the word out about her business while also helping others.. {more on this in the post coming up about her}

Anyway, I purchased a couple of things from her. Including a pair of earrings that I adored.

Oh and I wore my cool necklace from Uga Beads...i so love it.

It was a warm day so I H20'd up and after our meeting I made my way downtown to complete some work for a project.

While down there, I swooped into Trader Joe's to grab a few things {that Tejava iced tea is divine!!}

Oh and I went to Lane Bryant to pick up the bra that they had ordered for me.

A post about it and the boy shorts that I purchased is coming soon.

I was supposed to attend a couple of events that night, one being the Social Media Club of Chicago shebang at Uncle Fatty's but as I was getting dressed I somehow hurt my back!

It was just so out of the blue. I bent down to get something and a spasm to beat all spasms seized the side of my body, lower back and hip!

I could barely move. So, once again I found myself in the bath soaking trying to work it out.


Friday, this was the tweet that essentially set the tone for my day.

My poor doggie somehow ended up in the same shape that I was in Monday night and I spent hours watching over him and cleaning up the yuck!

It was so gross, but more than that I was just hoping that it did not turn into something really big because taking my dog to the vet is not only expensive but the biggest pain in the ass possible because he HATES being there and barks and barks and barks...

So, I had to blow my client off but on the bright side, I got a few blog posts up and some other work done at the flat.

Today I barely left the bed.

Gonna cap the night off soaking more so that I am in good shape for tomorrow because I am going white water rafting and to say that I am excited would be an understatement.

I have never done it and so its like a major bucket list thing for me and I am geeked to check it off the list! '

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