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Curvatude Fab Five - Love & Relationships

Today's Fab Five in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day consists of five links to online articles related to love and relationships.

First up: Can a sexless relationship work explores the idea of whether you can be happy and content in a relationship without having sex. Uhhh...

On the flip side is 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex. For one they say, It May Give You Healthier Skin...

And a new school advice column, the New York Time's Social Q’s answers some of its readers love queries in Love Takes a Holiday.

Susan Ball blogs "The Need for Love Films", an analysis of some well known {and not so} films and why the telling of their stories were important.

And Your Tango takes a fun look at love with the 5 Love Lessons from "Lost". And oh my the picture of Sawyer that accompanies the article..

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