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House Cleaning & Other Thangs

The new year is approaching and just as I have been doing a bit of "house cleaning" in my life, I am planning to do the same here @ Curvatude.

For one, more and more it is becoming increasingly clear to me that I prefer an uncluttered, clean blog.

I like the crisp, simplicity of my blog template. It's why I chose the colors, the layout, everything.

And I would rather use the space to highlight you guys and other things that I find of interest.

Secondly, I try to be very discerning regarding the affiliate ads that I place on my site.

I have always refused to place the ads of certain companies, plus size or otherwise because:

1) I don't use currently or never have used their products before.
2) I think their quality is a bit sub par
3) I am not interested in promoting the type of products they sell

Among other reasons.

So, I am going to streamline and only highlight four affiliates at at time. This will be in addition to the sample website links that will remain.

And the products or projects that I create work on, etc of course will be highly promoted!

'Cuz to me there is no shame associated with self promotion.

But this basically means that when you see a banner ad on my site, I am very familiar with what the company is currently offering and feel that it is of value to YOU, the good people who read my blog.

This also means I shop them, the products are up to par, they have good deals, etc.

I will also use affiliate links in some of my posts that center around trusted partners.

I will also be fulfilling my vow to post more "what i am wearing" blogs because I am buying a tripod. There are plenty of days where I have wanted to post some cute ish that I am wearing but no one is around to take the pic because my house clears out pretty early.

Oh and videos! Now that I have my lil flip camera, expect plenty of videos.

About just about anything!


Like this..-->

Oh and here is a correction for this video

The picture was not from an eyeglass exchange.

Here is what it was in the the photographer's own words "Ghanaian girl named, Edna, at Adullam Orphanage in Obuasi, Ghana, West Africa.

She had the most infectious laugh I have EVER heard. She was completely ticklish, and adored hugs.

She left an indelible print upon my heart, and I fully believe the very joy felt by you seeing her in a photograph will infect others just the same!

She was an orphan that made me realize, it's not what we HAVE, it's WHO we have. The joy of the Lord was evident in her - without a doubt"

There is also a feature that I have been geekin to bring--> "Curvatude on the Street".

I come across so many fly plus size chicas as I go about my days and I want to spotlight them.

Oh and posts on remixing celebrity style for our plus size bodies.

Let's see. What else? Expect almost anything.

Curvatude is about living a "full life", so it will never be exclusively about one topic.

Expect more interviews. On a variety of people from varied backgrounds.

Expect more reviews.

Expect more rants & raves.

Expect more makeup & beauty posts.

Expect more giveaways. I really like doing that.

And the answer is no to the question that I was asked about my giveaways.

No one gives me the stuff I give away.

I buy it!

It's not expensive stuff but I only give away stuff that I really like. That I use, etc.

Another change or rather in my mind, improvement is that I am adding a link exchange to the blog.

I love the idea of exchanging links with other blogs. I think that reciprocity is a great way to build community and for us to help promote one another.

So, if you have a blog geared towards women and plus size women in particular and you are interested in exchanging links with me, email me at link@curvatude.com.

In closing, I hope that these are changes that you will find increases your enjoyment while you spend time here with me.

If you have any suggestions, comments, etc, I would love to hear them!

Here's to Major Curvatude in 2010!

Goody '

Jaye Gipson-Trimble Hey Fabs! I am the Founder/Editor of Curvatude.com and I created this site to share with you all the things I love (and don't) about fashion, beauty and living to hopefully inspire you to OWN your Curvatude and LIVE LIFE to the fullest.


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